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Jadine Rhine by JadineR Jadine Rhine by JadineR

YIPPEE! is now LIVE!

After lots of coding headaches and a beautiful honeymoon with Adobe Muse, my portfolio website lives!

While there's one or two things I kinda wish I could fix better (the gallery section), it looks just as I imagined and whatever works well, I left it just as that because I want it to work (the gallery section, once more.) The mobile site may be a little wonky, since I had to make sure it looked "right" on different phones, but I'll take what I got!

I'm just proud that for once, I didn't have to cut corners, or cut anything really, just so the code works ;__; I'm posting here the 'mascot' of my website/studio, Jadine Rhine herself. She underwent a redesign of sorts, and now she fits with my branding <3333

Hope you guys days' are going well!

(C) NAAN/:iconjadiner:

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Lance-Danger Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Came out great!
JadineR Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
Thanks! :hug: You doing okay with the thing in PR? Contacted your family?
Lance-Danger Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for the late reply, things have been crazy! I haven't been able to talk with them since Irma, an aunt managed to contact my sister in Florida and she called me to let me know my family is all right, my mom lost the house, but she's ok :) Anything from your family in PR?
JadineR Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2018
WOW SUPER LATE RESPONSE, GO ME. (In my flimsy defense, I thought I'd replied to this! :doh: )

Aw man, at least your family's all well and alive, even with the lost house. My family are all reasonably fine as well -- without light still, of course, and I believe my uncle's food supply has been strained but we've been sending stuff when/if we can, so.
Lance-Danger Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL it's ok! I'm trying to be around here more again, but it gets pretty hectic! XD
NyQuilDreamer Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017

Makes me want to give my neck of the internet a facelift, too!
JadineR Featured By Owner Edited Jul 14, 2017
Thank you! If I know myself though, I'll be wanting to give my site a facelift in about five months XD

Just don't give the walrus a facelift, because HE'S PERFECT. :pray: (Real talk though, I think your site is decent and navigationally easy. Not a lot of people can say thaaaaat.) If you want to give Muse a try, let me know so I can help :thumbsup:
erosarts Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
I have some naan bread in my breadbox right now, so I know I didn't imagine it!  ;)

naan: an Indian bread; also, a graphic artist from Iowa.

The site looks good!
JadineR Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017
Call Webster: that definition is solid!

Naan bread is very delicious though. ;P I just like poking fun at the fact that understandably, people think of that first XD And thanks! Glad it looks good <3
OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017  Professional General Artist
Your site looks nice! (though....  what is that thing next to your studio logo?? I thought they were boobs @_@)

I'm in the middle of updating my website, and it is such a pain, bleh. But yours looks really nice! Now I definitely need to give Muse a whirl.
JadineR Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017
Thank you! And HAH, BOOBS. :rofl: It's actually a combination of diacritic marks! Like  ñ, ú, ü, パ/バ and ç ^^ I wanted something related to my language interest, but that also looked cool by itself. I was inspired by the Ribon girl mark you see on the tankobon?… and the other whose name I'm actually blanking on that has an elegant lady with her hair swirled to one side. I totally see where you could see boobs in it, lmao.

I saw you update the linkage for FaLLEN on Twitter! Are you going to have as a separate portfolio or just "there"? Is Dreamweaver CC not working out for you, or is it just coding in general? The one thing I wasn't sure about Muse was the exporting to HTML stage, which I hadn't tried out. It worked super well, because it created the CSS, the scripts, etc for me. I basically "skipped" that stage, save for editing the titles of the individual pages in Notepad.
OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017  Professional General Artist
I only know of Ribon and Margaret, but Margaret I think uses a crown as their symbol. Maybe it's a josei comic magazine that uses the lady you are thinking of? I don't know, like, any of those, haha. is going to become my general portfolio for jobs, events, etc for both art and translation work. is going to be just for the FaLLEN English comic will eventually be the Japanese version (right now it links to my Japanese stuff on another site... I'm super behind on updating it).

