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Xeno Wook Series:

I was going through my gallery and renders on the hd, and somehow this item got lost, forgotten about and never uploaded.

Its the profile version of my Xeno-Wook hybrid, a art request be RedDragonRipper. The premise being a Star Wars / Alien crossover, with the Xenomorph invasion on Kashyyyk, the Wookie's homeworld.

Possibly two of the most lethal traits ever to be combined, Wookies strength and rage, with acid for blood. For all those gamemasters out there, this has got to be the *fokk me!* scenario to pit your players against in a dimly lit research complex somwheres deep in the Kashyyyk forrest.

No postwork other than adding my signature.
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Wow, this is so fucking awesome! Great job man!
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Thanks! Was a fun concept to tackle. Glad people still enjoy this piece :)
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It's like, sooo brilliant. I wouldn't mind using the idea for my amalgamation universe in the future.

but it's soooo fucking terrifying because... htose two species are a fucking threat on THERE OWN!

That's what my friend said when I showed him this on FB lol haha
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Remarkable depiction..
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Thanks! It was definately one of the more interesting render ideas i've done. Crossovers are always fun.
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I'd like to see a Xeno-Hutt.
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It won't have hair no matter what creature it pops out of.
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It looks like what a XenoMorph would look like if a facehugger impregnated a Wookie.
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Whoa--you drew this? It's bad-ass. Especially the feathery-like texture of the fur. I definitely got the "Alien" influence without having to even read your caption. Job well done!
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edit/addendum - and thanks! Glad you like it :)
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Technically, its a 3d render actually. Even the fur, is actual 3d dynamic fur that I had to comb with a digital brush in the program.

Sorry for the late reply, just been busy in real life.
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awsomeist thing made by humenkind<3
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