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Moonlight Flower- SessRin

I just be busy lately. I made a SessRin website with and draw this picture for it. ^^ You can visit our site here, especially if you love SessRin couple: [link] and see the theme I made with this picture.

And Moonlight Flower's holding a contest!!! If you like to have a picture drawn by me, or a website layout, any graphic... Join the contest! Details of it is here: [link] It's very easy.


Sesshoumaru and Rin belong to Rumiko Takahashi.
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Amazing! Very calm and peaceful... love it!
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I love it. It's so serene(?) and peaceful. I've also aways thought that Sasshoumaru looked better in black than in white. so glad you drew him in it. :)
Queer-Robot's avatar
OH MY GOD YOU MADE MOONLIGHTFLOWER?! I bow at your feet! :worship::worship::worship:
That is my fav site and the place i post all my fanfictions! If I ever find you in real life I need to give you a hug :tighthug::
OMG I LOVES YOU SO!!! :love:
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Beautiful! Love the colors!!
elvin-kitsune's avatar
i Love this! its gorgious, n i love the mood of it *favs* :)
Niko-ru-chan's avatar
Thats so CUTE!!!
LoneWolfLoverGirl's avatar
Really pretty!
I love the flowers.
Rin is reminding me of Tohru from Furuba A LOT here
arina-kaji-GOF's avatar
wiat your the one who started my favortie site!!!!! awsom i worship it!!
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This is so beautiful, I love Sesshy's face. :D I love the couple as well. They seem perfect for each other.
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Lovely as ever.....:+fav:
QueenOfTheCute's avatar
The composition, the colors, the movement! Everything is just so darn pretty! I love it.
CursedDevil's avatar
this is so...beautiful !!! I love it!! *favs*
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I hate to use the word 'perfect,' but I'm really tempted to with this picture. The colors in particular are gorgeous!
chocolatekrazed's avatar
YOUR ART IS SOOOO GOOD SOME SHOULD CREATE A FAN CLUB FOR YOU .................... if u dunt already have one
sirbartonslady's avatar
I am absolutely in awe of your talent.
EverlastingSerenity's avatar
beautifully done, I love it
tarkheki's avatar
Wow. Your work never stops to amaze me. Everything from Sesshoumaru's very noble posture, to Rin's wonderous eyes... and your Backgounrs. Your GORGEOUS backgorund.
I must go see that site!!! And I don't think I can enter that contest though... I have too much work! But I will LOVE to see anything you have to draw! All your work is amazing! XD
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i love the way the flowers look like they're in Sessy's hair simply because he's standing next to the tree. and Rin's expression is so fresh. well done!
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