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Requests • Never
Commissions • See Journal
Art Trades • Never
Collabs • ARPGs Only

> What programs do you use?
I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 along with a cintiq 13hd!

> Can I use your art/characters?
No, not unless you are given my complete permission. I do not want my art reposted to DA or another website. My characters are for my own, personal use and I do not tolerate art theft.

> Can I advertise my group (or anything) on your page?
No. I prefer to keep my comments section neat and free of clutter--if you wish to talk, please reply to my featured comment. Any other posts will be hidden.

> Do you take requests?
Not usually, no. I may, at random intervals, open up requests. But this is strictly limited to when I ask for them.

> Can I draw your characters?
Sure! But please make sure to tag me in your submission. I do, however, ask that you do not post art of my characters on other websites without my permission. If you do decide to draw my characters,
please make sure to pay attention to their designs and make sure you portray them correctly!

> Do you take Art Trades and/or Collabs?
I only accept art trades from good friends of mine, or perhaps those who are within my skill range. Even then, I am slow to accept trades because of how busy my Class+work schedule is, so any art I get time to work on is for my ARPGs or art that has been commissioned. For collabs, I ONLY accept them if it is for an ARPG we are both in.

> Are there any other sites I can find you on?
I have additional art blogs on Tumblr, Twitter, and FurAffinity. As far as contact information, you may reach me via notes, skype, or Discord. For more links, click Here


ARPG Characters


Amberly | Tundes | Peacekeeper | ESTJ | Lawful Good | Alder "The Priest" | ♒

Amberly is devoted to her pack and profession, and most importantly, peace. She dedicates herself to the preservation of tranquility and balance, so much so that she often sacrifices her own emotions to the cause. Because of this, Amberly appears rather unemotional and aloof. She cares little for the individual and more for community, giving her a rather insensitive point of view to the struggles of others. Maintaining order is her first priority and she will not spare feelings to achieve that goal. If you are an adversary to harmony, you are her enemy and she will not stop until the threat is neutralized. Amberly possesses a very "black and white" view of the world; a point of view that often leaves her narrow-sighted and judgmental. And she is also rather strong-willed, and while this may serve as a strength, it also renders her inflexible when it comes to her belief system. Amberly stubbornly holds fast to her opinions and failing to look past her own prejudice. She can also be particularly vain, believing that she has the moral high-ground in most situations. In fact, she is rather smug about her views and personal conduct. Regardless of her flaws, Amberly does want the best for her pack. Her intentions are true and are aimed towards the betterment of her faction. She is honest, never would she tell a lie and always will she speak from the depths of her soul. She is also very patient; calm and collected, Amberly will work through difficult problems until a solution is found. This makes her an excellent diplomate and her talent for organization allows her to manage her missions (and other wolves) effectively.

Galenn | Kol | Adnos | ENTJ | True Neutral | Birch "The Achiever" | ♌

Although he cloaks himself in a detatched persona, Galenn is a very expressive soul. He is ardent, becoming easily impassioned about his task and energetic when engaging his duties. He is a warm and generous friend, having no qualms with displaying affection. His open and demonstrative approach to relationships contradict the first impressions most receive of him; perhaps he is not a coarse, cold individual after all. Galenn is relatively confident and strong-willed. His ability to put trust in his own abilities and make decisions under pressure makes him a natural leader. And he rather likes being in charge. Unsurprisingly, Galenn has a mind for strategy, preferring to stay one step ahead of his adversaries whenever possible. What he lacks, however, is patience. He can be alarmingly temperamental and impatient--even on his best days. He becomes increasingly frustrated, often times losing his temper within moments of the first inconvenience. While he is highly emotional, Galenn struggles with controlling and conveying his emotions, so much so, that he often seems scornful towards others. Galenn can be mean-spirited, lashing out and dealing painful blows to his companions during emotionally-charged discussions. He also struggles with pride, coming across as haughty whenever his decisions are called into question. Perhaps he knows his worth too well, causing his confidence to curdle into brazen arrogance. Furthermore, his desire to dominate transforms this inherently kind individual into a controlling, domineering partner.

