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Jaeger on a Tree

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Pony OCs by Mychelle

Follower of the Church of the Invisible Pink Unicorn

"The Invisible Pink Unicorn is a being of great spiritual power. We know this because she is capable of being invisible and pink at the same time. Like all religions, the Faith of the Invisible Pink Unicorn is based upon both logic and faith. We have faith that she is pink; we logically know that she is invisible because we can't see her."


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Jaeger Sylva
Artist | Not an Artist | Not a Damn Thing

YOU POINTS WELL FUCK OFF. That's for me to decide. Don't beg,
and excuse the harsh language. (Though get used to it, I'm rather

And no, I don't RP. So please don't ask.

Profile Picture by: :iconrattlesire: Rattlesire

Featuring: :iconjaegerpony: JaegerPony & his OC Grit.

Centrist, skeptical, egalitarian, meritocratist, misanthropic, pessimistic, atheistic, pacifistic,
homosexual, furry & brony. I'm a shit lord like Sargon. Seriously, cripplingly depressed.

Welcome to my abode on the net! M'names Jaeger, but feel free to call me whatever you like. I'm not yet
an artist of any particular variety, so don't bother complimenting art in my deviation gallery or asking for
trades or commissions. Nor do I happily acquiesce to petitions for DA :points:; you'll find me generally
unresponsive or even rather cross about it. I give out points at -my- own leisure, no one elses.

With that over with... hello! As stated my name is Jaeger (Jaeger, Jae, Jaeggy are all fine. Don't use my real name
located above unless I've gotten to know you a bit please. ^^) and I'm a 34 year old gay furry/brony. I've been
apart of the furry community for about 19 years at this point, and the brony community for about 5 years.

I'm an avid video gamer (you can find me on Steam as JaegerPony:…),
audiophile (on Last.FM: and Bandcamp:, hiker and
pop culture aficionado. Sort of an intellectual jack-of-all-trades in life. Always looking for new people to chat
with, you can contact me through Steam friends or send me a note about my Skype address! (On the
latter more than the former.)


My birthday badgeMy birthday badge

Personality Type: INFP Varient: Turbulent Role: Diplomat

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What Element Of Harmony Are You?
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Of course I get Rarity. >.<;

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God is an Astronaut - Forever Lost

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2018 Steam Suggestions for Christmas

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 10, 2018, 9:58 AM

With Steam undoubtedly about to run another massive Christmas/New Years sale again this year, I figured I'd put out a list of some of my favourite games you should be keeping an eye out for when it drops. Keeping in mind I tend to keep towards strategy and role-playing titles, don't to see much in the way of first person shooters and such on here. Just my tastes, plenty of great titles out there in other genres to choose from. Anyhoo... here we go!


Kajeayn - Snow Globe Jaeger (WM) by JaegerPony
Artwork by Kajeayn (askneonflight on Tumblr).


thegreatgaias by JaegerPony

Genre: JRPG

Though made using RPGMaker, this is an almost entirely custom job where it counts. Custom character models and animations, plenty of custom scenery and the like. With a darkly engaging plot with plenty of twists and turns and a large number of characters to explore. Plenty of item crafting/upgrading to boot even. Certainly a gem when it comes to the RPGMaker scene. It's only issue is the $33CDN price-point, though considering how much work obviously went into the project, it is well worth it. Look for it at a discount this upcoming sale and beyond!

Thegreatgaias2 by JaegerPony


Fellseal by JaegerPony
Genre: SRPG

Ever wish Final Fantasy Tactics were longer? Liked the GBA games but felt they missed some of the spark the original had? Well look no further! Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark is quite unabashed in it's love for the original FFT and just lets itself run away with it! I'm less than 10 hours in and already lost in the deep complexity of customizing my characters while barely even delving deeply into the the plot (which has been stellar so far). Want great strategy RPG? Look no further.

Fellseal2 by JaegerPony


Kingdomcome by JaegerPony
Genre: First Person ARPG

Ever wanted to play a game like Skyrim that was a little more rooted in reality? Where knowing how to properly parry a blow would mean more to your survival than on how many potions you could carry? This will be right up right up your alley. Set in the 1403 Kingdom of Bohemia you play the son of a blacksmith, yearning to revenge himself upon the invaders from the east who destroyed your home and slaughtered your parents. No magicks to help you here. Skill, stealth, dedication and tenacity are your weapons. Learn your trades, and learn them well if you are to have any hope here.

Kingdomcome2 by JaegerPony


Valkyria4 by JaegerPony
Genre: SRPG/ARPG Hybrid

What is it? Think anime WWII. How does it play? Beautifully. A hybrid of strategy and action, movement is done in a fairly straight forward turn based style, but when you're ready to fire? Do be prepared to aim. With a compelling story and gorgeous graphics, I've been enamored by these games and the anime for a long while now. The original is also up on Steam so you may want to start at the beginning!

