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Bitter Mood

By JadineR

( whispers EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS (whoo) --> commissions here if you want something like this! )

( also, I still suck at titles )

Today I dusted off an old unfinished art of Lia Nelson (Flash from Tangent Comics, my faaaav’rit!) to experiment with coloring in Clip Studio Paint, finishing in Photoshop again. Since it was a good few years, I had to fix her pose, the way her face was structured and her anatomy. I tried my best, and there’s something about it I like.

(I didn’t draw the rest of her other hand bc I was tired of fixing old art after a while XD I also balked on the background LMAO. / shrugs )

Lia Nelson (C) Todd Dezago, Gary Frank, Dan Jurgens and DC Comics
Art (C) :iconjadiner:
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Perhaps the circumstances would provide more information, but... this girl looks super uneasy, tense and awkward.

Without context?  I'm not sure how I should feel.  It just looks... weird?

I don't know.
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Sorry for the late reply! I actually liked your comment on a sadistic level :XD: (I like having people guess my art sometimes, whoops.)

My intent for this WAS to give off an uneasy vibe through her, that she's, as you say, tense and uneasy. The awkward and weird part probably comes from me trying to do a difficult pose (for me!), especially when trying to fix it from an old piece of art >_<; I still see errors...

Now the context: my thought process for this was based on the 2008 anniversary comics they did for the Tangent line, where she is one of many heroes in hiding due to a law that, uh, outlawed super heroes. The pic is meant to represent that small sliver of time between her period of being a super star and her period of being paranoid, essentially. I'd like to think I pulled it off with the improved skills I have currently, but who knows? ^^
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Speaking of improving skills: are you still writing your comic these days?
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Yes and no -- yes, I'm still working on it, and going back and fixing some lettering issues based on some (gasp) actual feedback I've gotten. Still scripting and drawing. And no, because I haven't updated any site because I want to try and have a buffer, so I can post pages while I get back into the swing of things.

(And then because of seasonal funk, I've been slower at...all of this. Oy vey.)

I'm almost close to finishing my website too, just need to write up the cast page and links page. Speaking of, do you have a preference for images in terms of link banners or do you have your own? Want to link Crystal Knights from my site :D
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I am pretty sure I'm giving up on posting CK on-line at the end of this chapter.  Whether I suck or not, I'm not sure, but It's taken me the last four months to get back to the number of subscribers I had on Tapas 6 months ago.  And the only people who are giving me any feedback actually own the physical copies too.  So it's just not worth it.  Also, the fact that pretty much 9 out of every 10 titles Tapas advertises involves some sort of gay love tells me I'm on the wrong platform.  Folks who are looking for that just aren't going to give a rat's ass about what I'm doing.
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OooooOOOOooooof, I relate too heavily to this. Especially lately, that's part of what my seasonal mood has been about: why bother, is it all worth it But well, doing things out of spite has tended to work for me also :p

Yeah, that's the "BL love"'re not the only one who's kinda :| at Tapas' emphasizing one genre on the front page. There's been plenty of creators who've wished for more variety, but well, if it brings in the kids, what website cares? XD;; On any given comic website, that genre tends to be the most popular too...I've had much better luck over at another site called Webtoon -- I had about double the number of subscribers after two or three weeks than I did on Tapas, after uploading the entire first chapter. Still have about 100 even on hiatus right now, so maybe some sense of loyalty exists over there too. That said, I myself am getting tired of uploading to different sites (and I might take down the Tapas account some time after I finish uploading the 3rd chapter...though I'll lose the 30 cents I got in tips so far :shrug: ), so I don't blame you in just going "oh well" and just call it quits on uploading CK online.
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Yeah.  I'm pretty much officially done with Tapas now.  I'll take what I posted of CK down at the end of this month.

The model over there appears to be "You do as much work as you can to send eyes over to our site to see your comic; we'll host it for you.  There is no way anyone will ever stumble upon your work on their own, because we are only going to promote content we want to sell."  And then they have the nerve to make snarky comments about me using ad-blocking software.  Which is amazing to me, because the only way the internet is a usable tool in my mind is if it ISN'T TRYING TO SELL YOU A DOZEN THINGS ON EVERY SCREEN.  Like, right now my ad-blocker says it's blocking 30 elements on this page. 30!  I know that can't possibly be 30 different ads, but man, that's 30 things I'm glad I'm not dealing with, I can tell you that.
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Yeeeaaaah, Tapas' business model? Is a crapshow. And they've tried to fool people once or twice now with some of their fine print says that whatever you do on the site, it's theirs. Not like DA's "if you post something, we have the right to use it in promos and such without pay but still yours?", no -- Tapas has tried to pull the  "this is all ours, rights and all" whenever they've "fine-tuned" the TOS. The backlashes are what has stopped them from going forward, but yeah.

**30 ADS THOUGH**??? How, I, what?
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