Yetta | Tundes | Einar | ISFJ | Neutral Good | Oak "The Leader" | ♉

Yetta is a kind individual, operating with compassion and thoughtful consideration for all those in her company. She is deeply loyal to her pack, and is willing to make personal sacrifices for its betterment. She is both reliable and authentic, possessing an authoritative manner that prompts others to follow her lead in times of crisis. There are instances where Yetta is perhaps too selfless, often neglecting her own happiness during the process of caring for her peers. This often gives the impression of a distant and detached sovereign. It is as if a wall resides between her and her companions, a direct result of deeply-rooted bitterness. Though born under a moon phase that would suggest a greater destiny, Yetta never yearned for such things. In fact, she often feels crushed and buried beneath the expectations of others. Yetta does not desire to be in charge and views her achievements as burdens rather than honors. She often feels misunderstood and emotionally exhausted by others. As such, she tends to retreat into her own mind and become very secretive and private--even to those who know her best. Very practical, Yetta does not concern herself with the supernatural and maintains an agnostic view of the world. The she-wolf is borderline intolerant of magic, believing that no good can come of the superstition. Yetta is not the greatest communicator either; in fact, she is rather poor at it. She has a very hard time apologizing, and instead presents peace-offerings to those she has wronged. She can be reckless, acting on emotional impulse rather than careful calculation. She is also very sensitive, taking criticism and cruel words to heart. There are times where Yetta becomes buried by the negative opinions of others, leaving her feeling depressed and disillusioned. Despite her feelings of bitterness, Yetta is steadfast if nothing else, playing the cards she has been dealt without much complaint. She is also a fierce protector and certainly not one to back down from a fight.


Baely | Fellfang | Brandr Vanguard | ISTJ | Neutral Good | ♍

Baely Stamp by Jaeggy
At first glance, Baely appears cold and harsh, not very inviting and maybe even a little intimidating. Extremely overcritical, he almost always judges at face-value. And to make matters worse, it is hard to change his opinion after an initial bad impression. He is a skeptic at best and standoffish at worst. He stubbornly refuses to believe in the supernatural, but he is not the type to command that others follow his lead. He has other things to concern himself with: like performing his tasks to the best of his ability. Baely is a workaholic and a perfectionist. After a brief exposure with this brute, one will begin to realize that he is lacking in the social skills department. In fact, he is very socially inept and awkward when it comes to making conversation. While he is very diplomatic and polite, Baely's awkward modesty and clueless nature often leave those traits hidden. He can be oblivious to the simplest of social concepts. But his overcritical nature also extends to himself. In fact, his own insecurities often strangle the words before they can come out of his mouth, and he constantly doubts himself. Baely is also known to brood and linger in the past, often blinding himself to the future. Despite being a poor conversationalist, Baely is known to be privy to gossip and can be quite the busy-body. In fact, there are times where his nosiness can be rather intrusive. However, once you get to know him, you will find that this brute is not so rough on the edges after all. He is very withdrawn and solitary, but once he has made a friend, he will defend them to the death. He is excessively loyal to those he lets into his inner circle, however, it takes a great deal of time to build up his confidence and gain his trust. Baely has very few friends, but the few he makes are lifelong and the bonds run deep. He is conservative and has trust issues, so he needs a lot of time and attention if you want to make a lasting relationship.

Kotori | Vale | The Eir| ENFP | Lawful Good | ♒

Tori Stamp by Jaeggy
Kotori may come across rather aloof in a first encounter, but he is a very thoughtful and friendly soul. He has a well-developed sense of unconventionality and a fierce, intellectual independence. He can often seem detached and unemotional, as he is quiet and prefers being in his own company from time to time. But more than anything, Kotori wants to change the world and make it a better place. His passion for progress and innovative mind make him an asset to his pack, and he is always willing to lend a helping paw. While he is a visionary, Kotori is more than happy to work from the sidelines and is not someone who yearns for the spotlight. In some ways, this wolf is a paradox--he likes to experience both sides of the spectrum: He enjoys being alone with his thoughts, but is still a social butterfly and eager to spend his time in the company of others. He is often unemotional, but still able to feel deep love and adoration for his packmates. He is docile and friendly but can be ornery if provoked. Kotori tends to bounce back and forth between extremes, making him very unpredictable and inconsistent. Some might even say he is an extremist--as it truly is 'all or nothing' for this wolf. Despite his friendly and carefree attitude, Kotori can be temperamental. But it is to be noted that Kotori is a pacifist, and expresses anger through means of sarcasm and passive-aggressive tactics rather than direct aggression. He is also quite opinionated, though one might not pick up on it during a conversation. He is very eloquent and can easily navigate touchy subjects without offending his companions. This makes him an excellent diplomat and an even better conversationalist. And there's nothing Kotori loves better than sharing stories with a stranger. Kotori is also very loyal and selfless, willing to sacrifice his own comforts for the good of his friends and pack, who he views as family.

