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[BNHA OC] Ririko Kuriyama - RETIRED

By jadeologie
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New *UPDATE 09/01/20 -



Also, she has an upgraded hero costume now she acquires later in her high school years, she still keeps the other one as her first hero costume
you can't see it well here but her hair is parted like this:

updated information will be here:



Midoriya|Boku No Hero Academia|Request|HeadBob WTF 
She's finally on paper! woo

Name: Ririko Kuriyama (凛々子 栗山)

   Nickname: Riri, Badgalriri

   Age: 16

   Date of Birth: February 18th

   Gender: Female

   Hero Name: Downpour

   Occupation: Shiketsu 2nd Year Student

   Background: Ririko always did like taking challenges, and her long term goal was wanting to become a hero while putting in the least effort as possible, because she was slightly fed up with how much work it seemed to take to become a hero. 
    Ririko's parents were originally her mom and dad, but they've started getting into conflict. Ririko's dad is a bisexual but during the time after Ririko's birth, he was starting to have a preference for males over women. He was honest with his feelings towards his wife and he still loved her, but they both came to the mutual agreement that a divorce would be better for the two of them. Ririko was 7 when this occurred. She acted a bit immature towards the situation at first but as she got older, she began to understand both perspectives from her mom and dad. She's fully supportive of her Dad's new preferences and is not reluctant when he starts dating another man (She was 9, her dad has custody over her) When Ririko was 12, her dad and his boyfriend had decided to adopt another child, a 4 year old boy from a nearby orphanage. Ririko's dad's boyfriend was very philanthropic therefore that's what prompted him to adopt a son. Ririko did not have a bad reaction but rather enjoyed another new member of the family. However, she didn't like the responsibility that came with raising him when her dad(s) weren't around.
    Because of Ririko's innate high intelligence, she was accepted to both UA and Shiketsu, but chose Shiketsu cause it was closer to to home. 



   Hair Color: Black-passing with two dyed white stripes

   Eye Color: Blue with hazel specks

   Height: 155cm (5ft 1)

   Weight: 56kg (125 lb)

   Build: Average build, Slightly thicker thighs.

   Clothing: Ririko enjoys wearing loose-fitting clothing and anything thigh-high or knee-high related. Greatly appreciates "boyfriend sweater" culture.



       Positive: Confident | Intelligent | Assertive | Honest
       Negative: Snarky | Easily-Swayed | Gullible | Lazy

   Likes: Plums, Rihanna, Gossip

   Dislikes: Shade, Being looked down upon, Bananas, Mineta (who doesn't?)

   Personality: In a nutshell, Ririko wants to succeed while putting in the least amount of effort. Her emotions are easily readable from her facial expressions. While she doesn't come off as a sluggard, never exerts effort on anything unless absolutely necessary. She is one of those people that have been blessed with high intelligence since birth and with that, she just ends up winging a lot of things (ex. for tests, she doesn't study and just relies on her pure instinct) This causes her to be confident and boastful. She's also pretty sassy and is able to communicate with a large crowd. While might coming off as immature sometimes, she does immensely care about what people think of her and tries to get acknowledgment from (almost) everyone. 

Quirk and Abilities

   Quirk: Acid Rain

   Type: Emitter (Elemental)

   Description: Mixed in with the water content of her body, there is a special fluid that contributes to her quirk's acidity. Ririko is able to diffuse this fluid from her skin and evaporate it into a gaseous state. It then condenses into acid rain clouds and at her own will, she can make it precipitate acid rain. The acid rain is corrosive and is able to corrode almost any surface (some taking longer than others depending on their hardness and durability)

       + Advantages:

       - If a villain has a defensive quirk, she can easily be able to dispel it with her acid rain

       - The acid rain can neutralize basic substances

       - While she can use it offensively, if there's any debris blocking her way she can easily melt it down with her acid rain, too 

       - Disadvantages:

       - The more fluid she evaporates to make acid rain clouds, the less water her body has. This causes Ririko to become dehydrated if she is pushed to her limits. 

       - The closer she gets near dehydration, the higher chance she will get a migraine
       - While the gaseous form of the acid does not harm her skin, the liquid form is able to corrode her skin

       - If she is in a warmer environment (say, a desert-like state) the less effective her acid rain clouds are 


 - Power: 3/5 B

 - Speed: 2/5 C

 - Technique: 3/5 B

 - Intelligence: 5/5 A

 - Cooperativeness: 2/5 C



          1. Utility Belt- Ririko wears a poncho for a reason, to hide her utility belt. She carries water bottles on it in case there is a change of her being dehydrated after exerting her power. She doesn't want the enemy to pick up on this, therefore it's underneath her poncho. 

