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JaegerPony's Guide to Commissioning v1

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 23, 2019, 9:52 PM

A good while ago a few people suggested that I make a journal entry like this. I'm a rather prolific commissioner (as you may have noticed) and people tend to say that they have a good experience with me when I hire them. So after long delay I've decided it's about time I got on with it. In no specific order...


Koviry79 - Trotting by JaegerPony

(Artwork by Koviry.)


#1) Do your research.

This is most important, especially for those on a tight budget. Look into how the artist responds to other commissioners, or whether or not they actually have completed commissions. Especially if you're going to spend more than $5 on it. You'll save yourself a lot of headaches. You can avoid having to deal with artists who are... less than personable and even more importantly, avoid being scammed out of your money.

#2) Check their availability.

Check their front page and see if they have a commission status. Then contact them if it says their open or if you can't ascertain their status. An artist with a closed for commission status doesn't really want to be spammed by requests they can't fulfill.

#3) Follow their rules.

Check their commission sheet (if they have one) and follow their rules for requesting commissions. They're not trying to be annoying with them. It's simply to streamline their commissioning process. Many artists get a ton of requests and having them arrive in a formatted manner simply makes it all that much easier for them to handle.

#4) Don't be afraid to ask about payment options.

Unless their rules specifically state otherwise (i.e. PayPal ONLY, Payment before work begins, etc.). Most artists are willing to work with you to get you the art piece you want. Like you, they probably understand what it means to live under a budget. And most of them find some joy in the happiness their work brings to others. They'll often be willing to work out a payment plan (pay over time, points + PayPal, etc.). Though if they give you a hard no upfront? Leave it at that.

#5) Make the terms of delivery clear.

If you want your piece done quickly, or by a specific date? Make that known upfront. The artist may or may not be able to accommodate you. Be clear with your needs before the work is started so they can decide whether or not they can meet them.

#6) Don't be a pest.

If you want to be kept updated on the progress of your piece? Ask the artist to update you at intervals. Don't constantly prod them asking how things are going. If, after a week or so you haven't heard anything it's fine to ask, but don't keep stinging them like a mosquito all the time. You'll only annoy them.

#7) Don't be a dick.

This goes without saying. Even if you're dealing with an artist who has an... abrasive personality. Don't antagonize them. You'll either end up with them turning in a piece that is of substandard quality or if you're especially dickish? They might just throw your money back at you and tell you to fuck off.

#8) Expect delays.

Nobody likes 'em, but learn to expect them. Artists live in the real world too. Things can and will happen that will cause you to have to wait longer than expected. Just guessing off the top of my head I'd say about 1 in 3 commissions I order end up with delays. This usually isn't the artists fault. People get sick, work or school kicks their ass, people have problems. Try not to get upset about it.

#9) Be supportive.

Give your artist what moral support you can. The financial support you're giving by hiring them is great and all, but encouragement can be just as or even more important. Especially if they're having problems (as in #9). Let them know how you appreciate their work and you're there to chat if they're going through problems.

#10) Be honest.

Be honest with your opinion. Especially if changes are allowed during the sketching phase. An artist wants to give you the piece you want, not just something approximating it. If there are problems then speak up. If they leave something out again, speak up.

#11 a) Be specific.

More often than not an artist wants a very specific vision of what you want the work to be. The more detail you can go into the better. Posing, the angle the viewer of the piece is viewing from, time of day, the weather, the lighting. Every little last detail you can throw into the description will provide greater accuracy in the final product.

#11 b) Encourage creativity.

Being that as it may, sometimes it's more fun for an artist to just let them run wild with your characters. Offer the option (if you wish) to let them just go to town and let loose. Give them free reign over as much or as little as you like and ask if they're okay with it or would prefer more direction.

#12) Loyalty works.

Being a repeat customer can pay dividends for both you and the artist. You'll develop a rapport. Come to know one and another to a certain degree. Commissioning from them will become easier as they'll know the kind of things you like. Often times there are even discounts for repeat customers. They'll get a steadish income stream, you'll get artwork you're likely to enjoy more and you'll probably end up with a friend.

