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Not crazy, just a little unwell. by viria13 Not crazy, just a little unwell. :iconviria13:viria13 16,336 567 When heroes meet.... by viria13 When heroes meet.... :iconviria13:viria13 20,929 1,194
you are all lovely.
thank you all so much for 9,000 page views and over 300 watchers! :party: it's amazing to see how much i've grown on this site with the help of every one of you. i just wanted to make a watcher appreciation journal to remind you guys that you all mean so much to me, whether you've been with me since the beginning or have just recently browsed my gallery. you guys are special, fabulous, wonderful, and amazing. :rose:
as such, i realize i never do features (because i am lazy and there are way too many great artists out there) but i thought i'd do a small one showcasing just a tiny amount of the great work coming from my watchers. thank you for all the love :aww:
Barren Branches by betwixtthepages:thumb327033989::thumb358068297:daedalus by IOwnSarcasmtragic by Jadite:thumb355901809:Star Man by TheMoorMaiden
:iconmomo-madness:momo-madness 8 30
i’m in a fight with gravity
to the death- until my head rests,
empty as my belly
on this false-porcelain floor-
porcelain skin waxy as laminate over
these heavy hollow bones
waiting for freedom
liberation from this sullen casing
i shake, manic
blood pressure in the basement
nauseous from anxiety and diet pills
jittery, stare at the ceiling-
a spider, stick-legged, teases me
but here’s the silver lining:
no curds and whey coating
my shining insides
i am stronger than ever
as black swims in my vision
light-headed from malnutrition
as i wrap fingers around my wrists
make sure i haven’t escaped my limits
the mirror doesn’t lie
but it won’t snitch
we’ll keep this surreptitious
spilling my blood, my bloodred guts,
won’t make me thinner
confessing will only make my ego smaller
this red ribbon stays tied around my wrist
secrets kept keep me stable
clinging to my only success
self-confidence cellophane-wrapped
in my absence, my transparence
the whispers
:iconambulances:ambulances 13 8
Heroes of Olympus-How far We've come by viria13 Heroes of Olympus-How far We've come :iconviria13:viria13 15,404 2,569
your hands are curved brackets around my shoulders,   we're okay here
with your coffee scent tangled up in my cheekbones -
i recognise you
in the most unfamiliar way - 
let me know if your pulse is scattered across your freckles like 
blood on the walls
if you can't breathe long enough
to allow your thoughts to seep through metal barriers:       your hands
are forgiveness, i am laddered skin beneath soft eyes,
you smooth my imperfections and sharp angles -
                                                       i breathe you in.
:iconjikivigoig:jikivigoig 13 6
on waking up tangled in my skin
i am bound in coils of darkened sleep,
my past creeps up like a slinking hollow-eyed shadow:
let me run with trailing paper paths beneath my feet,
i don't like waking up half-naked,
skin exposed to a world that chews on my fingers and
chokes on my exhalations - these accusations lay bitter on my tongue -
i'd rather drown in a voice that's always there than
my own twisted suspicions.
i button up my secrets, nestle the stained collar near my neck,
and pin my eyes open with the unknowing:
i don't like waking with my shirt yanked up around my neck,
(  please let me lock the door to keep the monsters out-
side.  )
let me check your nails at least,   confirm these dirty
possibilities, so i don't have to suffocate on my silent nightmare
if the door so much as opens, strike me from my sleep
so i can at least remember what gives my bad dreams
substance -
i don't like waking up with a scratch across soft, quiet skin.
the violence of my fear astounds
:iconjikivigoig:jikivigoig 8 2
Something Extraordinary by alicexz Something Extraordinary :iconalicexz:alicexz 6,904 180
waiting room.
your head's a door you keep shutting on all the thoughts trapped inside.
your heart is the moon, just waiting for someone to set foot on it.
you think your body is a warning sign
where you've posted stop,
because you already know you'll yeild
but maybe your body is just a waiting room,
waiting for the right person to step in.
:iconarabesque-o:arabesque-o 8 2
a glimpse of the things that hide in my stash
don't try to conform to the angles
of my bones -
i'm growing this out, painful inch by
painful inch,     mouthful by mouthful:
my skin melts from my skeleton and swirls on the bathtub's floor
you've been subject to too many burrowing details, scored
into your eyes and ears: if they don't have to eat,
why should you?
one day, i'll tell you the story of how you were the first
to see all my self harm scars,
father does not
recognise his daughter's
(you've only
years, after
father does not know
how to spell
her name.
[  it comes so close,
i dangle over the
edge and
find myself screaming
into the gaping past,

