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Fake Heroine magazine logo


Logos I did for a fake magazine cover for a Secret Santa I was part of! Not putting up the art itself because the receiver has literally ignored me/pretended not to be in the exchange. My reason sounds super petty and it is, and I’m sticking to it. I was proud of the art but I’m even more prouder of this, because IDK I really like practicing logo-making and this is one of the first ones where the logo actually looks like one -- in two languages, no doubt! (The character worked in a bilingual setting.)

I messed up the "n" in the Japanese tweaking, though. In trying to connect it to the “hi”, it possibly reads like "so" XD (And I ended up not connecting it :lmao: )

(C) :iconjadiner:

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I like the second logo ^^
The first has some troubles with the curve part; maybe the translation (heroine)  may have be put on the left side.
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Thank you! ^_^ I can see what you mean with the first logo -- the curve was hard enough to do, especially with making sure it read as a 'n' (ン) instead of a 'so' (ソ). The translation...may look better on the left side after all, haha! Should've thought of that XD Thank you so much <3 Sorry this was so late ;;