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Highlight of my life

The beginning of one of the best days of my life started at the end of a long day.  I had just come back from seeing Finding Neverland with Heather.  I tried on the outfit I would wear during the music video, and pulled out some other options to wear in case that wasn't quite right.  I then got everything I would need put together and ready for the morning. I wanted to take a shower but there were a bunch of drunk guys hanging outside with some girls from my hall.  So instead of attempting to walk down a hall in only in my kimono I decided to wait it out. I waited for 2 hours for them to go while listening to the garage versions of Cable Car & Dead Wrong, and some other random garage sessions.  Then I gave up, deciding to take a shower in the morning. So around 2 AM I forced myself to go to sleep. I was so hyper but I think I went to sleep quickly.  Heather had been worried that something might go wrong like an alarm clock not going off and so I guess that made me really nervous. When I get nervous I have major trouble sleeping…or as I found myself at 3:40 I sleepwalk.  I woke up as I had myself running into the door in an attempt to take a shower and realized what time it was. I went back to sleep again and didn't wake up until my alarm went off at 5 AM.

I was very tired with all of the 3 hours of sleep I had. I forced myself awake and to take a shower. It was a bit of an eerie ritual waking up before dawn and taking a shower in the quietness of the morning. I finished my shower and admired the sunrise as I dried my hair. I then got dressed and spent the next hour or so listening to Cable Car and freaking out that Heather would be asleep.  But Heather came and we drove to Denver with ease.  We got to the church way early.  We were the second and third extras to get there. We signed out waver and went back to the car so I could get my Japanese book to study if there was time. This was the beginning of the 12 hours of The Fray.

Well for a while there was tons of time…but little studying since that was to boring.  We watched as the featured kids for the Bible quiz show scenes were given makeup.  Then the assistant director, Chrissy, picked 20 random people to sit in the church for a few scenes. Well we weren't picked.  And we weren't picked when a few others were needed. I was nervous that we wouldn't get picked and I was wondering what they were doing inside the church.  The church had this amazing movable wall that worked kinda like a huge garage door. It was closed almost all the way except for about a 3 foot gap. So me and Heather decided to take a peek at what there were doing. Chrissy saw us and shouted, "Hey you peekers!" I thought she was mad at us but then she said, "Well come on get in here!" Oh I was so happy. I grabbed my digital camera and went in.  Heather and I were then told to stand as if we had just got into the church and "act like we are friends and that we are talking together about something." Lol that's what we had been doing all day anyway so we made small talk as they did many scenes.  Then we had to all kinda rush out of the church as the main character, Mika (Isaac's little brother), walked slowly out and Isaac sang at the back pew.  As they did a close up of Isaac singing I was behind him walking. Then we were sent to eat lunch as anyone who hadn't been picked went in to do a pray circle scene.  At lunch I took tons of random pictures of the band as they arrived and then ate lunch.  I got a picture taken with Isaac and we asked him if we could get the Movement EP he said if we gave him our addresses and 5 bucks then it was a deal. Then everyone came into the church and we had to do a scene where we were watching Mika who had been doing so well was now failing.  So Heather and I leaned into each other like we were talking and pointed and talked…except I kept making Heather laugh.  We were in a close up of Mika's 'mother' tried to urge him on.  Then we had to do one where we were applauding.  This was pretty late in the day and so the kids were starting to lose it and so was Chrissy as one kid, colin kept hitting the buzzers of the quiz show.  Well that was the end of the extras part but they said any extra could stay if they wanted to watch The Fray do their scenes.  But first we had to endure another hour of close up of the kids but I took a little nap sort of deal in the other room.

So we stayed around for the band.  But as they were setting up we gave Isaac our addresses and the money for the Movement EP.  Then we watched and listen to the band practice and work on a song that we can only assume will be on their coming album and then fool around including Isaac playing "You've got a friend in me" and at another time pull on sun glasses and pretended to be Ray Charles.  We also got to watch Joe (guitarist) play the drums and watch Joe and David make fun of Isaac's signature move.  Then after another long hour of the film crew setting up and the band messing around they finally filmed the bands main part of the video. It was funny listening to the play back and then the band playing at the same time.  But since me and Heather and only 4 other extras had stayed we pretty much got a private concert and full view of the band.  

Then there was a break for dinner. I was starving but I figured they wouldn't have enough food for the 6 extras so I nibbled on some carrots until Isaac saw me and asked if I was hungry. Trying to be modest I said "Just a little bit" but it came out as this high pitched squeak. He laughed and told me where to get a burrito.  I devoured one and went to get another but it was way to hot to eat so I just saved it for later. (It would later be renamed in my room by some of my random friends as the "Almighty Fray Burrito")  Then we sat down for a few mins at the table with the band and talked with them for a bit.  

Then they went in to film the last scene.  In this one the band is now sitting in a dark and lonely church and just playing and singing.  But at this point everyone was tired and loopy. Chrissy, an extreme extrovert, was shouting random things that pretty much meant nonsense. Isaac and David were messing around and making jokes. I forget why we started laughing at them but Isaac noticed and we started laughing harder. Also most of the crew were now off because the filming went over schedule.  So many people were trying to do too many things at once.  They filmed a few basic shots and then went into the close ups…but Isaac kept messing up. After a few messups since Isaac was so out of it the camera crew realized the film wasn't clean so it ended the shoot early and would reshoot the end at a later time.  Then I got the band to pose for a few pictures and got a really funny one of Isaac grabbing Ben.  Then we got a hug from Isaac and we grabbed our stuff and headed out the door. On the way home the radio played Cable Car and that was funny now I could picture the music video…as it was being made.  Heather and I went up to my room to burn the pictures off my camera…some were blurry but I got a bunch of great ones and a movie clip of the unknown future song.  After that Heather left and I went and got some icec ream.  I had hoped to chill out for a bit or maybe edit my photos but I had fallen asleep around 11 and didn't wake up until 12PM on Sunday.

I will be puting up the photos eventually on my jadeoracle.deviantart.com account and feel free to check out The Fray at www.thefray.net

One of my photos is featured by the Director of the Music Video on her site.

Group Photos:
:bulletpurple:Playful Fray
:bulletpurple:The Fray
:bulletpurple:The Fray
:bulletpurple:Cable Car
:bulletpurple:Cable Car
:bulletpurple:All the World's A Stage
:bulletpurple:All the World's A Stage

Individual Photos:
:bulletblue:Talented Mr. King
:bulletblue:Just Play

:bulletgreen:Thinking Hard

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:bulletred:Isaac & Me
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