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Liberty Soul Silver Nuzlocke Ch 14-15

By jadethestone
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The battle continues.
I had some fun with the sound effects.

EDIT: Fixed some minor art issues that probably only I noticed. Also fixed some dialogue.

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Well, in all honest Whitney's got a point. I've seen this theme of Gym Leaders "getting annoyed" while fighting unprepared trainers in other comics as well and I love it every time. It isn't ridicoulus to say that a Gym Leader would be justified to get irritated if they thought their challengers weren't taking their battle seriously.
Of'course in Will's case it's another thing entirely with her not being the trainer, but it would be a strech if Whitney figured it out unless Liberty was leading too obviously.
I like how different this battle is from previous ones. Falkner merely warned her that while he was understanding towards her predicament, others might not see it that way and it might become a problem. Bugsy similarly didn't mind but Whitney not only minds but represents the consequences of team liberty taking the warnings lightly.
I don't think Will's at fault here, other than maybe the fact she should have been more prepared to act as a trainer without Liberty's support. But Rhonda...it fits her as a lesson to find it tough against Whitney for not listening. It really works for her character arc.
But honestly, as much as I can justify Whitney position in this...It's so anoying that she's commenting like that! XD Go have a talk show, leave the gym battles to other people. >.> Maybe if you leave we can finally have a Dark type gym.
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Yeah! Exactly!
I like to think that the issues both Whitney and Will/Liberty are having is due to ignorance. Whitney just wouldn't think that a Pokemon is or even could be running the show, while Will and Liberty were naive to think that they could just get away with their usual battle strategy in the face of such an opponent.

Rhonda on the other hand... is just having issues. And in a battle with these circumstances it's not the best time to be dealing with those issues.

Man, I really want a dark type gym, too!
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Insurgence's 8th Gym, girl! xD It's a long way after you beat that Beedrill.
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This gym battle is the shit, cuz. :0

Seems like things have really ramped up and turned around since the previous battles where Will's negligence was only addressed by means of a soft and boring lecture out of our leaders, lol. It's really rad to finally start seeing both Will and Rhonda face consequences for their respective attitude problems; It certainly gives you more stakes when said consequences finally seem real rather than just vague anecdotes about some other guy's rough time of it, haha.

If this doesn't take a turn for a blood bath, I wonder if and when they'll find some sort of teamwork groove. I think real "justice" for Rhonda would ultimately be fighting for a team and cause she's happy to support rather than doing the gym bidding of randos and having to overcompensate to the extent that she's in legit danger such as with this fight. :0
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Lol, so at first I read "this gym battle is shit" and not "the shit", and I was thinking "wow, jelleh, tell me how you really feel".

But seriously though, thanks!

I was kind of nervous about writing this chapter because it addresses both Will's and Rhonda's issues, and I wasn't sure how I was going to present that effectively. Especially since I wanted Whitney to still be antagonistic and mean, but not be entirely wrong.

In addition to this, whether this turns into a blood bath or not, I wanted to also give the feeling that this isn't the cure-all for the team's issues. Just one big event isn't going make everyone see their problems and have them be fixed. So I'm really trying to have this chapter be a "turning point" for the conflicts and development, not necessarily a closure to them.

That's a really difficult and daunting balance to strike.

Let me know if this chapter continues to be "the shit" or just "shit". XD
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Whitney here is kind of right, though... Despite all the negativity in the comments towards her I see through the recent pages, to me it seems that she did her training. She commands Miltank decently enough that it deals several blows to Ronda. While Will is... having issues. If we were to disregard all the turmoil that is character development here, then Whitney is 100% right. Will should grab her Matchop and do some proper training so Ronda would at the very least obey her.

But I just had a random thought: Is the Machop not listening here, because in the game you trained it over Lvl 30?
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Oh, yeah, that's totally correct. From Whitney's POV, Will is just a cruddy trainer who hasn't trained her Pokemon. And she'd be right, because Will isn't actually the trainer - Liberty is.

I do set up Whitney to be antagonistic, largely because she's kind of nasty, but also because her ideals when it comes to training or Pokemon in genert clashes with that of Liberty and co. Kind of like how the rival in the games are. It's not like the rival is bad at Pokemon battles, it's just that they go about it differently from the player character (or at least that's what the games, want us to think).

This chapter is basically a set up for that clash of ideals that will come to a head more due to the events of this chapter (the title of the chapter is "Turning Point" after all).

But this comment, and the fact that people seem to be focusing more on Whitney's personality rather than her viewpoints do make me feel like I need to be a bit more obvious about this theme I'm going for. So thanks a bunch! Your comments are probably some of the most critical I get, but they really make me think about how I can improve things or make them clearer.

Oh, and the question about whether I leveled her past 30 - actually no, it was mainly because Stomp kept causing Rhonda to flinch and she flat out couldn't attack. Also character development.
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I only hope they're not too critical. I've had some people in the past complain that I'm rude under some of my comments.
And I admit I can't truly judge if my comment may be taken as insulting, so I should probably apologize if I ever gave you the impression of being impolite.
I really love this comic of yours, even if I don't scream it out loud in my comments.
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Hmm, I can't say I've ever felt "insulted" by your critiques. At worst there have been times where I just disagreed or couldn't fix a certain thing because it was too late in the writing/drawing process.

But mostly I appreciate your comments because it makes me think critically about my own writing. Which can be helpful if I'm struggling with a part where I kind of feel like something is off, but can't tell what, or I don't know how to fix it. It also helps when I need to articulate a thought.

I'm glad you like my comic. I figured if you didn't you wouldn't bother putting the time into critiquing it.
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This fight is already difficult but if Pokemon and trainer don't work together, this could get even worst...
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Oof. That CRACK sounded like it hurt!
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Likely a fractured or broken collarbone - which are said to be one of the most painful bone injuries.
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come on rhonda. u got this baby. 
whitney is a jerk >:CCC big.. big mean.........
 redfhdf i love !!! this comic. im so excited to see what happens but im rlly worried for this punchin girl
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Rhonda is not having a good time in this chapter... :/
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And now's the moment when Rhonda delivers the knockout punch.

...I hope.
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Well Whitney is not totally wrong here.
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Indeed. From Whitney's perspective, she just sees an untrained Pokemon.
I mean, Whitney doesn't have to be a jerk about it, but Rhonda needs to stop barging ahead without thinking.
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I don't think that she's a jerk.
It's a test I think.

And Rondha should listen, one day this attitude will kill her.
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Ooh! Interesting theory!

That is indeed something Rhonda needs to hear.
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Don't listen to Whitney , Rhonda, You can do this! We believe in you!
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