Jerikoh | Loner | The Deserter | INTJ | Neutral Evil | ♈

Jerikoh Stamp by Jaeggy
Jerikoh possesses the aura of a dangerous wolf and is likely the last face you'd want to see in the dark part of the forest. Despite his outward, confrontational behavior, he is introverted and reluctant to associate with others. Jerikoh is by no means a socialite, but he is loyal and will stop at nothing to protect those he cares for. But to anyone else, Jerikoh will not blink an eye. He is cold and ruthless in this regard, offering no sympathy for those he is not invested in. His profession involves killing, and he has no room for sensitivities in his life. He is a rather antisocial creature, however, he can be outgoing; provided that he may advance himself by doing so. Personal advancement is the primary force that drives Jerikoh forward—the desire to become powerful. He is ambitious and brave, likely to be the first wolf willing to accept a dangerous mission. He is fiercely independent and prefers to march to the beat of his own drum rather than fall into a monotonous, provided pattern. Who leads and who follows is of no consequence to this brute, but he does have the tendency to go rogue. He is self-assured in his abilities, often neglecting to realize that others are capable as well. His impatience and arrogance often leave him in precarious situations, but he is versatile and skillful enough to maneuver through obstacles (most of which are self-inflicted).

Ronelle | Aryn | Ranger | ENFJ | Chaotic Good | ♋

Ronni Stamp by Jaeggy
Ronelle seems like a pompous and occasionally bitter she-wolf with a fiery temper. Her good deeds are often overlooked, outshone by her more negative traits. She can be cold and unyielding, even to a point where she seems heartless. Some might view her as a conqueror instead of an altruist, but there is so much more to this complex soul. Ronni is often very misunderstood, leaving her feeling isolated and alone. What others may not notice right away is a kind and loving individual, if not one who is a little confused at times. Deep within, Ronni is protective and nurturing to those she loves, like a mother cares for her children, so too does she for her peers. She the generous sort, although she does not like to show this quality as she has come to see it as a sign of weakness. Most misunderstandings arise from the sheer unpredictable behavior she exhibits—Ronni will go from light-hearted and playful to destructive and vindictive in a blink of an eye. But despite her mercurial personality, Ronelle is a natural born leader, full of passion and charisma. She is ambitious, but only wants to lead those in her care to prosperity. Her altruistic nature and strong desire to protect those she loves makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Gwyndolyn | Highvalley | Arch Seeker | INFJ | True Neutral | ♏

Gwyn Stamp by Jaeggy
Admittedly, Gwyn behaves in a hostile and pompous manner in most of her initial interactions. She is known to criticize, poke, and prod others; that's if she does not end up completely ignoring them instead. She has a short temper and an even shorter patience, and her bark is certainly NOT worse than her bite. Her upbringing and experiences have made her ruthless and unforgiving like the land on which she was born. But deep inside, Gwyn is a caring, complex, and highly intuitive individual. She's artistic and creative, living in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. Her primary means of taking in new information is done via intuition, and then she decides how it makes her feel, or how it fits into her value system. Gwyn has a very developed moral compass, although she often stubbornly ignores it and goes the other way. She is poised and proper, well learned in the areas of politics and diplomacy. She is also audacious and brave, willing to make sacrifices and take risks for the good of her family. She is a hard-worker, and her raw determination to do her best makes her a greater teacher and a natural leader (provided that her subjects can suffer her harsh methods). Her resilient nature enables her to overcome hardships and face the harsh realities. Rather than try to change the world, Gwyndolyn simply strives to get by in it, and ultimately, survive. Gwyn can be very nosey at times, intruding on personal affairs, and perhaps she can be a little too opinionated. And her manipulative and controlling personality can be overwhelming to most. And perhaps worst of all, Gwyn is incredibly vindictive. While she may eventually forgive, Gwyndolyn will never forget. And once spurned, she will become a lifelong adversary with unmatched resentment. As to be expected, making friends is difficult for her, mostly due to her rough exterior. But she holds a special place in her heart for those she becomes close to. To a select few of her closest confidants, Gwyn lets down her guard and transforms into something quite different. It is to these individuals, and to these individuals alone, that Gwyn reveals the depth of compassion and the truly unique ability to love that she possesses.

