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His Name Is Jesus
Oil paint on canvas  

They say Vulnerability is the courage to show your genuine self. I will take this opportunity to strip myself vulnerable and confess my truth. Like Lazarus, I was dead. I was an empty shell. My body was intact, functioning, surviving but inside my shell I was dying, struggling until I no longer feel anything. Darkness engulfed me in the most brutal way and I was struggling to find a way out but then decided to linger and let it consumed me. Hatred, Anger, Doubt, Isolation. Until a presence found me inside the abyss of my own making. A Man who offered me something and nothing in return. He offered me Love. That He will love me even if I sinned. He will Love me even if I was nothing. He will love me even if I carry the baggage of destruction with me. I denied my reflection in the mirror yet he showed me my image with sincere love to embrace my own.

I am alive. I am not an empty shell. I am now a soul with purpose. By God, I vow to live and tell His Truth, His Love with a paint brush. I will devout my life to paint The Man who brought me back to life. The Man who showed me how to adore even the simplest act of love that Darkness and Death will never save me. The Man who is keeping me alive. I studied his face and painted my own interpretation, my own version of his robe, his Eyes, nose, lips, his hair, like I am painting a still life portrait in my head. Portrait of the Man who took me out of the dark. His Name Is Jesus.

I dedicate this Painting to you. To the lonely soul, To the brokenhearted, To the griever, To the sinner. To the person who lingers in darkness. I was once like you. A soul who struggled living in this cruel world. But somewhere in my darkness a familiar presence found me and guide me out of the dark that consumes the life out of me.  When I got out of my darkness He gave me light to see things I didn't know were there all along. That my eyes were blinded by my own hands, my anger, my hatred, my sadness, my darkness. I've learned that not everything is cruel. Somewhere in the horizon a simple happiness can be found. Someone told me Pain is meant to be felt. You are in pain right now because you Loved and therefore you're hurt. Happiness will never be possible if you never know what pain is like. It is a happiness by design. When you thought that God abandoned you but in truth He is everywhere, waiting for you to notice Him. He is the footprints in the sand, carrying you all this time.

I meant this painting to reach when you are in your darkness. You are a human being. You are a Man with Life and Darkness consumes that Life out of you. He did not came for the righteous he came for the sinners, for the poor, for the lost souls.  And after everything you've been through... you are Worthy to be Loved.  

City For Dreamers
Acrylic & Oil On Canvas
Sept 30, 2018

I've dreamt of a place of Solace. Not an escape but rather a safe place for soul wanderers who travel by mind not by foot. A place that coexist between reality and imagination. As a painter who is trapped in her own mind and her own world by choice, I wanted to re-create a place in my head to dream, to wonder, to desire aspiration and seek inspiration. I painted the boat and it is meant for you.

It's one of my dreams to paint something like Vincent's Starry Night but unfortunately I'm not a landscape artist. As a portrait artist it's been a great challenge for me to step outside of my comfort zone yet it's been a magical journey as well. 


Lacey Sturm 'Life Screams'
(My first) Oil on canvas
May 4, 2018
'Lacey Sturm' Life Screams

Lacey Sturm gave me so much light when I lingered in the shade of despair. Her songs binded itself to the deepest level, a place where your spiritual soul lies. Thank you Lacey for being a guiding light for me to come back home. In my soul's pilgrimage you are my constant all these years.

Instagram: @julieannfloresrn
Facebook: JAF.Gallery


JAF-Artwork's Profile Picture
Julie Ann Flores
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I define Art as an equation of the deepest description of your soul. Painting is an adventure. Your canvas is your Soul. I draw/paint faces, people, stories that affect every fabrics of my being. An inspiration that gave me a chance to see the beauty that cannot be seen with naked eyes. A life in color. How they molded my soul status to its current shape. The Art of my soul.

Art is a tool to see A kaleidoscope world.

This is not my profession. I have never been in Art class in my life. I'm totally ignorant when it comes to technicality of Art. But I believe this is a divine intervention. I've seen the darkness and Art is a spark of light that healed my wounds. A God's gift literally I didn't know I had. I believe Art is not about how experienced and knowledgeable you are, but rather how each and every stroke is created with passion.

Every single one of us has journey to tell. Maybe I might take my story to my grave but leave some pieces on the canvas. Before I take the last step of this adventure I have something to leave behind. The canvas of my soul and all the stories painted on it. Hoping that one day will be a tool to see the life and its colors. My adventure in searching for the beauty I thought we lost.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
-Pablo Picasso

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The Murder of Michael Jackson

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 12, 2011, 5:24 AM
Gallery | Watch Me | Note Me | Facebook

Just click the link Below. I promise you that this is not a waste of your time. Just surrender your eyes for just a minute.…

"They've been trying to kill me, they're trying to poison me"
-Michael Jackson

The truth is out there. Don't let the darkness blind you.

"It's all for LOVE"- MJ

God Bless everyone.

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hopeofnyan Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2019  Student Photographer
I am in awe of your artwork - God must surely have given you a special talent. All of your pictures are amazing, especially the ones of Jesus. It is rare to see ones that depict Him in so much detail - you are brave to do so! Thank you for sharing your artwork for the world to see!
Here's the blog post feature :heart:…
Bleubirdt Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Awesome artworks!! I loved the star wars one! :D Wicket-emote {Star Wars}
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JAF-Artwork Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! May the force be with you! 
Bleubirdt Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Hahahah may the force be with you too!!! :D
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Very Impressive work! Wow!
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Thank you!! :D
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I love your work! :) 
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Aw! thank you!
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