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Tessla - Own My Own

By Jadeonar
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In continuation from a prior image done a few years ago , "Tessla, Iron Knight"  

This update was done a little while ago, while I was feeling down, as well as listening to Stan Bush's "On My Own"…

/ "On My Own (Improv)"  by Gerry Manusco…

Done all in Carrara 8.5 , Full G.I, all skin is multiple layers of textures and alpha maps mixed in Carrara's shader tree. No post-work, save for signature added.

Technical Render Notes:
Tessla was created using 2 character models - a single victoria 4, as well as an internal robotic skeleton model. Her skin effects are not postworked, or multiple renders layered and skillfully combined & erased. Instead, the skin effects are all done in-house before the render process, painstakingly setup by hand in Carrara's Materials room. The skin shaders, I have figured out how to setup and apply multiple layers of skin textures and transparencies - 3 layers worh of skin (using full subsurface scattering) and electronics textures packs, and 3 layer sets worth of transparencies. Each layer is its own separate and individual skin texture set. Basically the first bottom layer is a separate V4 Cyborg skin package with its own transparency set. The middle layer is another Cyber-cyborg skin set with its own transparency set - essentially the red/blue/green/yellow/pink wires . The topmost and last layer is the victoria 4 Elite SSS Carrara skin pack, with another applied transparency set to show the 2 layers underneath. Once the effect was achieved on one body part, the entire process had to be manually recreated/setup for each and every body part material zone across the entire body. This took several evenings worth of trial and error. Underneath it all, if you look closely, parts of the robotic skeleton can still be seen, such as the glowing chest piece, parts of the jaw, the eye-glow, and other areas. I may at some time revisit this character, adding yet another layer or two, if possible.

Rather than writing a story for this piece, I'll leave it open to the viewer's interpretation.

Thanks for viewing and commenting. Enjoy.

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Aug 14, 2015, 8:44:10 PM
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I wish a texture like this was used for a mod for the game "Fallout 4" to make the femle sole survivor as a cyborg with maybe the head LED from the new game "Detroit: Become Human"
Very beautiful artwork 
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I didn't know that there was a second picture of this character! Definite favourite!

I look forward to more of this character.
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added to 3D concepts in Sci-fi Archives…
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its neat seeing glimpses of her innards
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I enjoy working with her. Definately will be featuring more of her. :)
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