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Hey all 6 people that check up on me here at DeviantArt. Sorry for updating so little and being neglectful. ;_; Partially my reason for this is because I recently moved across the country to Seattle to work as an artist for a casual game company! But still, I have no good excuses anyway.

BUT- for all fans of my webcomic, "Anime News Nina," if you are coming to New York Anime Fest, I will be there teaching a Photoshop panel, signing autographs, and answering questions about my comic and art at an "Anime News Nina" panel! Please come see me if you're around. I bathe! :D
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Hey everyone,

Tomorrow I'll be leaving to go to Columbus, OH for Ohayocon. It's my first year visiting AND having a table at this con, so I hope everything goes well. If you're going to this con, be sure to find the dorky girl with elf ears and glasses in the Artist Alley (me) and say hi! ^_^ Also for anyone who likes my comic, "Anime News Nina!," I'm selling an exclusive print of the Nina characters. Thanks!!
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Hi everyone (all 3 of you who read this.. ^^;)

This is a little late, but for anyone who likes my artwork, please check out my (somewhat) new webcomic, "Anime News Nina," which is updated every Wednesday on!! It's a simple satire strip that goofs on anime, anime fans, and the industry.

Here's a direct URL to it:…

Thanks so much!!

PS: Ohayocon is coming up fast! I hope I'm ready in time.. -_-
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Hey all!

First off, a big thanks to everyone who actually watches this DA, despite me being absolutely horrible at updating it. To attempt to make up for my failings, I've uploaded a chunk of the art I've been doing for the past year or so. My fulltime job makes it hard for me to do much art these days... ;_;

Also, I am sad to announce that I will NOT be attending this year's Youmacon in Michigan. I was an idiot and missed my chance to buy a table, thus proving I am still a con noob. To make up for it however, I am DEFINITELY attending Ohayocon in January, and I will be attempting to get my butt all the way to Seattle and try and get a table at Sakuracon in March. Onward ho!
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Hey everyone who reads this,

I'm sorry about not updating this site or my website very often. I have been doing some more cool artwork, but my job has been keeping me too busy to post things! Anyway, I wanted to post to let people know that klampdesign and I, for the second official time, will be selling artwork at an anime convention- the St. Louis Anime Convention! I'm so excited! We will also be there with our friend Shauna ( Shauna is cool and letting us crash at her place, so she is forgiven for not having a deviantart account. I don't know if any of my watchers are in the Missouri area, if you're coming to the con, be sure to stop by and say hello!

I've been working on some new art for this con as well, though I won't be posting it until the con is over. Woo!
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Hey everyone.. I just wanted to point out that I've posted new pic showing some steps of how I work for anyone that may be interested. For some reason, the thumbnail image is broken, but Full View works fine. I'd love any feedback as well.

I was going to make it a "scrap" but I figured not as many people might see it then. I don't know why I am so slow at getting used to DA. I'm an idiot.
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Hey... anyone who reads this.. ^^; !

I just wanted to let anyone who lives in Michigan or the Detroit area know that I'm going to be selling some art at the winter holiday festival in Detroit called "Noel Night." If you live in the area and have never been, I recommend it highly- especially if you have kids. It's really fun. Noel Night begins early evening on Saturday, December 2nd and takes place in Detroit's New Center area (the museum district.. by the DIA and stuff). Woodward and John R are closed off so people can walk around.. there are usually ice sculptures, live music entertainment, food stands (kettle korn zomg) and basically fun shit going on in every building in the area- the DIA, the Detroit Historical Museum, the Science Center, and more. Anyway, the College for Creative Studies has a student and alumni art sale- great spot for Christmas gifts. I'll be there selling cute clay animals and sculptures, perhaps some Xmas/holiday cards, and maybe some of my not-so-nerdy-anime-based work as prints. So stop by and say hi if you go! ^^

Also on a completely random note.. can someone tell me how to link other DA users in text? I assume it's some html-ish code thing. Thank you.. >.< I still am not so good with DA. Duhhrr!
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Hey everyone. I'm sorry I haven't updated this damn account at all! I've been so busy. But anyway, I just wanted to say I had an awesome time at Youmacon 2006, was so happy to meet lots of cool people and artists. It was my first time selling art at a real anime convention (had only done a regular comic con before, to only mild success), so I think I have to say I've found a calling for me. I hope to put more art on here soon, including some scans from a few of the commissions I did at the con. Also, thank you to everyone who's watching me and favoriting and leaving comments.. I may not get a chance to participate on dev art often, but I do check up and read all the comments and stuff, and I really appreciate it.. a lot! Loves to you all!
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Hi! I'm new to DeviantArt. I know it says I signed up a while ago, but I've only just now begun to fill up my gallery. I wanted to join because there are so many great artists (whose devArt pages I've bookmarked over the years before I was a member) that are on this community. That said, I recently graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan where I majored in illustration. I am looking for art jobs.. hard to get your foot in the door. :p  Anyway, I'm tired. But hello to all!