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Delilah and the WARCHICKS (website)

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This is gonna be short, am I that tired :rofl:

Woo! After many years and website growing pains, Delilah and The Warchicks has its own site!! Complete with lyrics, bios and even discography (including a hint at future comic)! :headbang:  Check it out, and I hope you have fun! I certainly did in trying to build a "band" from the ground up, haha.


I also finally made a shop!! WHOOO Dog Dance (gif animation) Right now, it's Warchicks stuff but Ara & Celi should be on there eventually, as well!

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Nice website! I like how it is set up as if they were a real band, haha. Cool logo, too. And thanks for the shoutout on the links page! 
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Thanks!! That's what I wanted, haha. It's been years in the making, and now that I could afford it, gave them a website ;P And man oh man, thanks for the compliment on the logo. That's been 3 years of work there...give or take basic ideas from ages ago.

No problem! FaLLEN will be on A&C links page too, you already know I love it :P (Though being on this website's links is more for thematic reasons too! :headbang: )
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This is... ?  Some sort of new comic project?
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Yes and no (jeezus, this is the third time I've answered like that lately!) It's not a new comic project, so much as one that was long overdue for a website -- and now is when I was able to finally create one for the concept behind this, haha. FRAGMENTED is the first thing I did related to this project, and I've been having the next comic related to them on the backburner for AGES. I'm hoping this year to finally do the thing.

This all started because they're a band that's related to Ara & Celi the comic (mentioned, appearances, etc), but I also wanted to tinker with the idea of a fictional band being "real." XD Except limited to comics. FRAGMENTED and their next comic involves me trying to experiment with doing a music video in comic form, basically.