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Updates + Ko-fi

Journal Entry: Sat May 12, 2018, 12:00 PM

Hey, folks! Long time no talk!

Looks at the broken image above this journal. Sighs because links just don't work anymore.

Last week, I officially graduated from grad school -- yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm now the holder of a Master's degree!...And I've been so tired from two years of study that I've basically done nothing except rest and watch TV ^^; I've been planning what to do in the next few months, almost as a placeholder, because it's also that weird sense of "YEAH WORKING ON MY COMICS" and "nah, time to sleep a lot." XD

Having said that, I've been tired in general during this semester, mostly due to working on my thesis. Any updates I had, I usually just shot them out quickly on Twitter. I posted some art in the gallery here, but mostly still silent. I haven't responded to messages, but I'll try my best to get to them soon, now. Logging on to deviantART always made me tired instantly, though -- there were stuff I saw and liked to comment, but visiting the site itself and wondering about my own work on here felt more like a hassle. Whether that was due to having the problem of too many accounts to promote my work or because, after a while of not using it, I really felt as if it were time to just cut off deviantART from the list of accounts and not update mine any longer.

I don't know. It felt like other places worked for me, even Tumblr, while deviantART seemed to have always just been Blah There. (And before Tumblr and Twitter blew up too, may I add.) This is in terms of promotion and audiences and stuff, because I've made some great friends here and lovely people I respect a lot. I think I'm just tired of putting energy into something that hasn't turned out "well enough"? Hmm.

Anyway, it may be the overdue tiredness from two years of intensity too. I'll just update the gallery the minute I have new stuff, and let you guys know about my comics or other new promos. I'm thinking of opening commissions soon in some shape, so look out for that if you've been interested in getting something from me for a while. I'll see how I feel about deviantART in about a month or two. I am planning to reorganize Ara & Celi comics in a way where I will update the pages in order, since lots of edits will be coming to the pages too. Not art so much, but lettering and stuff I've been meaning to do, and I might as well do them now since the new website will be worked on too *_*

In the meantime, I just opened my Ko-Fi page! You can check that here:

If you like what I do, bookmark it and consider donating! If you can't donate, just sharing the link helps a lot!

That's about all I got! See you guys around, and I'll try my best to get to you, and entertain youuuu!

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Journal Entry: Mon May 15, 2017, 3:56 PM

Took out the footer in this skin. In fact, if I had more time, I'd rehaul this journal skin and make a new one. XD

Anyway, YES, HELLO, I have survived my first year of grad school! (As evidenced by the fact that I haven't updated anything on here since...October of last year? Yikes!) It's been about a week and I still feel weird being on break. Maybe it's the fact that my schedule this summer will be basically working on my thesis three days a week and work on comics for two, and idk gym at some point. :XD: At least that's the schedule I'm trying to work out at this moment, a schedule that started today. Self-imposed.

 Shrug [The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air] 
It's grad school, that's all I can say. Though it's not like I wasn't planning on it -- I want as much a headstart on the thesis as I can afford-- but it's weird in the sense of non-structured time; basically, up to me!

But either way, I got some other news! I'll be going to only three cons this summer! Here are their respective websites:
:star: MSP COMICON in Minnesota:

:star: O COMIC CON in Iowa/Nebraska:


I actually got invited to consider that last one, which is their first one. So that'll be fun to see how it works out!

More info on this here graphic I just uploaded:
2017 Conventions by JadineR

That's about all I got! I'm working on the two websites I have to do (my personal + webcomic), so just busy, busy! Hope you all are having a good one! <3

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I'M NOT DEAD [Important News though, please read!]

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 1:43 PM

Hey folks! Uh, long time no see, huh?

If you’ve been following me on Twitter (which is quickest for me to post updates haha) you may noticed that I essentially have no free time anymore since grad school started XD In fact, any free time I have is usually reserved for MORE readings and/or catching up on sleep. Today’s an odd day where I have the entire day free -- so as you can tell, I’m updating you all on everything Ara & Celi now!

First things first: yes, the “a page every two weeks plan” FAILED. That much was obvious. I’ve only done exactly one page, inked. Just inked. (Not counting the five pages I did in a week with barely any sleep for a Sparkler pitch. Yes, I did that too, whoops 8D ) Needless to say, I’m just going to keep chugging along on school, and if I can, just do whole pages in any free FREE time. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have three to four pages done by Christmas...

Now for the other stuff:

For Gmi Updates by JadineR
For Tapastic by JadineR

I’ve started posting Chapter 3 on Tapastic and GMI Manga! What I’ll be doing is posting one or two pages each Friday (via scheduled posting) on either site, up until the last updated page. This is a three-page update, since the sequence works as a whole. ^^;

Here is the GMI link!

Here is the Tapastic link!

For Updates by JadineR

Sad news: my host ComicDish is closing down for good. Originally it was going to be in November but Sam changed the date to February for better moves. It’s a much better date to have for sure, but that still means that I have to look for a new home now. At this rate, it seems I may actually have to fork over money to create a new personal site -- since my preferred option SmackJeeves kept giving people virus ads if they’re not logged on and also it seems...blagh. If anyone has any suggestions of any sites or webhosts, I’ll take them. So far a friend suggested Dreamhost, which I’ll look at in the meantime.

