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Eyes and face doodles by Jae-nox Eyes and face doodles :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 3 0 Art Trade with Leaky-Faucets by Jae-nox Art Trade with Leaky-Faucets :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 7 2 Little Mage Girl by Jae-nox Little Mage Girl :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 7 5 Eheh by Jae-nox Eheh :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 7 0
The Storyteller CHAPTER 11 (Jack Frost x Reader)
    I awoke in the most confused and disoriented state.  It was still nighttime, and the forest was shrouded in darkness.  I had no idea how long I actually slept after the dream.
    My fingers brushed against something soft.  There, by my pillow, was a lone white feather.  I sat up, clutching the feather.  Upon inspection, there was nothing really special about it, other than the fact that the tip was tapered like a writing quill.  But there was no doubt, it was the goose feather Mother Goose had given me.  I let my hands drop and rested my arms on my knees.  I was starting to get used to the idea that dreams and reality were not as distinct as I’d previously thought, which could be both good and bad, I supposed.
    There was a soft rustle behind me and a familiar voice spoke.  “Trouble sleeping?”
    I smiled as I  tucked the quill into
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Hiccup sketch by Jae-nox Hiccup sketch :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 14 9 Just one of those days by Jae-nox Just one of those days :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 4 0
The Storyteller CHAPTER 10 (Jack Frost x Reader)
    “Ah Nature, as pleasant as ever,” Mab said brightly.
    A cold chill seemed to run through me and I shuddered.
    North noticed and clapped a rough hand on my shoulder.  “Worry not, little believer.  Mother Nature may seem harsh at times, and her powers are great and sometimes terrible, but inside she is a good soul.  If you treat her with respect, she will not harm you.”
    Tooth seemed to have a better idea about what I was thinking, for she cast me a sympathetic look.  “Don’t think too hard on what she said.  North’s right, she can be harsh.  She’s Mother Nature after all.  Just know that we’d much rather you be here with us, as a believer, than in the hands of Pitch and Aradia.”
    “You and me both.  Thanks Tooth.”  I smiled and bit back the sting of Nature
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Rainbirb WIP by Jae-nox Rainbirb WIP :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 13 5 Oh hai there by Jae-nox Oh hai there :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 4 2 I am Moana by Jae-nox I am Moana :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 67 19
The Storyteller CHAPTER 9 (Jack Frost x Reader)

