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Redwall Abbey

An arial view of Redwall Abbey, as I picture it. The scanner cut off the top & bottom, so a little detail is missing. Eventually I'm going to cg this and show the different levels (and fix the roof color). Them someday I'll make a 3D model.
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I can't believe I never checked where this was from!

I used this to make a model in Google Setchup  back sophomore year in high school, back before I had an account here. I hope that's ok...If I ever post screenshots, I'll be sure to link this!
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I like this version. I can barely keep details straight in books on a good day so I like to look up pictures like this. I've got a horrible imagination sometimes. Nothing I imagine of Redwall is ever big enough for a whole bunch of animals to fit inside, but this looks perfect. It reminds me of when a past art teacher of mine wanted everyone in the class to draw buildings in different perspectives. I wasn't much good at it, but it sure was fun. Drawing helps me picture things better even than seeing pictures and diagrams in books sometimes.
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WOWomfg  Its perfect!:squee:  Good job Than I can Inspiration for the Redwall Adventure Ride!
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That's funny, I thought I faved this already! 0_0 Oh well; magnificent pic here! I've always wondered how the abbey could have looked, and I love your take on it. :D:D:D
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Oooh! Finally a good map of Redwall itself. :D I personally think that Redwall was larger than this, but this is still really good. I'd love to see the 3D model, too. :)
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This is the best map of the Abbey I've seen! Bravo! :clap:
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This is actually pretty close to my headcanon of redwall xD
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This is great and really well detailed! Thank you for sharing it.
I have a lot of trouble visualizing buildings and things when I'm reading books. I don't know why, but I guess I don't mind since I like finding drawings like this. :)
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whoa! im so inspired!
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Good but for the fact that you forgot where all those buried woodlanders went. Apparently they're buried all over the grounds.
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Soo, I've been meaning to ask someone this and you seem a likely person to know the answer:

Are the residents of Redwall normally-sized mice and such, or are they, like, the size of people? I've been confused on that for rather a while and am dying to know. Or am I just completely wrong and it's something else entirely? xD

And before I forget:
This is a very nice map, and I'll be using it as my mental image for Redwall Abbey from now on! (I've just read a little bit of the book so far). This is awesome!
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this looks really cool. but can somebody tell me about what Redwall is about? because I haven't seen it a long time.
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=:0 =:o =:O :) :( :p ;) :\ Cooooooooooooooool
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It seems like everyone else is critisizing it, but I love it!
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Wheres the graveyard?
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This is fantastic! I'm looking to make a Redwall RP map on furcadia, and this is perfect for helping the mappers get a good idea of what goes where.
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This is Good!! helps put the image together in your head :)
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oh. and the front gate faces NORTH not west.
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Then perhaps you can explain why the front gate, in every Redwall map, is facing west? Surely the author would not have let this gone unnoticed if it was truly facing north. Furthermore, considering the road runs north to south and the abbey is immediately east of the road, why then would the main gate be facing north instead of west?
Speciesunkn0wn's avatar
hmm...strange...every time i read about the gate, it said it faced north...
Orcrist90's avatar
Then clearly, you cannot read because Redwall specifically says:

"Redwall stood foursquare along the marches of the old south border, flanked on two sides of Mossflower Wood's shaded depths. The other half of the Abbey overlooked undulating sweeps of meadowland, its ancient gate facing the long dusty road on the western perimeter," (Redwall Anniversary Edition).

Do you still think it faces north now?
Speciesunkn0wn's avatar
nope. i has been a while since i have read Redwall, so yeah...
Speciesunkn0wn's avatar
Redwall is a square. you need to fix that. and i do agree with mister mole about the belltower.
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