It’s still an awful feeling though. It means a lot of changes in print media I have plus seeing a site that should’ve gotten traction but never seemed to close down. For me, ComicDish was the best and none will come close to it. Sam was the best host manager ever. Will never complain.

That’s about it from me for now. I’ll be at Midwest Comicon this November, so I’m hurrying to see if I can send some of Chapter 3 to print! Fun times!

Thanks so much for reading, y’all have a good weekend.

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minICON this Saturday

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 28, 2016, 4:36 AM

I've become a hermit this week and possibly even the past week -- all I know is, I had to look at a calendar to know what today was! :XD:

Which means making yet another short journal about my next con appearance: minICON on Saturday, July 30th, at Adventureland Inn in Altoona, Iowa! My first time going to Altoona and staying there, haha. (I've only passed through it on road trips.) My first time going anywhere near Adventureland as well, so that'll be an experience being near there.

Going to be a lazy artist and leave you the flyer for more info! ^^; Hope to see you there!

minicomWW2016 by JadineR

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O Comic Con Report!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 19, 2016, 8:23 PM

So in the weekend of July 8 and 10, I went to a place that’s situated in Council Bluffs, Iowa but people kept referring to it as Omaha of Nebraska because weird limits connecting two states – O Comic Con! (Which stands for Omaha Comic Con. In Iowa. XD)

I posted some tweets about it a while back but basically I loved this con. They’re only in their second year but the entire thing looked as if they’d been having the con for ten years. Extremely organized, an excellent map, and helpful staff who are dedicated to making sure all the vendors and attendees were having a good time. I’ve never had volunteers visit my table that much before just to make sure my experience was smooth!

I still felt like doing a report of some length, however, since I wanted people to know about this con. I will say up front that the only negative thing to say about this con is…the lack of a printed schedule. They constantly updated their schedule on the spot, which is awe-inspiring, but they only had it available digitally. As in, “scan your smartphone over the QR code and download it straight there!” I mean, it’s only now I have one of those newfangled things and even then, my first thought isn’t to check my phone for the map. I never even downloaded the map because I kept forgetting to! My first thought, if I wanted to know where a table was, is to check my schedule that I have in my hand. I know I’m probably the minority, considering almost every attendee used the phone with the map (and the way the tables were set, I pretty much memorized every one easily) but I still would’ve appreciated the option. ^^;

Now, as for the highlights of the con:


For me, good sales at a con usually entails about one or two comics and maybe a commission on just one day. Instead, I sold enough buttons, postcards and comics on all three days – to the point where I might have to restock on one! Whether they bought something or not, people had good things to say about my art and/or comic. I’ve been left pondering since then, if my pitch about A&C is actually good enough at this point. I explained A&C really straight and summarized, and people were very responsive to it! It made me happy then to see them buy it afterwards (I’d like to say every person to whom I pitched it bought it but I can’t remember. It happened enough times for me to wonder about it!)

20160708 092651 by JadineR

20160708 092838 by JadineR

I had a very, very good table too, a corner table. It was the first one in the hallway (or the last depending on how you viewed the map). It was soooo long, I finally had enough space to set my merch appropriately. :happycry: I made good sales that it’s enough to make me hope that when I have Vol.1 ready next Summer, I’ll be able to ~**wow**~ people with it. :giggle:

Star!  Seeing/meeting cool new webcomickers!

I saw my old friend Thom :iconnyquildreamer: again, as well as his table mate :icontcbaldwin: Trey has GREAT art, and I highly recommend checking out his DA!

I also saw new comics, such as Mayflower by Levi Hoffmeier. :iconleviwastaken: If you like classically-done sci-fi comics that remind you of Mass Effect and Star Trek, I recommend checking his comic out! I liked the first issue, haha. ^^ Then there’s Midwinter by Kayla Swain :icondeus-nocte: and Joanna Wong :iconj-cleo:! FABULOUS art, and a story that reminds me of late 90’s anime. :D Check ‘em out too!

In general, I saw about…seven? original comics at the con. I couldn’t visit them all, but the fact that there was more than three made me happy! :heart:

Star!  Chatting very little with Jeffrey Combs and a lot with Emilio Delgado

I know that part with Jeffrey Combs sounds weird, because it was at a photo op, so of course we couldn’t chat much – and my dad and I were there to take one with him, but I’m guessing because we were first in line (I couldn’t be away from my table for much), he took some time to have small talk. It was pretty funny though, because we had on Star Trek shirts and he liked them a lot. He asked the question that always has the answer of “well, we live here but we’re originally from Puerto Rico.” That to him was so interesting. :XD: He has yet to visit the island, and when he said so, my dad told him to go visit for a week. Or two weeks! It made me glad to see Combs had a good sense of humor. He was very humble and patient too, since my father is walking slower than before due to his accident. It was a cool experience.

