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Odd Thomas

Pencil and Water-soluble Pencil/Graphitone on Paper
July 2013
(Forgive me guys it's my first time using a water-souble pencil so it's a bit trial and error)

The reason I created this artwork is to support my favorite book series Odd Thomas. This story/movie is so underrated. It deserves more. So please if you're not familiar with the book or movie I hope you'll write this one on your bucket list. Thank you. It meant so much.

My favorite book series "Odd Thomas" by Dean Koontz finally made it to the big screen after the tragic lawsuit. I've been waiting for this movie for years (almost 3 years) and it was a birthday gift. After my birthday it finally hit its theater release (limited for one day) here in my country and of course I didn't missed it.

I'm an oddie fan so I can't help to be a critic at first, but I saw the film three times before watching it to the big screen, and thank you Stephen Sommers cos I cried every time I watch it. Every time. Amazing Actors, awesome scripts, brilliant actions, beautiful scenes. Anton Yelchin is a PERFECT ODD and Stormy is perfectly beautiful. I really felt their (Oddie-Stormy) love. Sad to see that Elvis was just a card board but at least Imhotep.. I mean Tom Jedd is hilarious... I love it.... For the critics I just want to say for a LOW BUDGET FILM This movie was Perfectly done. Even Dean Koontz loved it, which is the first time he ever love a movie adaptations from his book.

Dean Koontz Review:
It is so wonderful that I am whacked flat by happiness. It makes no missteps, races forward with unrelenting momentum, is gripping, and has great heart, and even has an excellent score! It is a totally fresh wind in the genres upon which it touches, and we felt that we were seeing one of those rare productions with the potential to dramatically alter how other filmmakers approach such movies in the future....
I’ll admit to being skeptical. But once you see Anton in this, you know you have seen the best of all possible Odds. He is soooo good! This young man is a remarkable talent, and he brings great heart to the role. He handles the action scenes with tremendous energy and conviction, but he really, really shines when it comes to selling the love story, the emotion, as well as Odd’s humility and sweet nature.
There’s probably a law against being as happy as I am right now. -Dean Koontz

I love this story because of its humor, passion, and the fight of the good fight, a fight between Good and Evil. It's about Love and Sacrifices, Hope and Courage and of course like Oddie used to say "Perseverance". (Stormy Life's Philosophy) This life is just a boot camp and we must persevere for the tests and rewards of the next life to come.

PS. Rest In Peace Anton T.T You are my ‪Forever Odd.‬ Anton Yelchin's shocking sudden death is still not sinking in. At the age of 27? Gone too soon.... oh... Oddie... T.T ‪ ‎brokenhearted‬ & devastated. I refuse to believe... but this is just a boot camp anyway go be with ‪Stormy‬ You are destines to be together forever. I know you're in much better place now Anton. Let the light guide your way home.‬ If I rewatch the film again this time my tears is not gonna be for Stormy it'll be for Odd for Anton...

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I saw the movie and loved it, but have never read the books. I might check them out. Also, the guy who played odd is dead? Oh no. Rest in peace. :-(
They-Call-Me-Oddy's avatar
You did an EXCELLENT job on this! Odd Thomas is my favourite book series too, and I LOVED the movie. I have seen it more times than I probably care to admit haha. It turned me into an avid fan of Anton Yelchin and I know from experience that he can be SUPER hard to draw but look what you did! You captured him and Addison Timlin wonderfully, along with everything else you put on that paper. I can't express my love for this enough! Clap 
JAF-Artwork's avatar
oh.... thank you soo much! love to meet oddie fan here! thanks so much for such awesome compliment Blush  hehe... thank you.... Hug 
They-Call-Me-Oddy's avatar
You're very welcome! :D :hug:
JAF-Artwork's avatar
Broken Hearted... Anton's passing is still not sinking in.... I refuse to believe it's real...  T.T
They-Call-Me-Oddy's avatar
I know, it's heart wrenching :( I can't wrap my head around it. He was such a kind, special person. I'm gonna miss his sweet face and his husky voice. I can't believe he's gone. This world is a darker place without him. </3
JAF-Artwork's avatar
True. I must believe he's in a better place now.... rewatching the film will be break me I think I will wait til I'm ready to see Odd on screen... :(
They-Call-Me-Oddy's avatar
Oh yes, I hope and pray he's resting in paradise. I know what you mean.. I want to have a marathon of his movies but at the same time I'm not sure I'm ready for it. It's just too hard to believe that this has happened.
JAF-Artwork's avatar
It is so hard. I haven't finish reading Saint Odd cos I'm not ready to say goodbye to Oddie I wanted to take my time reading the last Odd Thomas adventure, then something terrible like this happened. How can I even finish it when my perfect Oddie Anton passed away so sudden... Still mourning him although I'm still in denial.... When I read Odd Thomas he always wears Anton's face in my head... it is breaking my heart... The only comfort is maybe he already persevere and passed the boot camp too early and he's on his way for another adventure...  
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Odd Thomas has been my favorite book of all time since the first time I read it years ago, and I've easily read hundreds of books since. This piece is absolutely breathtaking, you did an incredible job.
JAF-Artwork's avatar
Thank you...

me too....I'm excited and sad at the same time for the final book Saint Odd.
The movie is so underrated. It's perfect even Dean Koontz loved it Stephen Sommers did an amazing job!

Thanks again!!
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Did you hear about the prequel "You are destined to be together forever"?
JAF-Artwork's avatar
Yes I did :) planning to read it... but right now I'm still working on believing that Anton Yelchin is gone :(
DCing's avatar
I cannot agree with everything you've said more
JAF-Artwork's avatar
thanks my friend
Orielee's avatar
amazing work you've done thereit really captures the feeling of the book and movie
JAF-Artwork's avatar
thank you so much! well hehe I'm an oddie fan!
Orielee's avatar
I am almost through the book but I've already watched the movie so I know how it ends it would be awesome if they put out a couple more movies not necessarily like Harry Potter saga never really got into that myself but a couple more would be nice I'd like to see how he's coping with his loss etcetera etcetera.the movie actually inspired me to read the book and I haven't been disappointed well maybe a tiny bit
samanddean67's avatar
I really want to read the books, and I have seen the movie. It was brilliant, and I'm proud to say I'm an Oddie fan. <3 your work is stunning. :)
JAF-Artwork's avatar
really! hehe! The books are amazing trust me! the movie was awesome!
Thank you soooo much!!!
samanddean67's avatar
You're very welcome. :) and looking forward to many more great works from you. 
shamylicious's avatar
ah that movie was sooooooo emotional and sad...i cry like a baby at the end...:((
JAF-Artwork's avatar
yey! I'm not the only one here!!! haha... me too... I cried my eyes out in the end haha.....
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