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2145: French Village Night...

By Jadeonar
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This was one of the winning entries of the Mr.Sparky's Modular Sci-fi Truck contest.

The prize: Overlander - Modular Sci-Fi Truck (for Poser) @ Vanishing Point

Notes: Signature added in Photoshop. No postwork otherwise.

2145: French Village Night Patrol

In 2130, a meteorite crashed on earth, containing new metals and minerals. Nations fought over the rights to the meteor, until the wars threatened to wipe out all humanity. Peace negotiations had begun and a United Earth Alliance was formed. Research, mining and experiments had begun on the remains of the meter. New metals and minerals that led to technological advancements. What they didn't foresee was a strain of foreign microbe that not only promised advances in medicine could also prove so deadly. Nobody remembers which strain of microbe that started a disease outbreak. It will only be remembered how fast the genome strain would start mutating and spread, turning man and animal into half sentient blood-lust creatures.

Now, in the year 2145, mutants and cyborg hybrids roam the land at night, their tel-tale glowing red eyes like walking hellbent plague. The worlds cities are safely barricaded, but the smaller rural countryside towns are not. Yet the towns are humanity's lifeline, producing food and livestock. To keep townsfolk safe, the Military no longer needs to worry about protecting its borders from foreign nations, but is now globally united in task to keep the streets safe in day, and more importantly at night.

- Story continued @ 2145: The Day After...
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WOW incredible lights and atmosphere
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This is fantastic. An older render I know, but I think it still holds its own very well.
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Yup, its still one of my favs. Every time I look at it, I'm still impressed, considering its one of my first few Carrara renders ever.

Meaning; way back in 2007 when I discovered Daz Studio, then was soon annoyed with its limitations. I jumped onto Carrara 6 soon as it came out in 2008, when I learned of its full outdoor landscape atmospheric creation tools.

I was quite the newb to Carrara, V4 was brand new, as well I as only had a few V4 outfits, a couple V4 hair sets, 1 decent v4 vendor skinset, a handful of V3 content, and some freebie props Including French Village which was newly released by Mr.Sparky. I didn't know much about setting up or handling many of Carrara's light sets, very basic in comparison to what I all know today. And yet, against all those odds, it came out looking the way it did.
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You know you're headed in the right direction when you can go back and look at older work and still be happy with it. I know there are always those ones we go back to and say, "what the hell was I thinking!", but I think those good ones show that we are coming from a place of a solid understanding of what makes a good image. Unfortunately a lot of people spend years making bad work with the same mistakes over and over again, but I think those people are more interested in the idea of their image, rather than making good images.

Personally, I haven't really needed landscape tools (so I don't know much about them, but the atmospheric stuff is great, and I really should use them more.

I'm wishing I started out slower with my acquisitions of DAZ goods, as now I have a lot of stuff I don't really want, and will likely never get full usage out of unless I decide to start using older gen figures more often. I had the total DAZ crack addiction.
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Beautiful. Very, very beautiful. :)
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Thankyou :) Its one of my favorite pieces. One of my earlier works, and its definitely one of those that today I'm still impressed how well it came out.
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Your comments are very much appreciated Tackdriver. A big thankyou for taking the time to look and comment :)

Sorry, I didn't realize you had commented on any of my pics, else I would have replied sooner. I wonder if theres a profile option for notifications?

I definitely was looking to do something a mix of horror, sci-fi and a slight element of fantasy. Something out of the ordinary. Dark moody night with the obscuring fog, a bit of mystery, and a presence of evil, or very least danger. The lighting and shadows were really tough to do on this one to get it right. It was my very first night render. All effects are 100% pure render in Carrara, no postwork.

One more element to raise question and mystery - she's staring straight ahead... why? what is she looking at thats making her not checking her six? (behind her)

I can always re-render the image, remove the demonic characters if you think that makes an improvement. ;)
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What drew me to this one was the contradiction of taking the pulse of what appeared to be a robot. This artwork would be a great starting point for any number of interpretations or stories, and the facial rendering is superb.

The image of the armed female and the downed one raise many questions. Did she shoot the other one? Why? Why are they of different degrees of (?) mechanization?
These question make me want to know more about the characters, making this a very compelling image.

The stalking demon and tigers in the background feels more like a distraction than an essential element.

Professional Gun Safety:
The trigger finger should be resting on the pistol frame, until the sights are on-target.
Muzzle is pointed away from subjects, which is good. Better still would be pointed slightly away from (suspect?), angled down toward ground, so you know that an accidental discharge will be stopped rather than falling randomly in the city...
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Thanks drig!

I've barely read anything by Issac Asimov. Probably read more Ben Bova by far, but now i'll have to look that title up. You've got me curious!
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Cool! Kind of reminds me of the book Caves of Steel by Issac Asimov. Well except the Demon thing with the tigers. :P Its a good read. I recommend it and anything else by Asimov!

Great Job!
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