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Hard Scarlett



Hard Scarlett: A tough as nails yet intuitively smart female Mandalorian; with a preference for inventing and prototyping heavy weaponry for her armor. She probably spends as much time in her private workshop as she does out in the field.

Shown here is Scarlett's latest gear, a portable backpack mounted dual rocket rack, as well as a pair of Blaster Cannons, both controlled by the targeting computer in her helmet. To help offset some of the weight, Scarlett included a miniature repulsorlift.


Yeah, I know, I've just been busy... I have more on the way and will eventually upload as I find the time.

I have to question myself though and perhaps best ask for your opinion:
- Do I try to writing a full fledged character background/story, even if it means it may take longer to get the piece uploaded?

- Or do I just forgo the background/story, and just concentrate on getting more renders finished and uploaded to the gallery?

The storyteller and roleplayer within me is somewhat conflicted about this...

Comments are always welcome :)
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Based solely on the fact that she's a Mandalorian, I trust she has plenty of muscle beneath that armor!