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Back Alley Curiosity

By Jadeonar
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So, who's curious about who (or what for that matter?) ?

Starring DZFire's Cyborg Model 4, and the newly released last night: Cyborg Version 4 (50% off @ 9.99 for a limited time only) !!! Also starring Winston1984's XCC-990 Fembot. Wardrobe and location by PowerAge.

While you're at it, definitely check out "DZFire's store sale @ 50% off until Nov 23rd 2012". Lots of awesome essential stuff there. Cyborg Version 4 and Model 4 (V4 & M4), as they use and fit Generation 4 clothing and poses...
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Android goodness! DZ's machines are pretty damn cool. Winston's android still looks great. Is she not a V4 based character?

I haven't got the V4 cyborg (really an android) - I've sworn to take a long break from content purchases and focus on making some of my own. Working well so far. The M4 "cyborg" was the last purchase I made.

Pimpinator is a damn fine name too. Maybe that can be the subject of a future render ;)
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Yup, all Gen4 models here... Winston's stuff is great too, his cyborg skin sets imho are still unmatched, and so versatile.
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He makes a lot of cool stuff.
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Thanks! there's more to come, with the new Cyborg Version 4 (the white punk chick) :)

I wanted to do something like this for a long time now, but I didn't have any fembot's that could fit what I was after.

Lol, Pimpinator, I got a chuckle out of that :)
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i like the white one the pimpinatior scares me