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Harmony of Bone and Water 03 color

random art

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Chibi Comish - Honing In

dino stuff

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The Valley of Dragons

dragon art

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.:Im Not Dead:.


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writing advice

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Art Trade: MissMandyFlamel

Bia's art

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Little Okami Amaterasu


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Wolf Maker Unleashed

flash makers

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Shelter [+timelapse video]


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Fawxeyes Legacy Redux Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Darkrai’s Right-Hand ‘Mon Not too long after I met Atticus did things get more exciting again. Almost every week there was another shadow Pokémon attack starting up wherever, the smaller groups gradually becoming larger. It was more of a chore than a pushover, since we usually had to operate alone, especially at times where more than one group would be in a completely outlandish location, while another somewhere else. There was a few times where I got into a tight spot, becoming overwhelmed and nearly got taken out by some of them, but I started developing some ideas in case of such a situation. I taught myself

Fawxeyes Legacy

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Highland View

werewolf art

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Silvally :: Transformation :: Commission

TF art

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Onigo Hemos - by SesakaTH


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Wyraach Ur

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Pokemon : MegaLucario

beyond words

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Abyssmal Amphibians

Academy work

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Consider the Following Chapter 3

Consider the Following Chapter 3: The Rough Only half of the crime had been solved, and I wasn’t set to stop until the chore was finished. I marched over to the Dark Empire’s record desk. I had to stand on a stool to talk with the Sneasel who sat reading a human magazine, but anything to get the job done would do. Human magazines, by the way, are so weird… Why would you pay so much money for a fancy-looking coat? And how do you buy things from a stapled book of paper anyhow? And the “dress” models always look so arrogant, it’s ridiculous. Sometimes I wonder how the Pokéumans around me were humans o

consider the following

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Comish - Into The Moonlight

Twilight's art

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End Game Chapter 19

As we all went to find and prepare for the mini bosses we had run off to level grind and find the rooms containing their targets. We knew each one was likely to be different. The first mini boss had been a being made of fire crystal. Which led us to believe the others would be made of different kinds of crystals. Each with their own element or specialty. “What do you think the next one’s gonna be like?” Cole asked as we wandered the tunnels. “No telling. Could be electric, or wind, hell one could be a regenerator.” Zero explained, grimacing at the idea of one being made of healing crystal. “Oh god please

Wyvern's work

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Comm: Massacre Demon Diablos (Bloodlust Diablos)

Monster Hunter

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Leech Life Report

Move Name: Leech Life Battle Classification: Physical Attack Type: Bug Total number of affected targets: 1 Range: 1 adjacent target other than user Direct contact needed to initiate attack: Yes Base Power: 80 Accuracy Rate: 100% PP: 10 (maximum 16) While it might not appear to be much of a threat at first, the Leech life attack is a powerful strike that can easily leave weaker opponents begging for mercy as their life slowly drains away. Much as its name suggests, the Leech Life attack involves sharply biting into an opponent and drinking their vital fluids to restore energy. Though it was once assumed that this attack was of little danger t


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Tribal Soul

tribal art

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Reignited Spyro Doodle

Spyro art

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Red-Eyes Darkness Stamp


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New Dalek Assault

Doctor Who

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Far from Home

Falvie's art

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Spyro stories

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Futuristic Zeal


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What We Leave Behind

star trek

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pokemon sprites

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Mega Shenron

Kayla's art

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The Glaceon and the Shadow, chapter 29

Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Journey Home They had come to the first buildings marking the edge of Valadares, their dark red bricks sharply contrasted against the white, snowy landscape. The city lay before them, no longer a dangerous enemy bulwark and the roost of the Shadow, but a city as peaceful and free as any other in Fournaria. "Well, girls," Boreas said, as he and Aqua stopped walking, "it's time for us to say goodbye." Sofia turned as if she'd been stung by a bee. "Wh-what? Now? Where are you going?" "Back to Unova," Boreas said. "We decided a while ago that we'd stick around until Diego was defeated, no longer." "B-but don't you wa

Glaceon and Shadow

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Journey through the Aethereum


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Silvaly x Solgaleo

pokemon fusions

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