ON THE OTHER HAND, I went to the table where Bob McGrath and Emilio Delgado were – if you know your Sesame Street history, they play Bob and Luis ^^ I was floored that people who were part of my childhood were coming, so I wanted to tell them so. Emilio, particularly, was very impressed because showing Sesame Street in English on a local Spanish-speaking PBS channel –both reruns and new episodes—on a small Caribbean island was a surprise. I wouldn’t have thought so, if you’d asked me! We even talked in Spanish a lot, and it was nice to see him remember my real name for all three days XD

He was so welcoming, and kept telling me to pass by at any time if I ever wanted. He even invited my friends, but since I didn’t have friends with me, it was my mother-assistant and my father instead :lmao: Let me tell you, it’s a surreal experience when a famous children’s star wants to talk to your parents too!

I was just very impressed by the humility of these three guests, having had even a sliver of an opportunity to interact with them. I was so grateful that they came to the con :D Oh, and very good prices for photos and autographs! Well within my budget at least XD;;

Star!  I don’t have anything else, I just wanted this end line here.

That’s about it for my O Comic Con experience. Like I mentioned above, I will totally come back next year!! This con had more pros than cons for me. If anyone in the area had any doubts, I hope this report helped assuage your mind a little :3

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O-Comic Con this weekend!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 6, 2016, 7:03 PM

Hey, folks! I've been quiet around, just lurking, because I've been working on stuff -- stuff for O Comic Con!

I'll be there this weekend from July 8th to July 10th, and you can find me at K1!

Ocomiccon by JadineR

I will have prints of the following images:
Transformation! by JadineR  This Alone Is Love -- Valentine's 2015 by JadineR  Baptism of Fire by JadineR  FLYIN' ON A TREE YO by JadineR 

I tried to have new images, but it wasn't viable. Still, I really like how they turned out!

Hope to see some of you there!

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Ericon tomorrow!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 24, 2016, 2:36 AM

Hey, folks -- just a short entry to let you know I'll be at Ericon tomorrow :D It'll be at the Ericson Public Library in Boone, IA from 10AM to 3PM CST!

I'll have the same as always, though this time Bel Inconnu and Fragmented are both new to the con as well as Ara & Celi's second chapter :P Had no time to do the new prints I wanted...

Ericon's Facebook // Site

Hope to see you there!

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Back safe, still need rest

Journal Entry: Wed May 25, 2016, 7:44 AM


My dad is still recuperating but he has made a LOT of progress and generally doing a-okay! We brought him back here yesterday, so I'm just really thankful for everything. Thank you to everyone who sent in good thoughts. They were nice to read yesterday and I'm going to try to reply to them (short but a reply!) but really, thank you. Super appreciated.

Due to these weeks that have passed though, I'm still going to need a bit of rest before I "officially" come back to do comicking and stuff. My feet are swollen, for one, and we still need to help my dad do even more recovery :3 So that'll be for some more weeks? Hmm. I did notice a cool meme that's late for me but that'll be the only activity for now. Hope you guys understand!

Now I'm going to go and be sad about Darwyn Cooke, Yuko Mizutani and Alan Young for a day or two.

Hiatus, going dark on all social media accounts

Journal Entry: Sat May 7, 2016, 10:02 AM

Hey, folks:

If you've watched me on Twitter or on Tumblr, you may know that for the past few days my father has been in the hospital. It's been strenuous, to say the least, to the point where all I've done is wallow in my bed with some soothing music and the phone next to me. His health and physique have gotten better but due to certain circumstances, I have to go back to Puerto Rico.

Because I will be back there, it means I will not have internet nor any desire to work on my comics or art. Everything, including Legendary Beings Ara & Celi is on hiatus.

I know I still owe a lot of comments, and that's my fault but I hope that you guys understand. Thanks for the support and the kinds words some of you have given me/my Dad -- they're appreciated.

See you next time.

8 Things About Ara! (TAGGED)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 10, 2016, 9:04 PM

Heyo, folks! I wuz tagged by the cool :iconnyquildreamer: and :iconerosarts: to do this character meme -- essentially, list 8 things about a chosen character. Since Thom/ :iconnyquildreamer: specified Ara from my comic, I shall write about her then! Hurrah and hurray! :D Though I'll be taking a page from him and keep certain spoilery facts to myself

For 8 Facts Meme by JadineR

1. This isn't an in-character fact, but Ara's the most interesting case where she's one of the mains in my oldest story -- but she's also the first character whose design I kept drawing over and over, like a "muse" of sorts. Yep, she was created waaayyy before I ever came up with Miyara! You can see the first Ara picture in this retrospective from some years ago:  00s Review Part 1: 00-04 by JadineR It's a good laugh when you consider she's the Angel of the Universe -- aka super old XD

2. Whenever she has to pretend she's one of us, Ara tends to dress...very dated. Her tastes lie between bohemian senses and so-called old lady clothes". Except that, much like the old lady she is, she ends up dressing more like the latter in that way of combining lower attire that shouldn't be combined. She prefers dresses however, and very likely has a shawl collection stashed away in some goldarned ancient mountain. She still wears her necklace, just underneath all the clothes, all hidden away.

