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Requests • Never
Commissions • See Journal
Art Trades • Never
Collabs • ARPGs Only

> What programs do you use?
I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 along with a cintiq 13hd!

> Can I use your art/characters?
No, not unless you are given my complete permission. I do not want my art reposted to DA or another website. My characters are for my own, personal use and I do not tolerate art theft.

> Can I advertise my group (or anything) on your page?
No. I prefer to keep my comments section neat and free of clutter--if you wish to talk, please reply to my featured comment. Any other posts will be hidden.

> Do you take requests?
Not usually, no. I may, at random intervals, open up requests. But this is strictly limited to when I ask for them.

> Can I draw your characters?
Sure! But please make sure to tag me in your submission. I do, however, ask that you do not post art of my characters on other websites without my permission. If you do decide to draw my characters,
please make sure to pay attention to their designs and make sure you portray them correctly!

> Do you take Art Trades and/or Collabs?
I only accept art trades from good friends of mine, or perhaps those who are within my skill range. Even then, I am slow to accept trades because of how busy my Class+work schedule is, so any art I get time to work on is for my ARPGs or art that has been commissioned. For collabs, I ONLY accept them if it is for an ARPG we are both in.

> Are there any other sites I can find you on?
I have additional art blogs on Tumblr, Twitter, and FurAffinity. As far as contact information, you may reach me via notes, skype, or Discord. For more links, click Here


ARPG Characters


Amberly | Tundes | Peacekeeper | ESTJ | Lawful Good | Alder "The Priest" | ♒

Amberly is devoted to her pack and profession, and most importantly, peace. She dedicates herself to the preservation of tranquility and balance, so much so that she often sacrifices her own emotions to the cause. Because of this, Amberly appears rather unemotional and aloof. She cares little for the individual and more for community, giving her a rather insensitive point of view to the struggles of others. Maintaining order is her first priority and she will not spare feelings to achieve that goal. If you are an adversary to harmony, you are her enemy and she will not stop until the threat is neutralized. Amberly possesses a very "black and white" view of the world; a point of view that often leaves her narrow-sighted and judgmental. And she is also rather strong-willed, and while this may serve as a strength, it also renders her inflexible when it comes to her belief system. Amberly stubbornly holds fast to her opinions and failing to look past her own prejudice. She can also be particularly vain, believing that she has the moral high-ground in most situations. In fact, she is rather smug about her views and personal conduct. Regardless of her flaws, Amberly does want the best for her pack. Her intentions are true and are aimed towards the betterment of her faction. She is honest, never would she tell a lie and always will she speak from the depths of her soul. She is also very patient; calm and collected, Amberly will work through difficult problems until a solution is found. This makes her an excellent diplomate and her talent for organization allows her to manage her missions (and other wolves) effectively.

Galenn | Kol | Adnos | ENTJ | True Neutral | Birch "The Achiever" | ♌

Although he cloaks himself in a detatched persona, Galenn is a very expressive soul. He is ardent, becoming easily impassioned about his task and energetic when engaging his duties. He is a warm and generous friend, having no qualms with displaying affection. His open and demonstrative approach to relationships contradict the first impressions most receive of him; perhaps he is not a coarse, cold individual after all. Galenn is relatively confident and strong-willed. His ability to put trust in his own abilities and make decisions under pressure makes him a natural leader. And he rather likes being in charge. Unsurprisingly, Galenn has a mind for strategy, preferring to stay one step ahead of his adversaries whenever possible. What he lacks, however, is patience. He can be alarmingly temperamental and impatient--even on his best days. He becomes increasingly frustrated, often times losing his temper within moments of the first inconvenience. While he is highly emotional, Galenn struggles with controlling and conveying his emotions, so much so, that he often seems scornful towards others. Galenn can be mean-spirited, lashing out and dealing painful blows to his companions during emotionally-charged discussions. He also struggles with pride, coming across as haughty whenever his decisions are called into question. Perhaps he knows his worth too well, causing his confidence to curdle into brazen arrogance. Furthermore, his desire to dominate transforms this inherently kind individual into a controlling, domineering partner.

Yetta | Tundes | Einar | ISFJ | Neutral Good | Oak "The Leader" | ♉

Yetta is a kind individual, operating with compassion and thoughtful consideration for all those in her company. She is deeply loyal to her pack, and is willing to make personal sacrifices for its betterment. She is both reliable and authentic, possessing an authoritative manner that prompts others to follow her lead in times of crisis. There are instances where Yetta is perhaps too selfless, often neglecting her own happiness during the process of caring for her peers. This often gives the impression of a distant and detached sovereign. It is as if a wall resides between her and her companions, a direct result of deeply-rooted bitterness. Though born under a moon phase that would suggest a greater destiny, Yetta never yearned for such things. In fact, she often feels crushed and buried beneath the expectations of others. Yetta does not desire to be in charge and views her achievements as burdens rather than honors. She often feels misunderstood and emotionally exhausted by others. As such, she tends to retreat into her own mind and become very secretive and private--even to those who know her best. Very practical, Yetta does not concern herself with the supernatural and maintains an agnostic view of the world. The she-wolf is borderline intolerant of magic, believing that no good can come of the superstition. Yetta is not the greatest communicator either; in fact, she is rather poor at it. She has a very hard time apologizing, and instead presents peace-offerings to those she has wronged. She can be reckless, acting on emotional impulse rather than careful calculation. She is also very sensitive, taking criticism and cruel words to heart. There are times where Yetta becomes buried by the negative opinions of others, leaving her feeling depressed and disillusioned. Despite her feelings of bitterness, Yetta is steadfast if nothing else, playing the cards she has been dealt without much complaint. She is also a fierce protector and certainly not one to back down from a fight.

