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Hey, y'all!

Long time no update but I figure, maybe just using deviantART once in a while to shill my things isn't a bad idea? In case you haven't found out, I'm the co-mod of a fandom zine for Ririka SOS, a series near and dear to my heart. Here's the general idea behind the zine, which is meant to celebrate 25 years of the show:

Unlike most zines which concentrate on the visual illustrative aspect, we aim to create a zine where ALL media is welcome. Besides illustrations, this includes, but not limited to: writing, cosplay, comics, essays, etc. We want to be able to create a comprehensive product showing off the small but dedicated Ririka SOS fandom - and we believe that showcasing all the different talents from each person or group is a fantastic way to celebrate the series' silver jubilee! If there is a medium you work in that may not be conventional for the traditional zine format, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

We were on a great schedule to release this by July 7th, the date of the show's debut, but uh a LOT of things happened besides the pandemic and thus, we couldn't release on that day. But we still want to celebrate it and better late than never. We had a robust interest check and right now we are looking for contributors! We want writers, artists, cosplayers to do anything and everything they ever wanted to do, if they're fans of the show/manga/everything!

So firstly, here are the links you can check us out at:

Our carrd site // Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr

Here are the submission forms: WRITERS: forms.gle/wHPKfA21FV5Kx5Uu8

ARTISTS: forms.gle/tWvYDZbqQhfKdmBB9

COSPLAYERS: forms.gle/8prizHm1pddLqxya7

Here's our current timeline, pending possible changes in future.

Sooooo yeah. That's about it. Apps close on August 22th, enough time to get 'em in. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know but otherwise, how's everyone doing in the apocalypse?

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Trying out how to keep up with things on here work now by using Eclipse instead of the old switching option, since Eclipse will be permanent soon...and wow, incredible how some things can be way easier to do (I can upload images on here without a weird workaround, being an un-paying member of DA), and yet, most of it is borked XD I do like how the buttons work.

Anyway, I'm doing a livestream this Saturday on Twitch! I've mentioned most everywhere it'll either be an inking and/or coloring stream, but it really depends how I feel by then, haha. I'll be streaming at 3PM Central Standard TIME (CST) in the US, and I'll run...idk whenever how long I'll run.

Livestream Add

You can go and follow me so you can be notified of when I go live!


Hope y'all are taking care during these times!

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For an inking and/or coloring stream, should I...

1 vote

stream...on Twitch!

stream...on Picarto!

stream...on Y-Youtube?!

No stream, only ribbons.

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Small Business Saturday is here! (First time trying out this whole thing about posting on days like these, pls take pity...)

Insta Template by JadineR

(...oh wow, the pic looks so DISGUSTINGLY PIXELLY UGGGHHH, sorry)

If you're in the mood to support independent creators, why not try checking out my store? I just added everything else to it, so now you can get copies of Legendary Beings Ara & Celi (my main comic), as well as one shots, buttons and postcards! HURRAY!!! And who knows, maybe you may get something extra if you buy this weekend...👀👀👀

Link here--> naan.storenvy.com

Thanks for reading!
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Saturday, August 24th, I’ll be at Next Level Expo in Ames, IA! I went last year for its inaugural con and it was a fun time. 10am to midnight again this year, it’s sure to be a doozy. ;) 

Next Level Expo by JadineR

Here’s the site for more info: 

Hope to see you then! 

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