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Phases of Love

Going over old files, forgot that I absolutely had NOT uploaded this >_< My piece for "Phases of Love," a Mitsuru and Kokoro fanzine! (Link to fanzine that you can no longer buy here: I wanted to experiment this time with some sort of color blocking illusion ^^)v I also wanted to make it look a bit like an old ad too, iirc. I know I experimented with a LOT of Clip Studio Paint brushes and painting differently, as well...I'm proud of some of the textures and the overall look, but I still see some areas where now I go "WHY DID YOU DO, BAD IDEA." :rofl:

Hope you enjoy!

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DARLING in the FRANXX (c) Atsushi Nishigori, A-1 Productions + TRIGGER
Art (c) :iconjadiner:
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