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It's a me Luigi

By Jaehthebird
heeeeere's Mario's best right hand!


oh's Luigi...well give him a big hand everybody.

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wow Luigi look so cool and badass!
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Has more Shoriuken than Ryu.
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BAD-ASS luigi homie
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You should do Meta Knight.
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HELL YEAH!!! Again 
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Luigi looks like he's about to kick some ass, take some names and win some games! O-o
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This Luigi is kind of scary and awesome. Love him.
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after the mario I had to get his brother, your art kickass
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Oh man...Luigi looks like hes done taking peoples shit about him...Epic!
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art like this makes a luigi lover proud great job insta-fav
nerd-507's avatar make me sick making jokes about me you bastard
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What I really love about this image is the way you completely transformed a dorky, stringbean of a plumber/plumber's assistant into a raging badass. Well done!
love the whole concept of this one, but his normal colors are reversed. still, amazing
Love the whole concept of this one, but his colors are reversed
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Finally a super :iconbadassplz: Luigi! I've been searching all over dA for something like this
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