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Liberty Soul Silver Nuzlocke Ch 14-19

By jadethestone
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Wait... what's happening...
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well, it goes well with this song
I guess all those fights raised her level high enough.
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unfortunately, my country has that link blocked
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maybe this one would work...
hope it does otherwise gotta look for a place less country restrictive.
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You'll see next page.
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How did I miss this page? Evolution time?
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I feel like this is focus energy mixed with a bit of foresight as Machop can learn both moves. Foresight as she seems she can sense the attack and could try to make it less evasive. But most likely Focus Energy because a description reads," The user takes a deep breath and focuses to raise the critical-hit ratio of its attacks." The main thing is that in the panel she is shown taking a breathe. 
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Very cool observations!
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If it is Focus Energy I am gonna flip
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this page is so pretty!!!! i love the dynamic of rollout throughout the page and aah its so cool. i especially really love the break in the page with rhonda opening her eyes, its super cool . this page just has a really nice flow and like...... sick awesome avatar feel lmao.... rhonda isnt playin around anymore....................

i love ur coimc. i love this comic. i love you
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Thank you!!!
D'aww! I love your comments so much! They make me feel so supported and happy! <3

I'm glad you like the flow of this page! Haha, someone else mentioned Avatar. Maybe I was subconsciously influenced by it, since ATLA is probably on of my favorite shows ever! It's really flattering to be compared to it! Thank you!
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Wait Rhonda is the Avatar?! That's not fair now she can single handedly beat the rest of the gyms without so much trouble.

I read too much mangas and I keep expecting a good old fashion punch to the face in the next panel.
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Heh heh heh
So would that automatically give her a water, ground (or rock), fire, and flying typings if she were the Avatar?
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Fwoosh! Get'er, Rhonda!
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tbh, the final "fwoosh" panel was highly inspired by the page where Blueberry evolved in your comic :)
Katarinu's avatar
Aw, I'm honored!! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]
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Is she going to evvolve
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Absolutely love how this page is layered, feels like these moments in movies when the fighter is ready to send their opponent flying
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Thank you so much! I wanted a slow buildup to her attack.
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Hmmm could this be the move focus energy??? Because if it is I live the way you made this battle scene. I’ll have to take notes !
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