I bought all three domains with and to my surprise they don't support multiple domains per account! So I had these domains but I couldn't make separate websites for them, so I just used the domains for redirect purposes. Totally pissed me off that Fat Cow help wouldn't answer any of my questions about it, either. They are maybe the worst host server I have ever used, but I never had time to look for another one. Then I was recommended Dreamhost, asked them if they support multiple websites/domains per account and they totally do, and they responded quickly and with lots of helpful info. So I switched to them in the spring, but not before Fat Cow could bill me for another year :p So I'm slowly moving things over and redoing the site.

I'm actually trying to use Grawlix ( because I really need a faster, simpler way to update my comic and I need a way to have a queue so even if I am out of town it will update with the next page for me. But I HATE their archive system with a passion (doesn't even support thumbnails). I've talked to them about it and they are kinda stuck with what they have for now, so I'm probably going to have to manually update the archive instead of have it automatically done for me. That's a pain, but using php to upload pages without doing everything manually for that will be nice.

I'm also switching the format from 2 pages to 1 page and updating twice a week instead of once. The 2-page format will still be what I use on dA, but I think this will help make it more mobile friendly, which has been the main reason my Japanese website never got updated (Japanese people mostly use their phones for comics, and my site looked like shit on a phone). I have no idea what I will do about double spreads... but eh. Working in Grawlix means I'm not going to be using Dreamweaver, so I might just "rent" the new Dreamweaver CC (or use Muse) and just pay for one or two months and then undo my sub for the portfolio page for 
JadineR Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017
It might be a josei one  -scratch head-  The one I mean is one I've only ever seen it twice or thrice, so!

Oh, dang, that's. That's just bad. FatCow billing you for another year is amazing [/sarcasm.] Did they bill you because you were leaving??? Glad to hear that Dreamhost has been going well for you! They're the one I'm using and they're pretty good! (I think I might have told you about them? Meh.) I made the mistake of thinking that multiple subdomains meant also an additional domain name as well, though XD So instead of having a domain for my portfolio and a domain for Ara & Celi, I got my portfolio and everything under it. And it has to be that way for about three years...but I don't mind :P I'm just glad I have a place after ComicDish shut down.

Oh god. I put off dealing with Grawlix while I got my site up and I'm dreading it, haha. I'd reached a point where the design of the site was much closer to my original idea, but yeah. I've asked Erin (Taylor/Loom's sister) to help me with bits of the CSS, because there are just some parts I absolutely do not get ^^; It is a fantastic system because it definitely makes posting pages and updating easier, but parts of it are "pls just let me do it." I know that using thumbnails is possible with Grawlix though, because there's one webcomic who uses the CMS and has adapted for in their archives: and… The question is...HOW? :XD:

You could also just shrink the double spread in a way where it will be posted at a reasonable size, but won't break its content space? That's what I do -- other webcomics just have a preview of the spread, with a note on it like "click here to see the double spread!" and it leads to that. One example:

If you ever do decide to use Muse, always hit me up if there's something you need help with!
OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Professional General Artist
Oh no, I actually bought three domain names, not subdomains. Subdomains are a whole different issue. I had these three domain names that I couldn't use the way I wanted to, but Dreamhost was like "Of course you can use those as separate websites with us" and I was like "sold!". FatCow billed me because I'm on an automatic billing schedule. It wasn't their fault, I was just having trouble making the needed time to move all my files to Dreamhost before the automatic billing... HOWEVER, I will say that sometimes they tell me they will bill me and sometimes they don't. You have to be alert with them because they are sneaky. One time they billed me for a website my husband made that we ended up taking down and not renewing our contract for... I got pretty angry with them and they returned my money, but that was the start of the problems I got with them. I almost feel like I was put on a shit list or something, since they were okay at first but at this point they don't even respond to my questions. One time they had me chat with some non-English native speaker and he came to the conclusion that my website wasn't working. And I was like "... YEAH. That's why we are talking right now, because my website isn't working." Took him ten minutes to reach that conclusion and he couldn't help me beyond telling me that my website was, indeed, down. 

