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Kha'hrrun, Togorian Pathfind



Meet Kha'hrrun, my new rpg character I'll be playing in a Blackhawk style rpg game I've just been invited into. Her species is Togorian, a digitigrade bipedal felenoid species, standing in at 1.8m height, roughly 85kg. Females are about average human height, while the males can reach up to 3m in height. ( - Wookieepedia Entry - Togorian Species )

Kha'hrrun's a New Republic pathfinder. Pathfinders are crucial, inserting themselves in small numbers into enemy terrain well in advance of the main mission, mapping out the terrain, scouting out enemy emplacements and force strength; and every other aspect of vital reconnaissance. Pathfinders are decent fighters as needed, and could take out small encampments however they're not a group large enough to take and hold out before adequate reinforcements arrive.

- Little Dragon's Furrette 2.3 and clothing used, with my own custom clothing shaders, and Carrara's Dynamic Hair. (Furrette's my most favorite model to work with)
- Porsimo's E-binocs & case
- Panko's Stealth Guardian freebie
- Dodger's Rebel BlasTech DH17 Carbine
- JHoagland's Imperial Shuttle, AT-AT, and AT-ST
- Beret freebie - unknown
- Rebel Crest - sw font, text beveled in carrara.
- DAZ - backpack and canteen, impact rock set,
- Carrara - dynamic hair, terrain, dust, shadows, atmospherics, dof, etc.

No postwork save signature.

I'm still working on a couple larger projects, this character render being a smaller easier task.

Thankyou for viewing. Comments, opinions, critique always appreciated. Have a great and adventurous Sunday!
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He? She is a She! Ahh well, I think I'm gonna have to do a couple more renders of her ;)