3. Speaking of that pearl necklace that can compete with Wilma's -- I don't want to say much due to spoilers, but know that you shouldn't let its appearance color your impression of Ara. It has been with her for a long time for a gooood reason, and has changed with her as well!

4. My art isn't at that level yet, so it might not be very noticeable -- but my idea of Ara's body and facial structure is based on a bit on Floor Jansen's and on other generally tall women's structures. This includes her broad shoulders and a face that, in certain angles, looks mannish. (For lack of a better, much less insulting word!) Her 'curves' aren't necessarily non-existent but Ara doesn't pay much attention to them either. Her appearance is played with in Ch.2 a little (along with some ~magic~ that'll be touched upon later) and will be continued to be poked at in later chapters.

5. Uhhhh what else that isn't spoilery?! UM. Oh! Whenever I write her dialogue, her voice is always a mix of regal a lá Sherry Lynn but serious along the lines of Grace Zandarski with a bit of Kikuko Inoue. To be perfectly honest, the scene I've linked for Grace, up until the 1:16:47 mark, is Ara to a T in my head voice-wise and I've used it in my head much more in recent years than Sherry or Kikuko. Ara should always sound like a woman who looks to be in late 20s, but speaks like a mature, definitely experienced old person with a secret maternal streak. (There's a theme here...)

6. Ara's personality is serious and pragmatic, but she's also a person who tends to do you say...just a tad anxious when things are spiralling out of her control. Having to deal with Miyara is bringing out this side more recently in Ara's life, but it's there. Not to say she lacks a sense of humor, but she's the one who'd probably make the dad jokes and be the only one laughing at them.

7. Wyda suggested to Ara to watch a movie in Ch.3 with good reason -- Ara has watching movies listed as one of her hobbies. (Or the only one, really...) But she loves movies, and has had a keen interest in them since their creation in the early 20th century. Any film from any place, she's likely seen it. She doesn't have a fave but Wings of Desire got too personal for her. She avoids it.

Nah, I got nothing. She probably lets out a whimpering squeak during the climactic chorus of "Dream On" by Aerosmith or something.

EHHHHM I hope that was a fun read! XD Like I said, I couldn't say much about Ara without being spoilerrific, so I think this ended up being a bit more behind-the-scenes stuff than actual character content ^^; Since this was 8 facts, I have to tag eight people, yeah? Tagging the following, but you don't have to do this if you don't want to! (Or if you've done it already!)

:iconaeraellyth: -- Sailor Crux! Oops, my mistake in thinking belonged to you! I shall choose someone else 8D;;
:iconogawaburukku: -- Ora (you knew that, w h o o p s)
:iconbekuki: -- Maid Lemon from your Magical Maids
:iconchandrahabein: -- Lady Sabine!
:iconlocirodraws: -- Sedo~
:iconhotaruthodt: -- Vistyne~
:iconjojo-seames: -- Grandmother Death!
:iconpurenightshade: -- Hilandra!

If you see this and you weren't tagged, feel free to snatch it from me! Just mention me so I can read your OC's facts *__*

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Cons and hey wait a minute, SCHOOL?!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 4, 2016, 11:49 PM

Heyo, folks! How are all of you? :D I've been busy as always, but I'm slowly trying to get back into commenting on people's stuff and checking them out. I haven't updated much in my gallery, mainly because I've done lots more sketches than finished illustrations -- and I'm trying to keep that to a minimum on here, posting them on my Tumblr and Twitter instead XP The other only finished pieces I've done are comic pages lately, haha. But I'm chugging along on my to-do list, which includes a couple of updated character information, so keep an eye out for that!

I've been signing up for this year's conventions -- if all works out well, I'll be going to SIX conventions. Six! The most I've gone to in my entire life XD Confirmed officially are Rod-Con over at the Rod Library in Cedar Falls, IA on April 2. You can find me there under "Jadine Rhine Studios." :D Then once again I'll be heading on down to Ericon over at the Boone Library in Boone, IA on June 25.  

I'll be making more announcements on the other cons as I get further notifications, and I'll be making a list in pretty visuals as well! I am not sure if I will have A&C Ch.3 printed for one of them at least (thinking about it a lot), but I will be reprinting A&C Ch.1 since I only have two copies left! I may or may also have new merch, and will be...doing something with the old merch. That really applies to cons where I'll be returning though, not sure yet either. Doing something with the old merch, I mean.

One last thing: I got accepted into grad school!

I'm so happy! ;A; I'm really glad, though wary of course. It's been years since I was a student but at the same time I don't regret having taken a break from my studies. It helped me and my comicking :nod: I'm really excited too, because the program's going to help me in said comicking business!

Now for those who don't know, because I concentrated on studying as much (and as well) as I could during my undergrad career, I kept having to update A&C twice or thrice every semester break I had. If I was lucky! That's why Ch.3 is currently running instead of say, Ch. 7. Even though it's been online for years, I couldn't update it consistently for about five of those. ^^; Hence my eternal recommendation to all aspiring webcomic artists to never start a long-form comic while in college...

