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Liberty Soul Silver Nuzlocke Ch 18-3


Also in gen 4, Machoke cannot learn "Knock Off", but they can learn "Payback" via TM. But since I don't really cover TMs in my story, I'm basically just pretending that TM moves are just moves that some Pokemon can just learn like normal level-up moves.

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rhonda: luckily I can't even hurt you!

rhonda, two frames later: whoops.

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also, hi! it's been a while!

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it has! life ended up hitting me like a truck, but I figured I'd try to pop in more often now and then, if only to see how this nuzlocke is going!

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aww thank you! Unfortunately it went on hiatus, but I'm doing other comics and art and will hopefully find my way back to this one

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No worries! I don't think I'd enjoy what you put out if you did it under emotional duress or anything like that. You come first and all that.

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OOOOOF OUCH :iconhnngplz: 
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GASP! I don't think EITHER of them saw THAT one coming! I know I didn't! O_O

But crikey that had to hurt like hell! Talk about tempting fate!
Natural evolution can sometimes yield strange results, that's how I intrepid Rhonda learning payback. To Tabitha if your having difficulty dodging the non effective moves then your in serious trouble when the super effective moves come in.
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That's the point. The non-effective moves don't hurt even if they hit, so it's good for training. Too bad that a super effective move came in though...
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oh oof not good
that aside, I really like how genuinely encouraging Rhonda is being! she still has a ways to go in terms of relating to others but you can tell she's making an effort and it's really nice to see!
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I'm glad to hear that Rhonda's slow steps in her development are coming across well
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Woops... It was such a good idea to train with ineffective moves, and then boom! I hope she's not hurt too bad...

(It's fine to not use TMs! Pokémon usually learn moves without them in the anime, after all! ^^ )
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(Thanks! That's basically what I was thinking)
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Wait is that a belt or just nothing down... there

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I always thought Pokemon evolving into having "clothing" was weird, so my headcannon is that the belts that machoke/machamp wear are like accessories that can be bought after the fact (though Rhonda doesn't have a belt). I also decided that the "pants" are just natural coloring, and I added those fun stripey dealies on her sides. I mean, I'm not drawing anything explicit and she's not exactly human, so it's not anything obscene. Hope that makes sense.
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Thanks jade

keep makin this awesome stuff!

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I guess she got the payback for uhhh *checks notes* being kinda of a tsundere
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The Problem is that seen Rhonda level, and seen Tabitha level, this hit could be deathly. Even a L 25 hunter would probably not endure that. TT
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*does damage calcs*
Actually, it seems that a level 25 Haunter could take a Payback (but only if the Payback went first)
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I guess that it depent also of the nature/stats and the difference level?! I don't know but I hope that Tabitha is okay =(
And Tabitha is not a Haunter yet =(
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This is nice comic, but weird considering Payback is a TM based move. Also in Gen 4 Rhonda could use Foresight before using any normal or fighting type move.

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I don't really cover what TM moves are in this comic and I'm kind of just pretending that they're moves that Pokemon can sometimes just learn naturally (I figure if the anime does it, then why can't I?).
I think I never had Rhonda learn Foresight when I was training her, haha, but that would work, huh?
CreepypastaScream17's avatar

Yeah it could work and she would be super OP if we pretend Fairy types don’t exist.

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