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2018's Summary of Art

I decided to have some fun with the blank spaces this year :XD: It's meant to be funny, so uh, if you have a problem with my poking fun at my own self, ummmmm...not today, please XD

("NAAN, why did you make that caveat, that was a weird caveat", you ask. 2018 has just been That Type of Year, swear to god.)

There are exactly three arts that I put here that I haven't posted in the gallery yet -- mainly because two of them, May and August, are related to a website that should be debuting by 2019; all related to the fictional band Delilah and the Warchicks (Band featured right here.) Should've debuted about two months ago but I'm still setting up an online shop and I reeeeaaaaally didn't want to have the opening for the website without the shop :P The art WILL be posted here, just not yet. But I did them this year, so it counts, right? Right? Right? Bueller?

The third art that hasn't been posted yet is the one for November, and that's because 'twas done for a Darling in the FRANXX zine! (Cue all the horns sounding off in "still?!" mode.) As per my rule --and any good fanzine rule? I think?-- I won't be posting the full illust until well after the fanzine drops. But for now, just a preview! The link below for November will be for the shop, where you can get a copy~ :heart:

And uhhh...whoops, forgot my Core membership ran out, so I can't link to the things properly and prettily! :rofl: Time for old school LINKZ. what few there are

FEBRUARY: Angel Courage Daisy!
MAY: Delilah, a redo of her character pose for the Warchicks website.
JUNE: i'm sleeping, come back next month
AUGUST: Special thing done for a section of the Warchicks website.
SEPTEMBER: I had a temp job since either July or August, god, why did 2018 feel like 10 years scrunched into one? Also, I started to work again on the Ara&Celi website. It's officially cursed, tbh.
OCTOBER: Temp job ended! Still working on that A&C website and I'll be giving it up on the 31st if I haven't finished it, because it's just that cursed.
DECEMBER: Bitter Mood

All art displayed here is (C) :iconjadiner:

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Congrats on graduating! :highfive: I haven't even done the calendar XD
JadineR's avatar
Thanks! And haha, I might have to check later because it's been a while! XD;;
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This looks great. You've had a busy year. !!!
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Ahahaha, I really did :D And thanks!!