But! Grad school's different and I'm already attempting to plan my time accordingly. Obviously, I'll be making sure my studies go well, but I am going to see if I can actually --gasp!-- USE A PLANNER and divide my time enough so that I can update A&C more frequently than the last time. It involves me trying to make a buffer too (a buffer?!), but it's only worked once for me so we'll see :P I hope it does! Either way, I'm going to reign control of destiny this time. *eyes glint, flames blaze in the background*

I think that's about it for me. Thank you for reading! :wave:

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Interviewed by Kerbibble Vlogs! MY FACE IS HERE!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 16, 2016, 1:45 AM

I don't remember where I mentioned (I think Twitter?) but after MetaCon was over, I said that I was so happy because I got interviewed! I'd link you all to it when it was done, and last week the cool peeps at Kerbibble Vlogs have posted the interview!

Yes, I'm late. Blame me having made a journal the same day and not wanting to spam you all that much again :P

I had lots of fun doing it, and I'm glad the sound mixing is so nice because I told myself afterwards "wow, I mumbled so hard." :XD: But yes this also face is visible for the first time on the Internet! Look upon it and recoil, AAAHHHH! And you also get to see the Eternal Ara cosplay I did! :D I got a better wig with bangs now, but I'm still pretty proud.

Kerbibble Vlogs have also done other interviews with other artists as well vlogs (haw!) of their con experience. Give 'em a look-see, they're fun to watch!

Thank you all for reading!

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GMI, New Year and...c-cons?

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 6, 2016, 3:43 PM

Hurray, new year! I hope everyone has had a satisfactory start to it :D I'm pumped for this year, since I got big plans. I'll tell you all when the time comes, wait what why did I even say it then

I had plans to make new images and skin for these journals, but I'm so stretched thin I haven't been able to even sketch out an idea for the former! :XD: So it's a old-art-but-new-silly-banner with a fairly old skin that I usually use(d) for Legendary Beings Ara & Celi journal updates for new pages. The footer images and content are still the same too for the same time reasons.

Speaking of Ara & Celi, things have finally calmed down enough on the homefront for me to be able to make new pages, but this week's update still might be late or left for next week. >_< I finally started doing rough drafts of the Nth version of chapter 4 though, so progress? Yay?

I've finally also launched a mirror site for A&C! GMI Manga will be the sparkling second home for my comic. All new pages will still be at the home page, but GMI allows you to dump a whole chapter without trouble -- so I uploaded the entire fresh mint first chapter of A&C there! The complete second chapter I believe I scheduled it for February, while I'm planning for the third chapter's first 10 pages to be posted either mid-March or April. I've scheduled the edited version of my FRAGMENTED mini to be posted at some point as well, and posted the edited Ronda Onda story, so check those out too! :D

 photo for gmi.png

>> Profile page! <<

>> Legendary Beings Ara & Celi <<


>> Ronda Onda <<

Busy, busy! I've been so busy I've vergess'** about conventions this year! As much as I'd like to come back to cons created by libraries, the ones done last year were (so far) just for their themed Summer I'd like to know some recommendations for conventions? I'd like to know some about "cheap" ones so like 0.0001% only pfft, since most 'important' cons have already filled up or are just plain too out there in terms of wallets. (Looking at you, SDCC.)

I'm probably late at the same time, now that I think about it........grrr.

That's about all for now. Thanks for reading! Here's a kiss for you, my love! 

**A nonsensical word derived from the German verb, vergessen 'to forget.' AKA I just made it up. I'm so tired.

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Holiday Cards?

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 18, 2015, 1:14 PM

Heyooo, folks! Hope you're doing fine. This is a very short journal, so I'll get straight to the point:

Would anyone be interested in exchanging cards with me? o: I'm exchanging with some people, so I figured why not ask myself this time too? They'd be custom art this time (I had/have the tendency to send people store-bought. Not that that's a bad thing! XD)

I can tweak my schedule accordingly too, depending on how many bites this gets. So don't worry about that :D

Thanks for reading!

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Midwest Comicon -- find me at F4!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 10:28 PM

An extremely quick and short jounral to tell you all that I will be at the Midwest Comicon this weekend! It's over in Des Moines, Iowa and I will have every merch with me: comics, postcards, ATCs, etc!

Besides me, you can see other cool peeps like :iconnyquildreamer:, :icongreenunicornart: and even...*whispers in your ear* Jim Steranko.


EDIT: I now have a table number! Please look at this quick image below:

But yeah, I don't have much to update on the news front other than updating my gallery...and that I'm updating Legendary Beings Ara & Celi twice per week until beginning or mid of December. :D So check it out if you're behind! And check out the Extras section too. I just updated it with new wallpapers!

Thanks for reading, folks!

