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COMMISSION: Miia Dakimakura Front Ver.

"Let me hug  and wrap you at the same time~! <3"

Commission for :iconatoksu:

Miia the Lamia from Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou in Body Pillow format Front Version

Back Version:

Mature Content

COMMISSION: Miia Dakimakura Back Ver. by jadenkaiba

Other Dakimakura Set

Mature Content

COMMISSION:  Rachnera Dakimakura Front Ver. Update by jadenkaiba

Mature Content

COMMISSION: Centorea Dakimakura Front Version by jadenkaiba
Commission: Papi Dakimakura Front Version by jadenkaibaCOMMISSION:  Tionishia Dakimakura Front Ver. by jadenkaiba


Hai sai !! Jaden Kaiba are 2 persons (in fact Twins) and both are Artist from the Philippines :)

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indonimasRexh(me): *lays next to Miia* I love you so much.
Bambou-137's avatar
So pretty ! Miaa's coils are so soft. Huggle!   

Especially, do not forget to hold his breath well before being squeezed against his breast. ;) (Wink) 
Garo123456's avatar
Miia: Darling, please come here for a moment. I just want to hug you...
Kimihito Kurusu: Ok, I am coming, I am coming. Sheesh...
Miia: I wasn't talking to you. I meant the handsome devil over there...
KK: Huh? Who...
Dante: Sorry, pal. Non-humans can only do it with other non-humans. You know the law.
Miia: Darling-kun, my scales are itching! Please hug me now!
Dante: Jackpot, baby!
Ryuk135's avatar
AiroLamb's avatar
Great foreshortening!
PrimordialNothingnes's avatar
OK, just don't squeeze too hard
SuperJesse64's avatar
XCOM 2 is looking pretty good!
dragonman1424's avatar
just keep my arms free and i'm good.
NocturnalRadiance's avatar
Really nice work guys! Lamia hugs are the best, because you get hugged all over.
thorman's avatar
wuau what pic sexy and hot of miia of musume monster in love she is beauty and hotness congratulations friend is one great work:D
JuanchoDLN's avatar
Lamiaman's avatar
Miia = Kimihitos future Waifu
ZuttoAragi's avatar
I love it!  I think her hip area is just a tad too wide but that's because I like serpentine bodies to be uniform until near the end.
Mullmeister's avatar
Man I love them hips
LeagueofDevack's avatar
Honestly, my favorite character from the manga. Good job.
AzureRat's avatar
She sure is pretty.
NerdyBoi101's avatar
She's so cute X3
I want one of my own so bad TuT
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
no kidding dude! amazing work as always! i'm not joking with you when i say i really hope to see more stuff like this very soon! go for it! fantastic work!
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