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JaegerPony Jaeger Sylva Artist | Not an Artist | Not a Damn Thing Canada

Eclipse totally fucked my account.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND THINK I'M NICE AND THINK I'LL GIVE YOU POINTS WELL FUCK OFF. That's for me to decide. Don't beg, and excuse the harsh language. (Though get used to it, I'm rather acerbic.) And no, I don't RP. So please don't ask. Profile Picture by: Margony Featuring: JaegerPony

Centrist, skeptical, egalitarian, meritocratic, misanthropic, pessimistic, atheistic, pacifistic, homosexual, furry & brony. Welcome to my abode on the net! M'names Jaeger, but feel free to call me whatever you like. I'm not yet an artist of any particular variety, so don't bother complimenting art in my deviation gallery or asking for trades or commissions. Nor do I happily acquiesce to petitions for DA ; you'll find me generally unresponsive or even rather cross about it. I give out points at -my- own leisure, no one elses. With that over with... hello! As stated my name is Jaeger (Jaeger, Jae, Jaeggy are all fine. Don't use my real name located above unless I've gotten to know you a bit please. ^^) and I'm a 36 year old gay furry/brony. I've been apart of the furry community for about 19 years at this point, and the brony community for about 5 years. I'm an avid video gamer (you can find me on Steam as JaegerPony: steamcommunity.com/id/jaegerbe…), audiophile (on Last.FM: www.last.fm/user/JaegerBeast and Bandcamp: bandcamp.com/JaegerBeast), hiker and pop culture aficionado. Sort of an intellectual jack-of-all-trades in life. Always looking for new people to chat with, you can contact me through Steam friends or send me a note about my Skype address! (On the latter more than the former.) Cheers! ~Jaeger Personality Type: INFP Varient: Turbulent Role: Diplomat Find me elsewhere: Tumblr Account - www.jaegerpony.tumblr.com YouTube Account - www.youtube.com/channel/UCJXof… Daily Motion Account - www.dailymotion.com/JaegerPony Steam Account - steamcommunity.com/id/jaegerbe… Bandcamp Account - bandcamp.com/JaegerBeast Last.fm Account - www.last.fm/user/JaegerBeast ~Homo Homini Lupus~

Favourite Visual Artist
You. =P
Favourite Movies
Das Boot, Shake Hands with the Devil, Princess Mononke
Favourite TV Shows
MLP:FiM, Game of Thrones, Law & Order
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Tea Party, Explosions in the Sky, Aviators
Favourite Books
Dune, Red Mars, Shake Hands with the Devil
Favourite Writers
Frank Herbert, Kim Stanley Robinson, Issac Asimov
Favourite Games
Beat Hazard, Civilization V, Skyrim
Favourite Gaming Platform
Personal Computer & 3DS
Tools of the Trade
... hiking boots?
Other Interests
Music, hiking, gaming.

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Thanks a lot for the Fav! :D

thanks for the watch!



Much appreciated! =3

Why thank you kindly! =3


It's March 14th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team. <3


Birthdays Team

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