Rhys | Chandor | Delta Owl | INFP | Chaotic Neutral | ♓

Rhys Stamp by Jaeggy
Rhys is a gentle soul, friendly and good-natured. She would not harm a fly let alone a wolf and is very passionate about helping others. Her outward demeanor is calm and laid-back, perhaps even confident. Underneath lies a young wolf cocooned in inner, emotional turmoil. Growing up as a bastard and being forced into roles that were against her nature has created vulnerabilities, most associated with being misunderstood and forced to suppress herself. She also struggles with self-worth, often times wondering if her best will ever truly be enough. But flaws aside, Rhys is an idealistic young wolf, guided by her morals and emotions rather than logic. She is pure, always trying to sniff out the good in others (even when there may be no good to be found). This idealism makes her naïve at times, and she often gets herself into trouble due to her lack of intuition. In fact, Rhys is rather obtuse… She is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and she is rather scatterbrained. She can also be astoundingly bitter and has a hard time letting go of the past. While she is quick to forgive-and-forget after she is given an apology, Rhys can hold onto negative feelings for quite some time after. She keeps these feelings hidden, distracting herself with more pleasant things. Though... should someone dig up her buried resentment, Rhys will become a whirlwind of pent-up emotions and spiraling negativity. But despite her faults, Rhys has a light inside her; one that inspires others to let their own light shine. And perhaps that is better than the sharpest of wits or the strongest of jaws.

Eztli | Vektren | Count Necrolyte | INTP | Chaotic Evil | ♐

Eztli Stamp by Jaeggy
Eztli is a strange wolf, riddled with peculiar quirks and unsettling features. He is intelligent and enthusiastic about his work, going above and beyond to complete tasks. He is concerned with knowledge and sharpening his mind, but he can be curious to a fault. Eztli often puts his nose where it does not belong, eavesdropping on private affairs. Slithering his way into personal matters that do not concern him is certainly not beneath this wolf, in fact, he rather enjoys the thrill. Eztli has very loose morals, and he constantly blurs the line between what is and what is not acceptable. His behavior sets others on edge, making even the most formidable wolves uneasy when they are alone in his presence. Because of his condition and exposure to toxins from a young age, he has more or less slipped into madness. His thoughts, while capable and perhaps even impressive at times, are in a state of disarray. He is chaotic in nature, and his behavior is unpredictable at best, and terrifyingly erratic at worst. He is a master of deception, playing the part of a frail, blind servant looking for handouts in an attempt to stay out of mind. He prefers to be viewed this way, as no one would suspect a wolf they pity to be dangerous.

Arum | Vale | Vanir Sentinel | ISTP | Lawful Evil | ♑

Arum Stamp by Jaeggy
Arum is a reserved beast, private and difficult to get to know. He prefers to keep to himself, only surrounding himself with a handful of trusted companions. Most would not want to get to know him anyway, as he is a foreboding creature at best. He is insensitive and distant, a looming shadow over those who dare approach him. His eyes stare deep into the soul as if they are uncovering your darkest secrets--and he certainly aims to do as much. Arum is concerned with treachery towards himself and those within his allegiance, always searching for the wolf in sheep’s clothing amongst his flock. It is a trait that cannot be seen with the naked eye, as Arum is very collected and difficult to read. He is cautious, but not paranoid. Bold but not reckless. Arum exists within a fragile state of balance: a state he is determined to maintain. He is both rational and practical, putting little faith in theories and more concerned with the effectiveness of a decision. As such, he can be stubborn, unyielding, and very narrow-sighted. He is also without mercy, so much so that his ruthlessness can intimidate even the most fearless. But despite his flaws, Arum is loyal to his own, and his sharp, calculating mind is certainly a good ally to have.

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