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Sungmin - Prince of the Sky Wallpaper {HBD!}

Songs: Van Quynh - Like The Birds; B.o.B - Airplanes

Me is super duper proud of this wallpaper! Here we have more Sungmin wallpaper on deviantART!!! And happy early birthday, Lee Sungmin ♥

Artist and pictures belong to the respective owners (SM Entertainment, citrouille_12@twitter)
Edit: me(~JadeRiverJR)
Resources: *00AngelicDevil00, ~unido3s, =Lileya, *So-ghislaine, ~yunyunsarang, ~WingsOfAHero, me
My Last Wallpaper: [link]
My Other Wallpapers: [link]
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© 2012 - 2021 JadeRiverJR
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chutchi54's avatar
OMG!! :heart:
chị design đẹp quá ạ >v< thật ngưỡng mộ :"<
JadeRiverJR's avatar
à cám ơn nhưng em làm design đẹp hơn cơ! :heart: mấy lúc chị toàn muốn xoá việc cũ của chị :'D
chutchi54's avatar
chà Giggle công nhận là chị k quen viết tiếng việt nên ngữ pháp k chắc chắn lắm Giggle
cảm ơn chị nhiều nhé :heart: được chị khen em rất vui
JadeRiverJR's avatar
thế hả? XD mối tội chị khong quen dùng từ ngắn các mọi người dùng :<
chutchi54's avatar
"mỗi"không phải "mối" ạ Giggle "như mọi người" không phải các mọi người ạ Giggle chị ở Đức bao năm rồi ạ :D
JadeRiverJR's avatar
à thế hả ^ ^;
chị sinh ra ở Đức~ 18 năm~
chutchi54's avatar
thế chị đã 18 tuổi rồi ạ :"O :wow: hay thật
chắc chị giống người nước ngoài lắm >v< qua cách nói chuyện em thấy chị kute lắm :love:
JadeRiverJR's avatar
ừ chị là người lớn rồi nhưng chị ước gì chị có thể trẻ lại cơ ;v;
chị chảng thấy chị giống người nước ngoài đâu~
me cute? --> lol XD
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WhiteSpringFlowers's avatar
Nice! I can see you took a lot of careful time on it.Keep it up!!
JadeRiverJR's avatar
Thank you very much! Your comment makes me happy! /bows/
WhiteSpringFlowers's avatar
ppgzfanBritney's avatar
Sungmin OPPA!! >3<
you really have great job to edit this wallpaper :D
JadeRiverJR's avatar
yeah I'm really proud of it :love:
creepy-anime-fan-13's avatar
Ahhh Minie!! So cute!! happy birthday for the 1st! AMAZING WALLPAPER!!!!
Saranghaeyo JadeRiver JR!!
JadeRiverJR's avatar
ohm gawd thank you :iconkissingplz: :iconsaranghaeplz:
Cryztina's avatar
This is so beautiful! You did a really wonderful job! ^o^
Do you perhaps know what photo shoot these pictures are from? c:
JadeRiverJR's avatar
first of all thank you so much for faving my wallpaper and writing this lovely comment :tighthug:
and secondly: the pictures are from the Super Show 4 Brochure, I found them here: [link]
I hope I could help :meow:
Cryztina's avatar
You're welcome! c:
Omg, I love these pictures! I knew I had seen a group shot from that photo shoot
somewhere - It's the first thing you see whenever you play "Super Junior shake" ^^
Thank you very much for the link! =)
JadeRiverJR's avatar
oh really? I once tried the shake game and all I can remember was that they used the MR. Simple pictures and that I'm too dumb for that game :'D
you're welcome :)
Cryztina's avatar
They used this picture like some kind of intro and then they showed the Mr. Simple
picture =D The game is quite difficult at the beginning but it gets easier after a few rounds ^^
Now I only play in "Extreme" mode xd
Lanaleiss's avatar
this is soo cute omg ;w; seriously, all of your wallpapers are amazing!! :la: ♥♥♥
JadeRiverJR's avatar
thank you unnie! I think this Sungmin wallpaper is one of my best, so I'm really proud of it :heart:
syaeneonli's avatar
It's sah pretty ^^
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