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"Teach me how to turn Super Saiyan~!"

Caulifla from Dragonball Super 



Hai sai !! Jaden Kaiba are 2 persons (in fact Twins) and both are Artist from the Philippines 




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Caulifla, saiyan waifu, in all of her glory... THANKS A LOT, JADENKAIBA!!!!!! Love Love Love 
This rocked my world not in a homo way
jamerson1's avatar
Caulifla is bae :3
A-Z123's avatar
Caulifla is the sexiest Saiyan ever
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thorman's avatar
wuau what great draw of caulifla the new saiyan girl of dragon ball super is awesome and fantastic she is sexy and hot in love one great work congratulations friend:D:)
WorshipfulMaster375's avatar
red infiity - Are you sure this will help me go Super Sayian?
when i see dat bae - Yes. 
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FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Well this is very nice to look at! You did great work here! Do keep it up in the best way you can! Could you give feedback on my artwork? I really want to improve on anatomy and proportions but I need help...

S3rb4n's avatar
Incredible job!
That is some insane cleavage. :D
lusaphira's avatar
Really beautiful and seductive !
Psycho333's avatar
What if I surprise tickle her?
Blue-Eyes3000's avatar
Don't know what else to say other than I love her~!:D
FireConejo's avatar
She makes me feel butterflies inside my pants :*
Ahumanstory's avatar
Excellent work JK.

Sidenote: The most useless character in DBZS like a bad fan OC made it into the series.
dasu's avatar
Strange, don't see Jiren anywhere in this piece...
Blue-Eyes3000's avatar
Useless!? Caulifla is awesome! At least to me ^^ Buut I would've got a little annoyed if
she got SSJ3 during her and Goku fight lol.
NahxsTheEnd's avatar
I don't know why everyone hates on her and Kale, didn't see anyone bitching about Trunks and Goten going super saiyan before they were 10, sure didn't see anyone bitching about gohan going super saiyan 2, then ultimate form later, just to become a useless little bitch til the end of super.
Natealot's avatar
I think everyone STILL complains about what happened to Gohan. 
At least with Gohan it was mentioned through out the show he was far stronger than anyone could predict. 
As for Kale and Cauliflower. . . Yeah, to be honest they are fine. Compared to all things DBS she does fine. 
I mean, Goku discovered ultrainstinct ten minutes into the tournie of power, and then asters it in....five minutes or so. That is right. Fifteen minutes to surpass the Gods. 
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