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2145: The Day After...

By Jadeonar
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Here's an after contest render, continuing the 2145: French Village Night Patrol Mr.Sparky's Modular Sci-fi Truck contest entry.

The truck shown here is available @ Renderosity Marketplace: Overlander - Modular Sci-Fi Truck (for Poser) by Mr.Sparky

Addon Packs 1 & 2 for the Overlander available @ Renderosity Marketplace: Addon Pack 1 and 2 for the Overlander Modular Sci-Fi Truck

Notes: Signature added in Photoshop. No postwork otherwise.

2145: The Day After...
It was a long hellish night, but finally it was daybreak. It wasn't overwhelming hordes of creatures, but rather just a handful. Just as Ranger Maj. Lacie had feared, the rumors are true - they're evolving, getting smarter. A little too smart. At first the creatures were a threat, spreading the plague they carried, coming in bunches but easy to kill. Then in hordes. Now in what could be described as 'hunting packs'. And last night, as Lacie stopped to investigate a body lying in the middle of the streets, little did she know she'd be in the fight for her life. She had spent almost all her ammunition, her body armour saving her life more than once that night. And she'd only managed to kill 2 of them. The other two fled as the sun began to come up. Worst part of it, it was a trap- she had been baited. The body was one of the android townsfolk that had gone missing a week ago. A whole week Lacie spent looking for her.

As if it that didn't add insult to injury, something got into her car's engine chewing through the wiring. But she survived. And now it was broad daylight and the first of the townsfolk began their daily routine. Luckily one of the ranchers was passing through, he had some machine parts to pickup at city. Lacie asked for a ride back, but the rancher was more than happy to oblige, even to haul her car back to the city with her. The barren long roads to the city were dangerous, as not all plague afflicted mutants feared the daylight. Nor were they fearing motor vehicles any more, knowing theres spoils to be had within them.
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