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Angel Courage Daisy!

Two weeks ago, in a rare bit of free time, I drew Hinagiku/Angel Daisy from Wedding Peach for the Magical Girl Index Project! My first choice wasn't available (it was Ririka from Nurse Angel Ririka SOS) but I was happy to finally do some fanart in some way for this series :P And I picked best girl of the bunch competing with Scarlet/Angel Salvia.

I had misread the rules though, because they only asked for one version and I ended up drawing two -- because for the longest time, I've wanted to draw the ORIGINAL, first outfits shown in the manga, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so! But nope, only one XD Fine by me though, because I still got some nice relaxing, drawing-not-for-school time in. Since Hinagiku was the most boyish --to the point where in Japanese, she uses male speech for everything-- I wanted to reflect that in her body structure. I think I failed in her legs (they look off anatomically to me) but she looks buffer than my usual fare, so I hope I succeeded!

Screenshot here in case the tweet disappears, WHICH GOLLY I HOPE IT DOESN'T.

:iconreenave: @'d Yazawa on Twitter, so it's really thanks to her that the artist behind the Wedding Peach manga saw it Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]  Thanks so much again, Reenave!!!

Wedding Peach (C) Sukehiro Tomita, Nao Yazawa
Art (C) :iconjadiner:
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Awww!  I´m so happy to had being a bridge between you both!! :tighthug:  Sorry for the delay in answer!  :ashamed:
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Hehe, no hay problema -- mira cuando vengo yo a contestar :XD:

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:hug: Este año ha sido algo intenso XD
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It came out awesome!
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Holy shit the original creator commented on it?! :,o !! Thats like a dream come true congrats!! And sorry to make you have to draw 2 versions orz
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Hahaha, it's no problem -- like I said, it was *my* mistake, I'd misread the entire thing XD But I got to draw the manga version and I'd wanted to do it for a while, so yaaaaay :dance:

DREAM COME TRUE is right XD Thanks!
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Oh cool! Congrats on the mention :D
She does look buff! I like how you did her belt on the left.
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I didn't even really expect it (or did it for that), but it was a surreal experience. If you'd told lil wee NAAN back in the 90s about this, she'd think you were on drugs XP XD

And thanks! That belt was a fun thing to color, or well, practice coloring given it's been a while!
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Yeah dude! She's lookin' buff! Awesome designs!
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