you can end it, i'm not going
to stop you (this time)
i hope you never
that if you hit me, i will fall
holding you hand,
if you inflict your words on me,
i will listen silently,
and if your hands take up
wandering against
my rotting wishes,
i will
even so, i trust you.
you c
:iconjikivigoig:jikivigoig 2 2
fist by arabesque-o fist :iconarabesque-o:arabesque-o 2 7
i don't want to live in a world anymore 
that locks little girls in cages
for the pleasure of 15 men a day.
:iconarabesque-o:arabesque-o 4 14

there are fingernails somewhere, i'm sure, but all i have
on the ends of my fingers are knives:
if this is healing, i may just end up healthily skinless.
:iconjikivigoig:jikivigoig 6 6
in other circumstances,
1.     my eyes will not stop bleeding,   slashed apart with images
too violent to describe:  so far below, my ribs
are breaking apart and i breathe in too many slivers
of glass for my lungs to survive and
remain recognisable.
memory, leave me alone. present time, leave me alone.
project me so far in the future, i cannot discern
the blurry shape of that girl      i will leave
2.    the walls shake.
3.    i can't decide if these are laughs or tears.
this is awfully familiar,            i cannot remember.
i'm cradling too many hints in my wrinkled
hands, but then, i'm also
twisting flimsy razorblades with my
fingers:       it's not like these wounds carve
deep enough anymore,  the scars act like small protection.
this has been building for too long.
my screams are inching up my throat.
4.    some non-existent memory
is haunting me:   tell me what to think
when i'
:iconjikivigoig:jikivigoig 12 6
to anyone who has ever
loved a story more than life,
needed a story to feel
their heart beating,
longed for another world
more than our own...
it's the worst sort
of existence, isn't it?
because stories don't
cut wounds in our skin,
they gouge into our souls.
no one sees us bleeding
from the inside out,
losing ourselves
to nothing more than an idea,
a made-up fantasy,
that heals us
and kills us at the same time.
we yearn for a reality
that we will never grasp
in our hands, like beads of
sand slipping through our
crooked fingers.
we scratch at our eyes
in hopes that the blood
that pours down
will paint a brighter world,
spun from the strands
of our deepest wishes
and most hidden dreams,
on the backs of our eyelids.
i think we can all agree
that the pain would be worth it.
:iconescap-ing:escap-ing 6 2



United States
going on seventeen.
absolutely crazy.
grammar freak.
exsometime pianist.
music lover.
academically obsessed.
hopeful photographer.


< 3 . tea; sunny days; rainy days; thunder&lightning storms; bubbles; books; kitties; puppies; gothic styled things; balloons; music; words that mean something; the beach; water; cookies; keys; the smell of books; inkwells; streetlamps and stolen kisses; sepia toned memories

< / 3 . somedays, everything


Avarice.xx { this is WAR }


some very, very special people to me <3


Current Residence: nowhere nice
Favourite cartoon character: totoro


Jadite has started a donation pool!
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i would like to be able to give points to artists that deserve them for being epically amazing phenomenal at what they do <3

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i know i said i was gone, but i just remembered that i had points left.
i'm giving them to arabesque-o who is an amazing, amazing writer and person.
i hope everyone who has donated points in the past approve. <3

goodbye for reals this time.
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