#13) Take chances on/support new artists.

They'll need our help to build their confidence and practice their craft. So at least from time to time try to help out. They'll certainly appreciate it.

#14) For the love of God, check their front page to see if they accept requests.

If an artist doesn't have it on their front page that requests are open, or just posted a journal that they're accepting them? DON'T ASK THEM FOR ONE. They have enough to deal with without having to endure a barrage of random requests.

#15) Accept your losses.

Sometimes an artist will turn you down. Maybe they don't like the idea of the piece. Maybe they think your OC is ugly, or maybe they're just having a really bad day. If they turn you down leave it at that, don't pester them with questions about why they won't do it if they don't offer that information up themselves. You're not getting it done from them. The more you press, the less likely they'll work with you later on.

#16) Report/Journal Blast Art Thieves

Sometimes you'll come across profiles of "artists" who have either suspiciously low prices for great looking art, a strange variety of styles that conflict with one another or pieces that seem conspicuously familiar. These pages are likely quite new with little to no comments and no trace of completed commissions. Try a reverse image search. There's a good chance they've stolen the work and are either trolling or trying to scam people using other people's artwork. Report them to the artist they're stealing from or post a journal about it. Keep people informed.

#17) Protect yourself.

For very expensive works you should try to insist on a PayPal invoice. This gives you a receipt for your transaction in your PayPal account. With this you can quite easily reverse the transaction should the artist decide to not live up to their end of the deal or if someone is trying to cheat you. This isn't such a big deal however if you've been following #12.

#18) Promote their work.

One thing artists love is when you let other people know about them and share their works. As you often see me do in my journals, post them! Link to the artist! You're doing nothing more than increasing their exposure to the world, hopefully garnering them more work down the line. Nothing like a little ego stroking from time to time. =P

(Artworks by Oddends, LupulRafinat and ArcanaFox.)
(Artworks by quila111, XenaLollie, Zefirayn and Ashvanna.)
(Artworks by Mechyfox, BetterthanaBase, Crecious and KyuremGirl.)

(Sorry if I didn't feature you here, can only put so many without it getting nutty.)

#19) Signal boost.

Even if you can't currently afford a piece from them, feel free to signal boost their commission sheets, contests, raffles, etc. Especially in the case of emergency commissions posts. They'll greatly appreciate you taking the time and effort.

#20) Feel free to tip.

A no brainer really. Like what they made? Feel free to toss them some extra. Who doesn't like some extra scratch?

#21) Follow adoption guidelines (or just don't adopt).

Many artist create adoptables; and some of them can be very specific with how you can use them. The adoption post may have some rules and guidelines to what you can do with/to them once bought. Things like "don't change the colour scheme" or "don't sell them for more than you bought them". If you can't abide by these rules? Move along.

#22) On a budget? YCHs are your friend.

Plenty of artists out there have unlimited YCH (Your Character Here) options amongst their other artwork options. If you can't afford a lot these are a good idea since the artist has far less work to do creating them. Also great if you're not feeling particularly creative at the moment.


... hrmmm... running out of ideas at the moment, and I don't wanna sit around all night brainstorming. Please, feel free to add your own in the comments. I'll amend the list occasionally adding in new rules (crediting their creator) from time to time. Hopefully we'll have a nice big list to help folks navigate the world of commissioning better!


Artwork Showcase!

DrAltruist - Autumn Trail by JaegerPonyOrfartina - Abraxas by JaegerPonyNaeviss - Pals by JaegerPony
(Artworks by DrAltruist, Orfartina and Naeviss.)

AiriniBlock - Hanging Around by JaegerPonyIblisArt - Poolside 1 by JaegerPony
(Artworks by AiriniBlock and IblisArt.)

Polska-Rainbow - Gravewind by JaegerPonys1nrapt0r - Best Friends by JaegerPonyyuyusunshine - A Flock of Siblings by JaegerPony



Skin by Pinipy


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