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RWBY Vol 4 - Super Saiyan Blue Weiss Schnee


"Here comes the new Schnee Goddess !"

Timeskip Weiss Schnee from RWBY  Volume 4 has a  new semblance just like Yang & Ruby :P

Continue the Trend of Super Saiyan X RWBY powers

Next time will be Ultimate/Mystic Blake Belladonna.

RWBY Vol 4  - Super Saiyan Ruby Rose

RWBY Vol 4 - Ultimate Blake Belladonna



Hai sai !! Jaden Kaiba are 2 persons (in fact Twins) and both are Artist from the Philippines  :)




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White Fang Lieutenant & Vernal react: Oh Crap!

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It's a good look for her. 😊
NightmareShinigami89's avatar
Actually looks more like "Mastered Ultra Instinct Weiss Schnee" to me =P
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Weiss teams with Vegeta
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Weiss: Well ruby it looks like I can use the same technique that you and yang can do now.

Ruby: WOW that's so cool weiss you look awesome.

Yang: Yeah you look great weiss. First ruby now you whose next blake, ren, nora maybe even jaune.

Weiss: Make all the jokes you want yang but I for one feel amazing with this new found power. I feel like I can summon an army of my knights to to fight for me I might be even stronger then my sister winter.

Yang: Whatever you say ice queen just be sure to use that power well okay.

Weiss: Of I will who do you take me for ruby.

Ruby: HEY <:(
This is a kickass drawing of Weiss Schnee, but her hair doesn't seem that blue to me in this picture. Am I being colorblind?
STRRRWBY's avatar
No. I too think it could stand to be a bit (a LOT) bluer, assuming we're going for SSB level blue.
Oh, so it wasn't just me. Thanks.
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So I gotta ask, but what's your opinion on Ultra Instincts?
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Weiß sieht sehr gut in das wunderbar.
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I'm guessing yang is super saiyan 3 or 4
she slightly looks like ssj3 but truth is none.
kronkprime's avatar
Good point then super saiyan god?
not that either color is off red hair and eyes vs yellow glowing hair and red eyes truth is yang matches no super saiyan form.
yang can have her own thing and dbz has the super saiyan forms even if she did match ssj appearance she won't be one.
kronkprime's avatar
yeah your right
PrimordialNothingnes's avatar
Very beautiful
This is a pairing i never would have thought of nor would i have thought that i would love it this much
Jamiethehedgehog21's avatar
Blue aura? yes
Blue hair? no
still amazing tho
TheWanderingHero's avatar
Really do like this one along with the Ruby piece.

Thought about finishing Team RWBY with "Super Saiyan 4" Blake and "Super Saiyan 3" Yang?
jgresidenevil's avatar
Uh, I honestly don't see much of a difference. ^^"
i know its simply her with light blue aura
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