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My new Togorian Pilot closeup



Pilot project you could say... I'm working on a new personal image project, that'll likely break my high-end machine, run it into the ground and make it grind well before i'm done completing it.

This is just the test closeup, with 'fast' quality render output settings for the pilot character, a Female Togorian.

Furrette 2.3 by littledragon - outstanding quality!
Glasses from Balistic & Balistic Uploaded package by Kirisute, applied new brushed sterling silver shaders on the frame, and new glass lenses for the lens.

Let me just say that littledragon, Kirisute, & St. Artiste - You guys & gals rock when it comes to making some high quality & free models. The Furrette model is so flexible, and those shades from the Ballistic pack - with the new shaders I used on them, they look so real I wish I had a pair for myself!

1 light source, HDRI quality to be in the final render. No postwork save signature.

Meh, not enough image categories to classify as.

:edit: Image updated June 24, 2008
This update is just for you Eclipse.
Higher quality & larger resolution render. All render settings at Best Quality & Precision. Took 42:32 to render at 2048x1536.

Note the areas around the ears, cheeks, nose, lower lip, even the sewn seams on the jumpsuit & vest, and the zipper. Those are all Texture Map + Bump Map. The Bump Mapping is providing the surface detailing and texturing.

Unfortunately the hair is a mesh with a single color value, no bumpmapping or texturing. Now that i've learnt how to do FUR modeling from the Xeno-Wook, I'll have to revisit her once again and give her proper hair that matches her fur pattern.
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