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SB-20 Zombie R2 Chasis

By Jadeonar
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A request by Archangel - Nikita and Zombie. Zombie is finished, and Nikita's just about ready...

- Nikita (Closeup Portrait) [link]
- SB-20 Zombie
- Nikita & SB-20 "Zombie" [link]

The second part of this request is actually more of a supporting character. "Zombie" is an SB-20 security breach droid (slicer that looks like an R2) that Nikita found while traversing the back alleys of Coruscant. The droid was randomly wandering around without any real purpose, plugging into any data port it could find, trying to slice just about any useless junk info it could reach.

The droid was beat to crap after being abandoned by its owner years ago. There were pieces falling off it, it was covered in dents, rust, dirt and even blaster burns and was obviously suffering from a damaged A.I.

Nikita just felt sorry for the pathetic little thing and took it back to her ship.

Zombie is white and dark pink with some black pieces but if you want to switch up the colors to make it look better then go ahead. I'm fine with any color.

At this point Zombie is very new to the campaign. Less than a week old to be honest. But I like the little bugger so much I thought I'd include him in my request.


No postwork save for signature added. Droid's aged appearance effects done purely in Carrara by me.

R2 Astromech by JHoagland :iconjhoagland: a freebie at Vanishingpoint [link]

A note to other roleplayers out there (including SW Combine):
If you ask me for permission to use a character in one of my renders for your own character use, I will grant you that permission, even make almost any customization (within reason and ability) and render it anew for you. Its a happy and fair win/win situation for everyone.

Sadly theres alot of unnecessary image theft out there, and it really kills the enthusiasm, and discourages us artists from being able to enjoy our hobby. Alot of the theft could be prevented by simply asking the artist.

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At first glance, looks like a really beat-up version of R2-KT, probably due to the pink paneling. After that bit, have to say its another good render from you.
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I like the backstory :D Is whole story real or made up though? sounds really cool.

I like the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs the most :)
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Thanks for the comment and Fav :)

Zombie and Nikita are 2 characters Archangel plays in his roleplaying group.

With Roleplaying games of any genre, its generally a good idea to have some kind of a backstory for the characters your bringing into the game.