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Symphogear AC (Halloween 2020)



「 SYMPHOGEAR AC: You sacrifice alone, a monster living of matter… 」

I....totally forgot to upload this (and one other thing) to here. To be honest, I barely visit DA anymore except to upload and to make sure I don't leave people hanging on comments. (I feel like I've said this before? LMAO) But anyway, please enjoy this and my ramblings below. I worked all month of October on this for Halloween ;_; (And posted it on time everywhere else, haha.)

EDIT: Forgot to say, I also made that English logo! I never posted it on here but you can see and read more here:…


Characters from my comic, Legendary Beings Ara & Celi, dressed as some of the girls from Symphogear! Two haven’t appeared yet, but they will in the fourth chapter when the comic comes back from hiatus. I just didn’t want this to be another trio of Ara-Miyara-Celi for now XD

A quick Gear list of who’s who in order:
Ara -> Shenshoujing
Celi-> Nehushtan, Finé version
Miyara-> Airgetláhm
Wyda -> Gungnir, Kanade version
Tanare -> Gungnir, Hibiki version
Psyche -> Ichaival
Gogol-> Genjuro

I redesigned some of the outfits and the two weapons (such as Airgetláhm, which is the Gear Miyara is wearing) to fit the characters better or do callbacks to their actual canon outfits. I had trouble with Tanare and Wyda because in my head, Hibiki’s fighting style fits Tanare but her image color is orange, not yellow XD Meanwhile, I originally had Wyda dressed as Carol because she’s a jinn and in my head, she should have had a Faust Robe too. Plus, I LOVE Carol’s Dur da Blá outfit…buuuuut Wyda’s not a villain lol. So I opted for Kanade instead, since I could probably connect it to some Big Sister thing. Psyche was hard because Chris is the only Gear who has red as an image color but she doesn’t use guns, and then I remembered Chris’ bowguns XD

Ara was naturally going to be Shenshoujing for all the reasons, and Celi, I also had planned as a possibility for Carol’s Faust Robe…But Finé’s Nehushtan fits her better for Various Reasons :)

Miyara was also hard because in my head, she’s closer to Kanade just a bit in personality but her image color is shades between pink and purple. Ultimately I just had her wear Maria’s Gear because 1) it’s white, Miyara’s the main MC, yadda yadda usual MC symbolism of white and 2) Maria’s my favorite, so nyeh I just chose her because I wanted >: D

Wyda’s lion Gogol is dressed as Genjuro. Unlike Genjuro however, he really only supports her.

You can read my comic here: or here if you're a Webtoons fella:…

Symphogear (C) Akifumi Kaneko and Noriyasu Agematsu
Characters on here and Art (c) :iconjadiner:
BG Textures from :iconpaulinemoss:, :iconcloaks:, :iconzummerfish:, :iconnukerooster:, :icondierat:

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I have no idea what the heck is going on, but this is a REALLY ambitious piece!