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so I finally had some time on my hands in the last 2 weeks... but I needed training :D so I redid the Pantera Prolog to fit my current style... I think I like it. Next will be either a new Pantera Episode (Storyboard) or I'll work on "The hidden Truth" (some redrawing and continue the storyboard)

Hello out there who is still with me ;)

For all wondering why I don't post much stuff since 2014 and if it's 'just' the 'untold adventures' series. I'm still working on other projects though... I just don't have much spare time at the moment since I juggle beeing a mom for a 4 year old, having a fulltimejob and all the chores (which I fortunatly don't have to do on my own).

So for the next 2 or 3 years please bear with me... ;) It will get better!

love + hugs

"A small group of seven Scientists, stationed on a rock in space, study a strange and unknowen ship with equally unknowen technology which was found there.
Unaware what danger lurks for everyone around it they try to get it back flying and hope for some knowledge whichall species in the galaxy can benefit from - but why are they hurried by their Commander?

:iconhiddentruth-webcomic: - if you want to follow the webcomic individually.

'The Hidden Truth' is finally happening. Yep I'm doing it. As a webcomic.

I'm not sure I can pull it of until the end but I'll do my very best. Main-Characters are all designed now and storywise I know where I'm going to although I haven't written all the storyboards yet.

I plan to update this comic chapter or scenewise (depends of the length of the specific chapter) which means I will not commit to a regular 'Every week a new page' schedule stuff. Schedules are for those get published and paid and do this as their main job ;)

There will be an website for this soon too plus I'm still looking for deviantgroups to affiliate, publish pages or other webcomic communities to put it on. Don't hesitate to contact me - no matter if it's feedback or affiliation requests :)
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I hope you have fun and a great time at the moment :) What are you celebrating?

I had a couple of days off until I'll start my new job next week and worked on my website (I finally made the 'add comment' button DO enter a comment *selfpatch*) and started new projects... one will be to continue the 'Pantra' Story you already know
Pantera Prolog pg 0 by jadzii

I uploaded a little Teaser for what is coming...
Don't ever change! by jadzii

Enjoy :)
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Just saw I submitted my 100th deviation here... kind of a birthday, isn't it?

Was not planned but the 100th is Star Treks Geordi LaForge in the 9th movie :love:
ST:Insurrection: Sunrise by jadzii -> ST IX Sunrise Scene by jadzii

btw: LeVar Burton is scheduled to attend next years FedCon *squee*

added the rest of the sunrise scene...
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It finally happend. I finished the introduction of the main characters of my StarTrek FanFic USS Pantera. you can find it in the 'Pantera' folder of my gallery.

So if you like, join our bartender and meet the crew :D

Pantera Prolog pg 0 by jadzii
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So I turned 30 today. Phew... thirty...thirteeee... Damn how time flies.

I write this journal mainly to shout out big thanks to :iconsuperhidanfan: who made me a present:
For jadzii by SuperHidanFan

I don't even know her but she decides 'You have birthday so I want to draw you something.' This is one of the most sweet things ever happend to me. THANK YOU

So now - how a friend asked me - I'll see if I can still manage to cross the street on my own :D
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My first journal and Its a wish *lol*...

I participate in :iconstar-trekking: Secret-Santa and we were asked to tell what we wish for. (So I really hope the person I'm secret Santa for will do the same ^^)

Uhm I wish for something with Geordi from TNG in it. A Protrait or in his engineering, together with Scotty perhaps or with my OC Cassandra... well I'm not picky and will be happy about any Geordi picture - just no Slash please ^^

if you don't like TNG than I like TOS (like most: Scotty) and Enterprise (like most: Travis) I'm just absolutly no VOY Fan

I was Secret Santa for :iconmcrizlife: and drew her 'No Spoilers'
No Spoilers - Secret Santa by jadzii

Star Trek Secret Santa: by l-Reflet-Palissant-l
I got from my Secret Santa :iconl-reflet-palissant-l: Thank you very much! I really like it!

Happy Holidays!
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