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The actual title of this is "Attack and Dethrone God," not for the political associations or memes, but because 1) it fits with what the theme of this illustration is, and hearkens to a plot point in Celi's story in the comic and 2) that's such a freaking cool phrase.

(I will probably still likely use the phrase as a piece of dialogue, and will have to make clear that it's nothing to do with politics XD;; )

But Sacred and Wild still fits also nicely, so that's the title!


Yeah, I have nothing else to say. I mean, I do, but they're all spoilers and this is also one of those "YOU think on it, not me" pictures :V

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Kinda looks like an Eldritch witch (that’s what I call Madoka-style witches, largely to avoid confusing them with more ‘orthodox’ witches) from a distance.

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This is the baddest thing. I love it!

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Thanks!! hope you're doing well in your parts, Thom!

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This piece is full of super-cool textures and colors. That chalice or fount, or whatever it is, has a gorgeous glacial feel to it!

Also: I'm pretty sure everything is political. Even trying to stay out of politics will be construed as SOMETHING.

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Fount is close to what I imagined, hehe :giggle: And thanks! I aimed for more of a dirty, ancient abandoned look but looking at it now again, it really does look glacial too! :wow:

LMAO :lmao: Staying out of politics means you support the majority or something which...I think I get it, except half the time I don't know what's happening because I work and disconnect, so staying silent is usually because I'd rather not talk about something I don't know! Or is confusing, what with all the misinformation constantly now. That, and in my case, I live with a politics-happy parent, so LOL, I always want a break :rofl:

Though something easy like "hey, racism bad" shouldn't be controversial at all....

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I think for dirty and ancient, the white it too bright. That's why it reminded me of ice.

When I'm home alone, working, I listen to a lot of news-talk radio, which is almost invariably political in some way. Despite what I draw, I am a really socially conservative person, but I can't stand listening to "conservative" talk, because those guys are just too stupid for me. So I mostly listen to "unbiased" news and topics, but as a conservative, I can totally vouch for the fact that "unbiased" news is WAY liberal, and a lot of debatable ideas are taken as given facts, when it seems to me that a lot of proof is yet to be seen (I'm not talking about the environment, here -- for God's sake, Richard Nixon signed the legislation to create the EPA, so at some point, even a Republican knew enough to care about whether the world was too polluted to sustain life or not). On the subject of racism? I "learn" about some innocuous thing which is "racist" every day. Like: trees, homework, traffic laws, identification cards, pollution, taxes, pregnancy, health care, hospitals, pedestrian fatalities, the Covid-19 virus, clothes, loans, student debt, ad demographics, facial recognition software, religion, the mail...

This is all evidence of how "systemic" racism is, and how ingrained into our culture it is. And yet... I can't help but think, as I listen to all this, that you probably need people to take some accountability for their own lives and the quality of decisions they make for themselves at some point. I don't care who you are or what you believe, people are not just born victims to their circumstances -- they can, and frequently DO rise above it.

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