Qwil | Tundes | Herbalist | INTP | Chaotic Neutral | Rowan "The Thinker" | ♍

Qwil is characterized by his laid back, but rather morose demeanor. There is an air of melancholy surrounding him, and takes pride in his lifestyle choice of being a devout pessimist. Always able to find the worst in any situation, Qwil can be quite melodramatic. He is always frowning, an expert of letting gloom into the room. Qwil can often be seen moping around the territory, grumbling quietly to himself as he goes about his duties. While interacting with him, it is easy to pick up on his self-deprecating sense of humor, as well as his fatalistic philosophy on life. He is also rather apathetic, and does not appear to be bothered by much despite his attitude. He simply shrugs at the inevitably bleak future, accepting life as it is and not wishing for anything more. In fact, he finds dwelling on what could be a futile endeavor. He is able to accept his pessimistic viewpoints and move on, going about his life as if nothing were amiss. But perhaps his views do keep him up at night--maybe he is unsettled beneath his cool exterior. He always appears to be lacking in sleep, bags ever-present beneath his brown eyes. Even still, he gives no indication that this is negatively affecting his health, and seems otherwise healthy and content. Aside from fatigue and a runny nose, that is. Closer inspection would reveal that he is not completey in good health... Qwil suffers from chronic colds for the majority of the seasons, the ailment rarily leaving him in peace. But asde from a weak immune system and tired eyes, the he-wolf is not so bad once you get to know him. He is loyal and devoted to his pack and companions. He is far from lazy, working harder than most despite his unending complaints (he just likes complaining, really). He can also be rather funny at times (if you have a more morbid sense of humor), and is relatively good-natured despite first impressions. Qwil is exceedingly empathetic, able to pick up on the moods of those around him and adjust himself accordingly--he is an accommodating soul to say the least. He is agreeable, and while he might complain just for the sake of it, he will usually goes with the flow and does whatever it takes to make his companions comfortable. He's selfless in that regard, always putting others above himself.


Jomo | Lone Wolf | Child of Taíno | INTJ | Chaotic Neutral | ♏

Jomo is a free spirit, valuing his independence above all else. At times he can seem rebellious, finding it difficult to follow rules laid out by others and preferring to blaze his own trail. In fact, Jomo might even enjoy breaking rules to his liking. However, that is not to say that he lacks discipline; Jomo craves order and direction, just on his own terms. He is ambitious in that way, yearning for authority so he can make his own rules. While he is often perceived as selfish due to his callous exterior, Jomo is a loyal and devoted companion. His secretive nature and untrusting disposition make him hard to get to know. He may have a coarse outer shell, but his underbelly is soft. His emotions run deep and he often gets his feelings hurt more than he would ever let on. Jomo is both a master of emotion and logic, able to put his feelings aside and make decisions analytically if need be. Resourceful and intelligent, Jomo often uses his wit to find his way out of trouble. Jomo is quite charming once one gets close to him. But while he is sociable and pleasant, he can be reclusive at times. An introvert, Jomo frequently needs time to himself to in order to destress. He loves spending time in the company of close friends and family, but covets his alone time all the same. He is passionate and confident, wielding an aura that earns him favor amongst his peers. And deep inside, Jomo longs for the adoration and trust. This desire drives him to bold feats, as he is known to show bravery (and occasional recklessness) in the face of danger. He is also wise beyond his years -- and has the maturity most wolves his age do not posses. While he can be moody and stubborn, he is not without the ability to behave prudently. He internalizes his more negative emotions, keeping his feelings close to his chest rather than making his discontent known. However, it should be noted that once wronged, Jomo is unlikely to forgive and certainly never to forget. Harboring a sleeping temper beneath placid waters , Jomo can be very aggressive and hostile when crossed. He is also known to be exceedingly jealous, especially in regards to his interpersonal relationships--platonic or romantic. He is vindictive when wronged, stubbornly holding onto grudges long after the abuse transpired. What is more, Jomo will go to great lengths to have his revenge. In other words, he can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Who's Your Favorite Svajone Character of Mine? 

23 deviants said Yetta :: Tundes :: Einar by Jaeggy
12 deviants said Amberly :: Tundes :: Delta Peacekeeper by Jaeggy
12 deviants said Galenn :: Kol :: Adnos by Jaeggy
6 deviants said Qwil :: Tundes :: Delta Herbalist by Jaeggy



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★ Jaeggy // She/He/They // Scorpio // INFJ ★

Welcome to my Humble Abode

Hello there! The name's Jaeggy, or Jae!
I am a recreational artist and ARPG-enthusiest with a degree in Kinesiology. I'm pretty shy in the beginning, but I gradually become more of a dumpster fire once I get comfortable in a community. If we are in the same group and you want to chat or plot, just shoot me a note or poke me in the chats! As far as my art is concerned, my primary subject is character design and storytelling. I do something different every now and then, but most of my works are centered around original characters or ARPGs. Feel free to peruse my gallery and I hope you enjoy!

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