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Lev posing

By Jaff-fox
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At last something new!
Lev likes showing off ^_____^
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Hi Jeff, nice picture! :)
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Heh heh, pink pads are so cute. I love the green eyes. <333
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Glad to see your alive and kicking! *hugs* Keep up the good work. Always like to see what you always have in store. =)
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Haha cool! Nice artwork Jaff :)
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Yay. It's been along time Jaff. Angel and Pearl miss you too and give you a big, squishy, fluffy hug "tweet" and so do I. Have a yappy day ^_^
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Hehehe Thankyooo!
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great stuff as always my friend!
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Cheeeers Secoh!
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o.o HEY!! Its been a while since I seen something come from you, and you know what? Its another wonderfully done work of art ^^
Been missing seeing stuff from you Jaff, and the more I look at it I wonder sometimes how I did without =3 The colors always make my day.

Now if only something can be done about the summer heat ><;

Anyways, excellent work Jaff!!
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Hey Shadoooo! Well yes i don't draw much as you know. Really yappie you like it though!
Oh and its cold and raining here today -.-
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I realize that many just don't feel the urge to pick up a pencil and doodle up something. I know the same feeling. I haven't really wanted to draw anything on paper in a long time but I think its probably better for me as I feel a tad out of practice to do digital work again -.-;

I've come to find I really like rain; moderately cold temperatures are fine as well, but when it gets to the point that water freezes I'll curl up and possibly hide-away somewhere to keep warm.
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no summer heat here :( its cold to the point of needing thr heating on.
ShadouKitsune's avatar
maybe I should spend summers there, I like colder weather over hot any day...
...so long as it's not to the point where water can freeze practically instantaneously. at that point I'd rather just stay indoors and curl up under a heavy blanket or something ._.
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Its not that cold :P
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Thereheis!!! So happy! Dis'd make a great badge.
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Maybe we can use it as his badge at EF this year!
TadCougar's avatar
Sweet! Ill look for it and be all like 'Hey I know that Badge!' >D
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Dude, where have you been all this time? I miss your pics. I remember there was a time when you uploaded stuff more frequently. I really wish those times could come back!

you did a great out of bounds pic here! this looks great! I like the feel of freedom I sense looking to Lev in this pic. Your style also fits great with it!

It is impossible not to love this pic!
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Yea sorry Taktar. I used to upliad maybe 1 pic a month or so.. But I totally haven't felt like drawing much these days.
Really happy you like it though :)
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awww are adorable, and yayy are see you here :3 :D
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