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Somewhere in town, someone is crying...


I made this to use as part of the promotional materials for a new fanzine that Mini Fig and I are heading – a multi-media zine for one of my most favorite shows ever, Nurse Angel Ririka SOS! Check the site plus associated social media accounts here:





If you are interested in any and all aspects of this zine, fill out this form here!… (You got until the 23rd of May!)

I based this on a specific shot from the second opening :D It turned out too good and I haven’t loathed it yet – too good of a hypothetical cover LMAO. (it’s not the cover though.) I also designed the logo, haha. (I should have posted that individually first, oops.) The title is from the first opening, pfft. :lmao:

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I will have to look this show up!

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YOU SHOULD. It was one of the first shows I watched after discovering anime with Sailor Moon, and it's a bigger influence on almost...jeez, a lot of things of mine but definitely Ara & Celi. It's definitely a show I know you and your daughter would get a lot of mileage out of, and it's age-appropriate too -- but if you ever watch it, be prepared for a lot of heartbreaks!

It's on Youtube, with the same fansubs from Tomodachi Anime, which are the ones I grew up with :D

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I was looking up the options for viewing this... and it looks like sub-titles on YouTube, or LaserDisc (LASERDISC!!!). The manga doesn't appear to have ever been translated into English? How would you have even stumbled upon this?

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Hahaha, that's a thing called having connections XD My mother, after seeing that I devoured Sailor Moon from the VHS we got at Toys 'R Us, started digging around and eventually found our first guy/distributor, Jerry, that would sell us fansubs of any shows we wanted. (At the time, we didn't know you weren't supposed to sell fansubs! Kid me was always confused as to why the lines "not for sale or rent" popped up, henceforth :lmao: ) My mother aimed to try to get things that were similar to Sailor Moon, age appropriate, etc, etc, and that's how I got hands on shows like Ririka, Saint Tail and Rayearth. Complete with those clamshell cases with custom printed labels and images!

I *should* ask her how she found the guy in the first place one of these days...we'd always go to his house to pick up the stuff. He even made me a special mixtape CD that I still have to this day ♥ Though track 8 was mixed wrong or ripped wrong, and to this day I have no idea on what song it's supposed to be, but it sure was sudden listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks in Japanese :rofl:

The 90's, man. What a wild west era. (And ongoing since 70s/80s, so imagine.)