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Baptism of Fire

By JadineR
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Since my banner arrived, I can finally post this :D This will be both the brand-spankin' new banner I will debut at Midwest Comicon this weekend AND the cover to Legendary Beings Ara & Celi chapter 3! This is the main character Miyara in her alter-ego Eternal Ara

I'm really proud of this image ;w; It's actually larger since I had to do a wide background to the left in case of emergency, but well, you guys don't have to see the entire thing :P I painted it the same way I did here Experiment: Eternal Ara by JadineR (which was the experimental phase), only I decided to use salt + acrylic inks first. The background's mainly the latter, with watercolors and spongey effects added through midway drying for...further effect XD I used a little of watercolor for the shadows on Miyara but she was principally colored with Copics and Spectrum Noir markers. Then for the white highlights I used Faber Castell white brush pen and IC Manga Ink Super White :D As always though, the scanner ate the colors a bit. This is close to the original after adjustments though, so yaaaayyyy.

Ahh, I just love how this turned out. I'm so proud of myself -- I even keep making the joke to myself that I might have gone full shoujo on this :XD: The title refers to partially events in chapter 2 that'll come full-form in chapter 3.

Legendary Beings Ara & Celi, et al (C) :iconjadiner:
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OgawaBurukku's avatar
You made such a cool texture!
JadineR's avatar
Thanks! I'm super proud of it. <3 Very happy that it worked out in the end.
Lance-Danger's avatar
This is so pretty!
JadineR's avatar
NyQuilDreamer's avatar
So pretty! You've got some mad skillz with those traditional medias, man!

(skillz with a 'z' so you know it's EXTREEEME)
JadineR's avatar
(Words with a 'z' are the only way to live. EXTREMEEEEE! )

And thank you! There are other people much more talented at traditional media than me, but I'm definitely getting the hang of it :boogie:
HotaruThodt's avatar
This is freaking awesome. Those watercolours...:drool:
JadineR's avatar
Hehehehe, thank you :love:
Aeraellyth's avatar
This is so so so bloody awesome and pretty! Gawgeous!
JadineR's avatar
Thank you dahlink, thank you! :flirty: It did its job at the con, most people looked at it first before my table!
ChandraHabein's avatar
UGH!!!! I just love all the colors and textures in this piece! Miyara is so beautifully posed and colored. All the paints, textures, and colors really add to the composition and help the piece really come together. It's so nice to see traditional art that's so smooth and expressive. Keep up the awesome art! :la:
JadineR's avatar
You and Erin are so beautiful in your comments, little old dumb me can't think up of words to thank you with effervescently. :happycry:

still tryin' though *rubs brain lamp*

I really am glad you love it so much! :la: I was worried about Miyara's pose, since her lower part came from "Frankenstein-ing" pose references x_x (which reminds me, I ought to have said which stock I used as reference...D: ) Thank you! ;w;
erosarts's avatar
The texture here IS wonderful.
JadineR's avatar
Thank you! I thought color ink would be hard to control, but it's liquid enough to make it cooperate. Thankfully the paper I chose worked too  :aww: (It was the first time I tried a different brand, yikes!)
erosarts's avatar
Paper is a big deal when you work with paints and painterly mediums, that's for sure.
JadineR's avatar
Yeah -- and expensive! I get frustrated when the paper that looks good and has good reviews doesn't work out for me. And then it sits around, unused...
LociroDraws's avatar
Whoa, this turned out awesome! I really love the techniques you used on the background especially- it's firy and colorful without being overpowering or distracting from Miyara (who looks so badass!)

Getting hyped for more Legendary Beings Ara and Celi! :D (Big Grin) 
JadineR's avatar
I'm so blown away by both you and Chandra's wonderful comments, I can't think of any words! ;w;

or wait maybe I can let me try *rubs brain gently*

Thank you! :D The background definitely was just meant to heighten Miyara's stance, so I'm super happy it's not distracting! And that you are hyped for more A&C :la: Yay!!
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