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Cyberpunk Cosplay SPECTRE36

By JAFantasyArt
Finally getting around to editing some of the photos my friend James took at WWWC.  This is the armor I built for my Shadowrun infiltrator SPECTRE36.  The armor is all leather and Acrylic.  It also glows.  There are at least twenty five LEDS in it.  For more, go to or 
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Looks wonderful!  Needs to be more Shadowrun cosplay.  :)
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I totally agree.  We are trying to boost cyberpunk interest in cosplay.
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Yep.  These days people get Cyberpunk confused with Cyber-Goth.  Both are entirely legitimate genres and deserve to be around, and are cross connected certainly, but it can get confusing for laymen.

Wish I could do cosplay.  Ah well.
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Well if you ever decide you want to get into it, shoot me a message.  I can make you some bad-a$$ stuff ;).
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Thanks for the offer.  :)