         2. Poncho - Made out of material that is resistant to the effects of her acid rain. The poncho is later upgraded in her 

         3. Umbrella - Also made out of material that is resistant to her acid rain, but after long-term use it does get tattered/tarnished. Later on, Ririko gets an upgrade to her umbrella with even tougher acid resistant material alongside a new built-in offensive system. The edges of the umbrellas are lined with semi-permeable tubes that only let in her excess acid rain that seeps down her umbrella. This excess acid rain is rerouted through the tubes and shoots out of the top of the umbrella for an additional offensive attack.
         4. Transparent Mesh Tights - Used as a diversion to make enemies believe her thighs are a weak spot for her acid rain, but instead they're fooled.



      -Father: Isshin Kuriyama
[Quirk: Condensation] A former pro-hero
      -Father's Second Spouse: Eiji Fujimoto [Quirk: Thread] The best friend of Isshin during their young adulthood. Currently he is married to Isshin and is Ririko's second father. He is not a pro-hero but rather a fashion entrepreneur and owns his own exclusive boutique where he also makes hero costumes. This is where Ririko receives most of her clothing and hero costume upgrades from.
      -Mother: Fumicho Ashido [Quirk: Acid] A distant relative of Mina's family. A strict, serious pro-hero who is mutually divorced with Isshin. Ririko visits her sometimes each month. It was Ririko's mom that is the eventual cause of the transition of Ririko being studious to a lazy being.    
      -Brother: Sakutarou Kuriyama [Quirk: Water Strider] Nicknamed Sakuta, he is the younger adopted brother of Ririko because Eiji wanted another child in the family. He also aims to become a pro-hero and looks up to Ririko, although being a little awkward.

   Friends: Inasa, vvasabipeas's Mamoru, elliiebee's Irina, Ringoleen's Hinata, uunearthly's Noh, p-ol's Ankoku [MORE TBA]

   Love interest:  Seiji Shishikura
    They end up being in the same class during their second year at Shiketsu High School. Ririko thought his quirk was weird and was grossed out by it so she spread around gossip saying that Seiji would beat his meat every time in between classes. This leads to Seiji being in a weird position along with people teasing his eyeshape so he decides to confront Ririko. On the other hand, Ririko is weirdly pleased(?) by his decision for a confrontation. She tries to deny the rumors started from her and Seiji ended up not really caring no matter how much he tried — So he gives up. Ririko wasn't satisfied though, she subconsciously wanted more attention from him so she would start teasing him in class. Seiji was too prideful to give in so he would give his own snarky remarks back. 
This back and forth bickering would continue for awhile until they started begin hanging out more due to their already proximous relationship. Deep inside, Ririko actually enjoyed Seiji's patronizing comments (yes a secret masochist) Seiji had this long term mental goal that he would get Ririko to acknowledge his quirk while Ririko wanted his acknowledgements in return, too. 
    During the Hero Licensing exam, it was originally Ririko vs Kirishima but her acid rain quirk could barely create an effect against Kirishima's hardening. Seiji ends up interfering, causing Ririko to take the opportunity to leave Kirishima to Seiji. While she did not pass the Hero Licensing exam, she is still thankful for Seiji's actions. 
    During the Remedial courses, Ririko is furious that Seiji didn't need to partake with taking care of the elementary school kids, but she still does her job. During Seiji's observations, he particularly pays attention to how Ririko was treating the children and his curiosity piqued. He didn't know how to describe the feeling, but his heart felt warm whenever the kids seemed to enjoy Ririko's company. While Ririko spends more times with the kids, she has these thoughts about her own kid in the future and the first man that pops up in her head is Seiji. She immediately gets flustered and it was during that time she thought she is actually in deep with Seiji. 
    They officially begin dating at the end of their Second Year. APPARENTLY SHIKETSU KIDS CANT DATE OPENLY SO GUESS THEY GOTTA WAIT TILL GRADUATION LOL


   Seiyuu: Yoko Hikasa (Shino Amakusa from Seitokai Yakuindomo)

  • Ririko comes from 李 (ri) meaning "plum", 々 (ri) meaning "same" combined with 恋 (ko) meaning "to love". Ririko's dad is the one that named her and he is very corny so that's how this was born 
  • She's the biggest Rihanna stan in Japan
  • She feels more comfortable around males because her household is 100% male (two dads and a younger brother) This changes when she meets Seiji
  • She's very up to date with social media culture
  • Has a habit of nicknaming people based on her own preconceptions, Seiji = Meatbeater, Inasa = G6 etc

 BIG BLESS to uunearthly for his fabulous writing/visual template

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bro i love her so much!! My name is Rihanna And she has my nickname too!

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I like your character design and her quirk is quite interesting but if her quirk evaporates her skin, wouldn’t her costume make it especially hard to form acid rain with all the skin it’s covering?

and can she control her acid’s solubility like Ashido? i mean i know Kirishima is thick skinned ( literally and figuratively) but i doubt he’s acid proof😱

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the poncho is easily lift-able to reveal her skin, that's how the acid rain clouds condense out
she can only control the density of the cloud, not the precipitate 
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this gal is so cool, i adore her hero outfit !! the colors all look so nice together (:
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she looks nice and has interesting quirk

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