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Agency Dossier The Director

By Jadeonar
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1 Tube light (overhead) and 1 Anything Glows light (only on the light panels) used for the entire scene light setup. No postwork save signature. Custom shader tweaking for the skin and eyes on both the female and droid.

I did this render several months ago, the only holdup was getting a written background story typed and finished. Well, I finally managed to write a short little blurb about her. Little compared to the many pages I originally intended to write.

Imperial Base Room by WolfhoundJack

Thanks for looking. Comments are always welcome and appreciated!

Agency Dossier: The Director
Name: Esdowsa (Chiss Full Name: Kres'dow'sabosen)
Species: Chiss (link)
Gender: Female
Age: Classified
Background: Classified

Little is known about the "Director." How long has she been with the agency? How did she become the top level? Who are Esdowsa's superiors? The Director is certainly a mystery, and her droid; an enigma.

Not much is known about Esdowsa save for her appearance - blue skin, red glowing eyes, matching green lipstick and nail polish, and glossy jet black hair. Esdowsa has her own office, in the heart of the Agency's headquarters. Its a dark cylindrical room, with hard onyx floors polished to a mirror finish, and flat grey walls with the typical Imperial city vertical glow panels. It's hard to say whether Esdowsa purposely keeps her office 5 degrees below room temperature, or is it the way she designed her office that makes the unfortunate guests and visitors shiver.

Esdowsa is always calm, cool, and collected. Some would say that the blood in her veins runs as cold as the temperature on her frozen homeworld of Csilla. Even when facing down a live thermal-detonator armed with a kill-switch. Only those agents who have been around long enough around her can notice a hint of emotion be it amusement or anger in her voice and mannerism. Esdowsa's choices are always logical and practical. Despite everything, the operatives within the Agency can at least say she's fair in treatment amongst them. During off-hours, Esdowsa can usually be found in her quarters, sipping a herbal tea, while some classical number plays in the background. Esdowsa does maintain somewhat an open door policy, if you tap her door panel and it opens, your welcome to come in and speak your mind.

Another thing about Esdowsa is her droid. Her droid, who's name is only pronounceable in her native species language, and only takes orders from Esdowsa in her language. The silvery metalic droid has glaring red eyes that matches the intensity of hers. Rumor has it that it's eyes are actually a pair of Sith lightsaber crystals, recovered from an ancient Sith lord. To look into it's eyes is to see unimaginable silent horrors. Maybe its the way that the droid almost silently and fluidly stalks around, more like a predatorial bipedal feral felinoid creature than a mechanical robot; surveying its surroundings and scanning every passer-by. The droid almost never speaks. Sometimes late at night, when sleeping in your quarters, you'll hear a feint scream... or at least you thought you did, coming from the interrogation cells through the air ducts a few levels down. Or was it just your nightmarish imagination? Well, that's what the seasoned agents tell all the rookies on their first night. Whether or not that's actually true, or whether Esdowsa had a hand in it is entirely debatable. To quite a nameless agent, "That droid of hers is the stuff that nightmares are made from..."

About the Agency:
The Agency is a shady organization that nobody really knows much about. Except when there's a problem needing solving or a sensitive matter taken care of, The Agency is the number to call. The Agency provides an operative specially suited for the task, dealing with the unpleasant business so you don't have to. The service doesn't come cheap, but the results are always professional.

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