Valkyria42 by JaegerPony


pillarsIIeternity by JaegerPony
Genre: Isometric RPG

The follow up to the smash Kickstarter success Pillars of Eternity. Take yourself back to the days of games like Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. Take yourself to the high seas in a quest to stop a mad God. A rich cast of characters and locations to explore, now with the option to dual-class your character for even more in-depth combat options.

pillarsIIeternity2 by JaegerPony


Chaossector by JaegerPony
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy

Enjoy Advance Wars? How about Super Robot Taisen? Give this one a whirl. Set in space you choose between the Northsky Fleet or the Space Pirates for control of the sector. But don'tcha know them pesky space bugs gotta be getting in on the action? Go check it out!

Chaossector2 by JaegerPony


Intothebreach by JaegerPony
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy

From the makers of the incredible FTL: Faster than Light comes another minimalist gem, Into the Breach. What at first appears to be just another run of the mill quickie turn-based quickly reveals itself to be something much deeper. A game where the terrain itself is much more of a weapon in your arsenal than your giant 50 foot tall engine of death.

Intothebreach2 by JaegerPony


Stellaris by JaegerPony
Genre: 4X Strategy

Though released back in 2016, the team at Paradox has been hammering away at this lovely game with so many updates and expansions that at this point it's an entirely new game anyways. Enjoy micromanaging gigantic space empires, be they human or otherwise? Come here and play. Though be warned, not for those bereft of patience or time. A full game to completion can clock in at 10-100 hours. Though being a 4X title you can drop in an out at your leisure.

Stellaris2 by JaegerPonyStellaris3 by JaegerPony


Jaeger's Christmas Wishlist 2018!

#1) ... c'mon, you guys know this by now.

Over-under Yale-wolf Nothing 2 U 1000 by JaegerPony


Artwork Showcase!

Lopoddity - Autumn by JaegerPony
Artwork by Lopoddity.

Kyumiku - Beach Time by JaegerPony
Artwork by Kyumiku.

mscolorsplash - Anthro Jaeger by JaegerPonymscolorsplash - Anthro Grit by JaegerPony
Artworks by MsColorsplash.

D-Dyee - Grit Badge by JaegerPonyD-Dyee - Fracture Badge by JaegerPonyD-Dyee - Apple Brand Badge by JaegerPony
Artworks by D-Dyee.

Polska-Rainbow - Apple Brand by JaegerPonyPolska-Rainbow - Gravewind by JaegerPony
Artworks by Polska-Rainbow.

Ashvanna - Smoky Scout Reference by JaegerPonyAshvanna - Radiant Fleece Reference by JaegerPony
Ashvanna - Moonlit Sketch Reference by JaegerPonyAshvanna - Apple Brand Reference by JaegerPony
Artworks by Ashvanna.

MechyFox - Protect the Royals by JaegerPony
Artwork by Mechyfox.



Skin by Pinipy


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PoneBooth Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your new icon is GOOD Zoom Eyes 

Also your profile loads fine on my phone now due to an update, yus ! 
RainbowTashie Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2018  Professional General Artist
I adore your new icon <3 
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2018
Lol, thank you kindly. =3
RainbowTashie Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2018  Professional General Artist
I think I have a crush on Jaeger :P but to be fair i crush on most of your oc's :P 
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2018
Haha... I see. =P Jaeger's a bit old for most. :p
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MysticalPoodle Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2018  Hobbyist
Thank you for the watch! : >
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2018
You're most welcome. ^^
PonetteDeFeu Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave ! :)

Rainbow by PonetteDeFeu
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2018
You're most welcome Ponette! =3
RainbowTashie Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2018  Professional General Artist
Is it bad your OC stash is bookmarked on my computer? :')
thanks for being so good to me x 
Freak-Pig666 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018  Professional Artist
Thaaank u,for :llama:
Scaevitas Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What an absolute unit you are man
A true blessing
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018
Eh, doing what I can. ^^
Aced-it Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are a blessing for helping out Airi<3 
I'm glad she has friends like you! 
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2018
Thanks. =3
Cherri-Crimzon Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Hobbyist
Just wanna say, thanks so much for helping out my friend Airi! ; o; <3
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018
She's my friend too. It was a pleasure to do so. =3
Caia-Mei Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
just out of curiosity do you have an actual ref of your pony like actually made by you? I know you have a bunch on ur profile made by other people but I usually like to know how the creator originally designed it :V
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Edited Oct 26, 2018
I actually initially designed my OC using pony creator since I'm not an artist. Here's the image as well as the first image I had made based on it.

Pony Creator - Jaeger by JaegerPony Kyderra - Jaeger by JaegerPony
Pony Creator                                             Kyderra - JaegerPony

LadyKochou Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Heyo~ Just letting you know I'm still alive(ish) and I'm working on your owed commissions. Here's a little sketch so far. I wanted to show you because this boy is too pretty and I think I'm in love. Venin by LadyKochou

I'm a sucker for sad boys with long hair. oof.
Rotorix Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
Nice new icon
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
Thank yah kindly!
Rotorix Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
Who's the artist?
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018
blkmkt on Tumblr. ^^
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thanks for watch
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