(Note to myself: update the bottom sections because YOWZA! It's behind. :XD:)

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Carroll Con Report!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 28, 2015, 6:28 PM

I need to upload a bunch of stuff I've worked on, oh lordy XD I've just finished sending off Legendary Beings Ara & Celi chapter 2 to the printers, so I'm both in that odd zone of "ZOMBIE ME DEAD WHAT WAS SLEEP" and "LET'S MAKE MORE COMICS!!!1" :XD: Which is also why I haven't gotten back to most people on DA messages...But I'll be doing that soon as well as uploading the pieces I've done lately. All in due course!

Still, here it is: the Carroll Con report, eons later! :D

Honestly it was a great con. I met neat-o people and had lots of fun. I almost wish they’d do it again next year! The people in charge outshone themselves for this con, which was sponsored by the Carroll Public Library and part of the CarrollFest the town held that weekend. So, lots of traffic!

Before I continue though, you should know that I went ahead and took the plunge in cosplaying Eternal Ara from my webcomic! :la: It felt so weird, but it was so much fun too! I felt so regal, hehehe. I even made her sword with my mother’s help. There’s some funny photos with it later below. ;P I won’t be posting a photo of me in the outfit, nope nope. My face is still remaining private. :P

Now since it was held at the Carroll Rec Center, the area for vendor tables --at least, where *I* was-- was spacious. We were all in a circle so people could look well enough, and we could walk out and in of tables easily too. The place was clean and nicely organized with signs and such! Despite having been a one-day con, I think this aspect lent it an air of a three-day con!

However, something weird happened to start the day off--all of us vendors were supposed to have had one table each. Yet when I arrived at the con, my name was stuck to a table...along with someone else’s. We two were the ONLY ones who were going to share a table, which really struck me as weird given the contracts saying the opposite. I was in a hurry to unpack and prepare my side, so I couldn’t feel anything other than a “shrug” and a hope for the best.

By the end of my ritual though, my table partner decided to move to another empty table. Someone ended up not coming at all, so I guess we both lucked out in that sense! I got the corner, which turned to be chilly. Good in this hot summer!

 photo table.jpg

I forgot to photograph my commission sign featuring Peaceful Maia I'll do that for Meta Con

I had semi-good sales here, mainly from my ACEO/ATC cards and some comic sales. I had my portfolio of cards but I ended up having people interested in buying from it. I was so lost and shocked even; I hadn’t planned nor did I had a sign noting they were for sale. But I was glad too, so off they went! I’m so sentimentally attached to my art, but at least they went to people who wanted them :D

Someone recommended me the idea of doing free sketches for kids, which wasn’t a bad thing to do...until I remembered that this state likes having five kids per family--I mean, uh, lots of kids coming to the convention XD I took photos of all the ones I did, but I’m not uploading them because I personalized all of them and I don’t feel comfortable posting them unless I have/had explicit permission.

I will be posting the cards and a sketch I did in :icongreenunicornart:’s con sketchbook. My first time doing that sort of thing, though I've heard of it before. It always looked like a fun activity to participate in, sort of one's own customized mini art book. I was so happy to be able to do one!!

Speaking of cool buddies, Dean was HILARIOUS. Well, all of the people I met at the con! They made it a super relaxed atmosphere, really helpful when things got busy in the room. Based on their business cards, I don’t think most of them have deviantART accounts, but you should totally check out:

Driftwood by Aaron
Studio Kaigi
Middle of Nowhere
Go! Fight! Pow! (a table top game)
and Green Unicorn Art, as said above!

And! Funny photos!

Dean posing as the ever classic Sailor Moon, hohohohoho!

This BOY. This little boy was adorable; he entered the room and immediately laid eyes on my sword, speed walked directly in a straight line, never taking his eyes off my sword until he reached my table. It was so obvious and amazing his desire that I pretty much was handing it to him when he arrived :awe: We were all in awe of his intense concentration! BEST MOMENT EVER!

What else?...Oh yeah! Remember my theory on my Ericon report about my “audience niche”? Yeah, by the end of the day, I was having chemistry class flashbacks because that theory went sideways XD Kids barely were interested (understandable) unless they liked something specific like cute ponies like my Kimberly ;D But I had teens, mainly girls, like my work a lot and some adult males as well! Most parents didn’t stay at my table much unless they were waiting for me to finish the free sketch for their children. XP I got the same comments more or less but at least people were impressed by my work! Such ego boosting did I receive, yes I did :flirty:

So yeah, now I’m just wondering if it’s a semi-regional/county thing. I would’ve guessed it too to be honest, based on past experiences but given that it’s Iowa, and I lived here long enough to know how the “flow” goes, I’d thought otherwise! I’m going to stay more alert for both Meta Con and Midwest Comic Con now, since that one is in a bigger area (near Des Moines, the capital) and thus, a larger audience! :D Maybe another theory will pop up, hahahaha!

Yeaaaahhh, that’s right! I’ll be at Midwest Comic Con too! I’m so excited for that one, since people I met at CarrollCon will be there too and Jim Steranko is coming as a guest...Sterankooooo. :woohoo:

Extra, of the auditorium stage where panels were held:

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Emergency commissions!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 5, 2015, 8:16 PM

That's right! For the first time, I'm opening emergency commissions. I've found myself short of money I need, frankly, thus I'm doing this. My planned comicking/printing schedule is toast.