Several people recommended Dreamhost, but the first was the Grawlix team. Dreamhost has a really good rep, it seems.

I actually asked the Grawlix people about the Everblue website, because it's lovely (save for the gallery section, which is not supported by Grawlix and made on another CMS) and they said there was a lot of coding on their end, it sounds like to bypass Grawlix's shortcomings. I'm slowly figuring that out and right now building a website that completely ignores the archive Grawlix makes and I've made my own. I can show you what I'm working on if you're curious. I'm going to be posting a link to my patreon so my backers can see what I've been working on all summer and so they can give me some feedback. The only function I am really keeping is the simple layout, the page formatting, and the fact that I can now update the pages via CMS and not have to manually update the entire site. Sometimes adding a new page to my old website was 10-20 min of time... I want to also add comments from now on, since I comment everywhere else I post pages but not on my own website. As long as my comic can be read on a smartphone on my website, and not look super ugly, I'll be pretty happy. But I am definitely using a bunch of tricks to get grawlix to do my bidding :p

I have always stood by the double spread layout because I thought "If people are reading webcomics from their phones, they should be willing to rotate their phone to landscape view" but... I've decided to give in and do single page updates from now on, at least on the website. dA will continue to be double spreads, though, so I can always link to the double spreads I post on dA for those times I do them. But I am also hoping to improve traffic this way, since I post basically two pages at once instead of one page one day, one page another day. I noticed I got a burst in hits on Tapastic when I spread out my updates and I want to do that for my website, too. It will also give people a little less wait time between posts, since they can get one page Tuesday and one on Friday instead of waiting a whole week for either. Since I use ads, the extra traffic will be helpful.
JadineR Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017
Ooooh, gotcha! Sorry for misunderstanding ^^; And omg @ that chat...I've had the same situation on Amazon, twice for online purchases. Each time, it took about five minutes to finally get to the point of my problem XD Though in my case, it was resolved, but WOW, Fatcow. If that's their customer service, I can see why they prefer to not answer your questions -_-;; Good riddance to bad rubbish!

The Everblue website is the only one I've seen, besides El Indon, that super customized Grawlix and made it so in tune with their comic ;_; Not surprised to hear there was more coding than thought needed to get it to work like that. I've had the same type of issue. If it's no trouble at all, YES I want to see!! I want to see the coding involved, definitely. Do you have my email? The way Grawlix looks on a site on smartphones is nice, and the menu looks easier to navigate ^^

You know, that makes sense to me -- I mean, most times I want to see something better, I go in landscape. I wonder if maybe people are lazy or haven't said aloud "hey, I read double spreads like that!" Then again, FaLLEN is one of the few webcomics I've read that uses plenty of double spreads :giggle: So it might be an uncommon thing either way?
OgawaBurukku Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017  Professional General Artist
Amazon's help center in Japan is super efficient. I had to cancel a really embarrassing order once and the lady was super cool about it, even though I was making super lame excuses (I had ordered an extra copy of one of the adult only books I'd worked on back as an assistant by mistake, but rather than tell her I worked on the book I said it was a gift for someone, ahaha). Today FatCow sent me a survey on their performance and I was like "Oh yeah, bring it." I'm so brutal in those things.

I'll just PM you on dA (even though I probably have your email somewhere) with a link. A lot of the links are still broken or unfinished because I'm still getting things setup but you can definitely get the gist of it. Some of my readers are unhappy with a few changes, like the single page format, but I had to make some compromises to make my site more mobile friendly AND still work with Grawlix. I had to kill the Grawlix smartphone menu, though, so mine doesn't look as nice but I'm not too concerned with that. As long as the comic is readable, etc. I had to give up using Bootstrap CSS to work with Grawlix though, for some reason. Totally not compatible. 

Yeah, double spreads are kind of uncommon, and I really think it's a traffic tactic that some people started to use and other people followed the formula, whether they realized why they were doing it or not. And I've already seen a HUGE boost in hits just because I have to do extra clicks to preview my comic. Project Wonderful hits have been super boosted, too. So it may actually be a pretty good plan after all. 
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