    Either there was magic involved, or the faery chefs were just that good (I would assume the former), but there was somehow enough food for the entire faery kingdom, plus their oversized guests, with food to spare for leftovers.  The tables were piled high with fresh baked soda bread, corned beef stew, shepherd's pie, creamy mashed potatoes laden with herbs, fresh berries, coffee cake, velvety pudding, and foods I had never even seen before.  I felt my knees go weak, and North muttered something reverent beside me.
    Several faeries flew over, dropping dried, hollowed out mushroom caps into our hands to be used as plates.  Mab flitted up, her small impish face exuberant.  “What are ye waiting for?  Dig in!”
    I didn’t need telling twice, and fell ravenously upon the food.  I never realized just how hungry I was, until I dimly remembered that half a
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Girl with a Dragon Tattoo by Jae-nox Girl with a Dragon Tattoo :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 3 10 Priestess of the Moon by Jae-nox Priestess of the Moon :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 4 0 Aztec Dragon by Jae-nox Aztec Dragon :iconjae-nox:Jae-nox 3 2
The Storyteller CHAPTER 8 (Jack Frost x Reader)
    It was a hundred times worse than the sleigh ride.
    I zoomed like a bullet down into impenetrable darkness.  Every so often there was a turn that would ricochet me into another direction, or a sudden drop that would leave my digestive system far behind.  I couldn’t even tell how fast I was going.  The roar of the wind and my own screams deafened my ears.  After what seemed like years and just as I ran out of air in my lungs to scream, there was a blinding light, and I was blasted into the open air.  I tumbled painfully onto the ground.
    A low rumble shook the ground as Bunny popped out of the tunnel to land neatly on his feet behind me.  “Now that’s the way to travel,” he said gaily.  “Everyone have a good trip?”
    Sandy nodded and flashed a thumbs up.
    “It was wonderful,” North grunted, bru
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Thor by SarcastiCoyotte Thor :iconsarcasticoyotte:SarcastiCoyotte 36 13 Loki by SarcastiCoyotte Loki :iconsarcasticoyotte:SarcastiCoyotte 50 27 Onward Brother! by Muirin007 Onward Brother! :iconmuirin007:Muirin007 125 10 Portraits of a Flowery Trio by NiaNook33 Portraits of a Flowery Trio :iconnianook33:NiaNook33 6 2 Book 3: Imaginary Friends by NiaNook33 Book 3: Imaginary Friends :iconnianook33:NiaNook33 4 0 Muses by joifish Muses :iconjoifish:joifish 114 6 Glorious Porpoise by geothebio Glorious Porpoise :icongeothebio:geothebio 1,118 64
Erik and Christine
A life of darkness, alone and silent, forever. If you asked Erik, he would tell you that that was the life most suited for him. And he wouldn't be lying. However, even a solitary monster needs human contact, no matter how much he may wish he did not. He rarely did it, only a few times previously, but when he got so that he couldn't take it anymore, he would buy himself a whore for the night. He wasn't proud of it, but he did it. And he never brought them to his cave, the only place he had to call home. This was one of those nights. He rarely went to the same place twice, the mistresses requesting he go somewhere else when none of the girls would agree to a night with him. He couldn't blame them- he was hideous. This place, however, he had yet to get kicked out of, so off he was to the east end of the red light district to buy himself a wench. The matron was kind enough not to stare at his face, something he was not used to, and knew by now that he would want a room, and a new girl ever
:iconmaleficentmo:MaleficentMo 3 0
"I would hug you if you were here."
He didn't look up as he tossed whatever was nearest at his younger brother, unwilling to watch it phase through him. He was tired. Tired of hoping for something that would never happen. That's why he had stopped. He had told himself, when he found Loki again, posing as their father, that it was the end. No more hoping, no more expectations. No more disappointments.
He had slipped a few times, with Loki, but he always caught himself in time, and crushed it down. Because he just.. couldn't, anymore.
But then, something unexpected- no. Something impossible happened. He didn't hear the clatter of metal against the floor, or feel the slight shimmer in the air that was often present with Loki's magic. All he heard was Loki's deep, velvety voice say,  "I'm here." All he felt was his heart jump against his ribs as he looked up to see his brother standing next to him, smiling gently.
It wasn't the usual smile, the sharp, acidic, haughty smirk that he usu
:iconmaleficentmo:MaleficentMo 7 3
Art Trade: Let us dance!  by MrsBooMuffin Art Trade: Let us dance! :iconmrsboomuffin:MrsBooMuffin 6 2 Self Care by joifish Self Care :iconjoifish:joifish 219 11 You Guys are Alright by NiaNook33 You Guys are Alright :iconnianook33:NiaNook33 5 2 A NiaNook Stares Into Your Soul by NiaNook33 A NiaNook Stares Into Your Soul :iconnianook33:NiaNook33 13 2 RotG  Love with all my heart (book spoiler alert) by Phobs RotG Love with all my heart (book spoiler alert) :iconphobs:Phobs 9,354 452 Penumbra by Muirin007 Penumbra :iconmuirin007:Muirin007 275 14



Yup I aM gArBaGe lol next time I'll give you guys a heads up when I go on hiatus. But hey I'm back! And glad to see everyone! Missed y'all haha. My last final ended on Tuesday :D Honestly I thought I'd have more time but my classes last semester were all project based, including research, which all took up so much of my life omg. update?? I'll be volunteering at a computer graphics conference, and there will be big animation companies there (think Pixar and DreamWorks) so YOU BET I'm excited!! I also know some machine learning and computer vision now which is neat and learned some 3D animation so Pixar here I come! (HAHA jk I wish)

In general, I'm planning on arting and writing as much as I can this summer between work. I need to work on improving and creating a portfolio because I'm so behind (*screams*), along with lots of project/story ideas and lots of crafting for the school art market I signed up for. Aaand then I'll be watching a ton of tv shows and brushing up on kung fu with the time I have left :>

So that's that I guess. How's everyone else doing? Plans for the summer?
Oh also I'm thinking of starting a RedBubble account, so if anyone has an ideas on what you'd like to see on tshirts/posters/etc. plzz let me know! I'd love to know 0u0



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United States
Hey guys!
Welcome to my DA account! I'm an amateur artist who's been drawing ever since I can remember. That baby who made little Cheerio flowers on the high-chair table? Yep, that was me. But I work more in digital and traditional media nowadays (a tad classier than cereal art).

Please note: DO NOT USE MY ART WITHOUT ASKING FOR MY PERMISSION. DO NOT COPY MY ART (although you may use it as a reference, but if you do, please credit) OR CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN OR YOU WILL BE REPORTED--or Kung Fued to death (not kidding). Thank you!

So feel free to browse my gallery! And if you like what you see feel free to click the watch button right up there ^ :D
I also love to talk with people so if you wanna chat then send a note my way!
Peace out y'all


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