If you think some of these prices are high, well...tough luck? I apologize if they are high but telling me isn't going to make much of a difference. :\

Do's and Don't's:

Original characters
Fan original characters, e.g. otaku senshi**
Couples (I'm okay with same-sex too.)
Cute animals (have you seen my Kimberly?)
Slight mecha (Depends on the design. Ask before ordering.)

NSFW. I mean it.
Pedophilia/incest (NO.)
Somewhat complicated architecture. I can try but it'll take me a lot longer and you a lot more money than I'm charging. If you're fine with that though, go right ahead!
Some mecha (See note above)
Anything along the lines of racism and sexism, to be honest.

I do NOT do fanart. Please, please don't ask me to draw it for you. Please.

**"Then why are you doing fan OCs?", you ask. That's because these OCs are in that blurred line in that they are the person's original character--just set against the backdrop of whichever fandom they're in. To me it's a different "monster" than paid fanart of say, Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman teaming up.

Payment and Waiting Time:

Firstly, I need your PayPal email so I can send you an invoice. I will be charging you half of the money, and when I'm finished, charge you the rest. Both times will have an invoice, so no worry about losing records and such.

The product will have a watermark all throughout WIP stages. Once you've paid in full, I will send you the original high-rez picture. All pictures will be signed by me. I won't budge from not placing my signature on the product, so please respect that.

My computer is notorious for me in that sometimes it will get laggy during the coloring stage. The MOST time I will take on your order is a week. But I will keep you updated if something happens that will make me take more time (or end up giving you your money back due to not being able to finish your commission.)

I am very open to edits and suggestions before the coloring stage and will make sure to listen to your requests. The most editing I will do after coloring is changing some colors here and there. (Maybe the red looked better, after all!) But if you ask me to re-draw a part completely after coloring, I will be charging you additionally for the change. Fair's fair. If you have a problem with this, do always communicate with me instead of taking to the airwaves. :)

You may only use these for personal use! (Edits for your blog, forum signatures, etc.) For commercial use, please contact me or note it in your order.


Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange CHIBI

Eternal Ara Fantasy -- chibi redux by JadineR  Halloween chibis: Miyara and Kimberly by JadineR  Halloween chibis: Ara and Celi by JadineR

$10 -- B&W
$15 -- COLOR

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange BUST

Ice by JadineR    Princess Knight by JadineR

$20 --B&W
$25 -- COLOR

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange FULL BODY/ILLUSTRATION

Someday, I'll Become An Angel by JadineR   Let There Be Drums by JadineR  Everybody Par...ty? by JadineR  I'm A Pop Star?! by JadineR

$30 -- B&W
$35 -- COLOR

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange COLORS -- Must have original artist's permission in writing! (Screencaps are best!

Blue Blaster cover #12 by JadineR  Blue Blaster cover #15 by JadineR  Blue Blaster cover #17 by JadineR   Blue Blaster #20 cover by JadineR

$40, and may go up depending on complexity.

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange FOR EACH ADDITIONAL CHARACTER, ADD $5

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange COUPLES get a discount of $5.

That's all! Thank you very much for reading!

(And as a last note, you can catch me this Saturday at CarrollCon over in Carroll, Iowa! I'll be there the whole day with books, postcards and more!)

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Ericon 2015 review!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 5, 2015, 8:39 PM

Huzzah, at last here is my Ericon post! XD

So Ericon was on June 27th, and as with every con I go to, I’m writing up a review for it!

However, this review might be the shortest one yet since well, most of what I have is relatively short and good! Hurray! Then again, it was only one day within an allotted period of time. So not much to say as compared to cons of three- or four-day weekends!

My table setup! Lots of things to sell. I think this time I had it much better looking than usual, but still need to work on basic feng-shui.

Firstly, I’d like to say that this might be my first con where I made good sales! 8D I sold mostly postcards, which is always fine with me. But that’s nothing compared to the TONS of feedback I received from congoers in regards to my art portfolio. In fact–and this is kinda my “secondly” note– this con somewhat made me solidify some theories I’ve been having about my work and art as a whole, in terms of conventions. Breaking it down in a list (because I love lists too much):

