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RWBY Vol 4 - Super Saiyan Ruby Rose


"Look Yang , I can do it too!"

Timeskip Ruby Rose from the upcoming Volume 4 of RWBY unlocks her new semblance just like Yang :P

Got the idea when Goku Black Transforms into Super Saiyan Rose , since she's Ruby Rose...why not? XD

RWBY Vol 4 - Super Saiyan Blue Weiss Schnee

RWBY Vol 4 - Ultimate Blake Belladonna



Hai sai !! Jaden Kaiba are 2 persons (in fact Twins) and both are Artist from the Philippines 




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“This war of mine” fanfiction would like to have a word with you.

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Reflux gang where you at?

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"This pain will make me stronger!"
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This works really well - who says hot pink can't look badass?
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Red like roses
Fills my head with dreams and finds me
Always closer
To the emptiness and sadness
That has come to take the place of you
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Ruby Rose Silver Eyes Activated : This is my power. 
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well, she got the "Rose" part before Goku Black lol
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Ruby: Hey check out what I can do now.

Yang: Okay ruby show what you can now.

Ruby: Perpare to be amazed. ( transforms into SSJROSE)


Ruby: Cool right?

Yang: How did learn to do that you look like me when I use my semblance.

Ruby: Thanks to the training from professor Ozpin and uncle Qrow I was to unlock this new power. It combines my semblance with my silver eyed power giving me a mega boost in power.

Yang: WOW that's really something. It looks good on you but I can still kick your butt in hand to hand training.

Ruby: Oh really now because I've improved big time in my hand to hand combat skills

Yang: Is that so. Want to prove it

Ruby: You bet I do

Yang: Alright then lets take this outside.

Ruby: Your on sis (heh heh heh this is going to be fun)
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i would of had gone with bright-silver hear and made the eyes just her normal silver but more Super Saiyan like
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Me: Hi Ruby!
Ruby: Hi Vegito! I want to show you something.
Me: What is it?
Ruby: *transfoms into SSJRosé (i guess) * What do you think?
Me: Woah! How did you get Black's power?
Ruby: Who is Black?
Me: Nevermind... It looks good on you!
Ruby: Thanks! :)

(btw nice work!) :)
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RWBY Gif - Ruby 5 : What do you think of this color? Isn't it beautiful?
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i want some one make a fanfic about this and if you give me a link wood but so happy
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So, is this supposed to be a pun on Super Saiyan Rosé form? And if so, is this Ruby Black or what?
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Kato: Interesting... I guess that means I can fight you with "less" resistance... *turns super saiyan rose 2*
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Surprisingly fitting.
christ she pull that off so well
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SSJR Black Goku icon "How could a mortal achieve this power!?
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Me: because zamasu:

A rose by any other name

*Stabs him in the chest*

It's still Ruby

*Zamasu fells on the ground*

Ruby: ha. Different universes - same result, ay zamasu?

Zamasu: F*** you
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Super Saiyan Rose Ruby Rose
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that. Lol!
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Same here dude, same here
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How fitting.
Black is also a scythe wielder, just like RWBY.
Too bad Ruby's scythe can't cut through dimensions though.
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