  1. Almost always, my table attracts parents. Parents who are as equally open and supportive of their kids’ hobbies as mine are–and who happen to be geeks themselves. Different interests but geeks nonetheless. Almost every single parent who stopped by my table liked my work, looked at it in depth. For example, I had a lengthy conversation with a dad about art; he was a big fan of art, and talked about how my inks and colors looked really good. He liked especially some of the effects I was able to portray, particularly my Skuld I'm A Pop Star?! by JadineR and my colors for Blue Blaster #12  Blue Blaster cover #12 by JadineR He absolutely was in awe of how real the fire looked. (Which is what I wanted in the end and I happily said so :blush:) Then at some point I mentioned Elvis Presley and we started talking about his son’s and I’s equally good taste in old music starting from the 40’s/50’s :D And then it spiraled into old tv shows before his kids wanted to see the rest of the con XD
  2. Spin-off from number 1–a mother said thank you because all my female characters did not have big boobs XD
  3. I’m the type of person who believes that a work should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender or lack thereof. Even if the original work was made with a certain audience (say, like girls’ comics)–if someone enjoys it and they were not part of the intended audience, then that should actually reflect the “universality” of the work. It should be heralded as such. 
  • Having said that, at almost all the cons I’ve gone to, I’ve attracted female passersby mostly XD Kids once in a while, though the young boys at this con were distracted by shiny weapons at the table in front of me B) (I’d done the same if they had more swords…I like swords. :heart: ) But very few males, though many times it’s been the guys who’ve asked me a lot too. Well, both genders have asked me a lot in general which is always mind-bogglingly cool. Someone at this con had even read my webcomic beforehand! (;_______; )-b I can only hope my explanation about the general plot helped her though, it was such an unexpected question! Where was I? Oh yeah, the fact that despite not having set out to do so, I attract a mainly female audience! 
  • …I can believe that, really. Most of the stuff I had were adorned with colors or symbols that are usually feminine 8DDD Everything but my comics are with “girly” colors. I’d have to see how CarollCon and MetaCon go this year, but it’s been a thing that’s been kicking around in my head for some time now. The fact that I attract a, uh, niche audience? Is that the right word? Eh. Regardless, it’s not a bad thing to know! It might actually help in the future. I think. 

NOW as for the con in general: this con had lots of congoers, something which surprised every dealer I believe. We didn’t expect this many people, to the point where I think the library probably made a record, haha XD And that’s a good thing, because this con had excellent organization. The man behind it, Matt Mick, was really great in communication and he always passed by every table once in a while to see how we were doing, if we needed anything. That’s bonus points in my book. You could also see he was really excited about the con and hoping it would be fun, at the very least. Apparently all the public libraries in the US had as a theme “superheroes”, which is why a couple of libraries are doing free conventions! So yeah, I think in this case it was a success!


An extra: the library was holding a tournament bracket of heroes. I took photos of past and current fighters:

“Sailor Moon…*passes photo back to her* Your eyes were too big for us and your hair did not flow amazingly. You did not pass.”

“Goku, you leveled up too slowly. You also do not pass.”

Hermione beating out for the win.

That’s all she wrote, folks!

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A birthday, a con and new merch!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 17, 2015, 3:03 PM

Yeesh, when was the last time I wrote here? January? No, December--holy socks, that's a lot time to not write here! XD 

Partly my fault, I suppose--I've been much more active in terms of updates over on Tumblr, and especially on Twitter! That, and I haven't had much news to update on the journal front! I've updated my gallery though, haha.

So first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE. It's been a cool day but what made it cooler was the fact that I came home to a plethora of sweet messages from peeps! From all my social sites and Skype :XD: It's coincidental for me too, because I am now 27--which is the age my mother was when I was born *cue sparkles and flashbacks here* I've been mentioning this factoid all over and people are probably going 'OH GOD WE KNOW' but I can't help it! XD It's surreal to me, to compare both lives and how differently times have truly changed. Obvious, but eh.

I've been trying to do something fan-art wise for today; I wanted to do multiple fanart pics this month as sort of a gift to myself but uh, haha, that hasn't worked out well. (Go, busy me.) But the one I have for today I'll be able to finish before 12AM at least, so it's just icing on the cake for me. I'm proud of how it's turning out so far!

Another thing that's happened is that I'm going to a local con! I've been preparing to go to MetaCon (which I will) but there's a new free con over in the next town where I live and well, why not go? ;D It's called Ericon and it will be held at the Ericson Public Library in Boone, Iowa on June 27th!

And I will also comics to sell there!! I've finally printed my Delilah and The Warchicks mini, FRAGMENTED as well as compiled two of my recent short stories into a comic called Bel Inconnu! One is my story for the GhostBook, now out of print, and the other is my futuristic detective story!

Here are some sloppy, unusually large photos showing them off! Seriously. Sorry they're so large.

Depending on how I do at Ericon, I may put them up for sale or still hold on to them until MetaCon is over. We'll see! I will also have some free stuff at Ericon, so if you're over in Iowa around that time, stop on by! :D :wave:

That's about it from me for now! Hopefully you all are doing excellent in your lives! :3

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Quick news (WEBCOMICS!)

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 25, 2014, 6:43 PM

I hope everyone's Christmas has gone well! I know for some of you, it could be better but well, there's a new year soon. It can get better in the future. *fails at cheering up*

Anyway, just wanted to quickly say that I made a Tumblr for Legendary Beings Ara & Celi! I decided to join the cool kids' bandwagon of making Tumblrs for their webcomics...If it gets people reading and enjoying (hopefully!) my comics, then it might be a good idea to try it out. Right? Right? Bueller?

Also...ESTIMATED time of the webcomics' return is around January 1st!

HUZZAH! :woohoo: So this might go smoother this time, hahahaha.

I'll get to messages and stuff later. Busy, busy!

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