Male Stock Contest: And the winners are...

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XY Stock Contest: The Winners are...

General Greatness Category
This one was so tough I cried myself to sleep two nights in a row, but in the end - even in the face of alleged scandal (because she is such a dear friend) - I have to go with my heart and say that she TRULY captured the spirit of 98.26% of all that is maleness and award first place to...


Wanksta Hoedown by lockstock  ~   Wanksta Pack by lockstock

(I can say with complete and utter sincerity laughed so hard that I wet my pants when I first saw this.)


The SNAK-stock Special Award For Cheeky Imitation
SNAK-stock has awarded the prize in his commemorative category to...


:thumb57510061:  ~   Man-Boy Stock2 by Della-Stock

(cheekily imitating Ahrum-Stock's shaving series)
Man and: Haircut 06 YIR 3 by Ahrum-Stock


The LadyKensuke Best New XY Stock Category
Goes to the incomparable...


For his beautiful, never-before-seen addition to his wonderful swords series. The image is offsite, so wasn't sure if he wanted it posted here.
The link is:…


Big thanks to everyone who entered; exceptional work all around.  Now I have to go find my kilt...

All the entries are below.  Check them out 'cause they are all fantastico.

General Greatness Category

from lindowyn-stock ~ :iconlindowyn-stock:

Mutiny 5 by lindowyn-stock  ~   Mutiny 4 by lindowyn-stock
Mutiny 3 by lindowyn-stock  ~  

from HiddenYume-stock ~ :iconhiddenyume-stock:


from themuseslibrary ~ :iconthemuseslibrary:

Hobo Angelo by themuseslibrary  ~   Buccanneer-1 by themuseslibrary
Buccanneer-3 by themuseslibrary  ~   Buccanneer-2 by themuseslibrary

from FantomeAngel ~ :iconfantomeangel:

:thumb58503305:  ~  :thumb58503307:
:thumb59731047:  ~  :thumb59730757:

~~( * )~~

The SNAK-stock Special Award For Cheeky Imitation

from Spiteful-Pie-Stock ~ :iconspiteful-pie-stock:


(cheekily imitating Cobweb-stock's suit series)
Suit - Pack 1 by Cobweb-stock

from TheArcher777 ~ :iconthearcher777:

  ~   Teh Badassness 5 by TheArcher777

(cheekily imitating...well, I'm not sure, but he sure seems familiar ;-)

~~( * )~~

The LadyKensuke Best New XY Stock Category

[see above]

**Update: You all can thank LadyKensuke for the generous addition of a great prize to a whole new category for this contest.  See below for details on the Best New XY Stock category.  So for all you men who have been waiting for an excuse to jump in front of the camera, here's your chance to win a 1 year subscription to dA.  We're hoping for some brand new male stock artists, but this category is open to all people who are truly XY. The stock's got to be new, but that's about the only rule [if LadyKensuke wants to add some more twists, I hope she'll let me know.]**

Hello all you comrades,

Inspired by SNAK-stock's recent tirade about the relative nonexistence of Male Stock here on dA (with a few great exceptions, of course; you know who you are) I have decided to hold the First Annual Awesome Male Stock Contest!

The one main rule: The contest is only open to female stock artists, by which we mean a female stock artist portrays a male. Of course, brand new stock artists are welcome.

Here's your chance to show us outnumbered XY stock artists how it's done; to inspire those of us who already do stock, and hopefully to goad some new talent into the ring.

A couple other minor rules for the contest:
- Any female stock artist can enter as many times as she likes
- Entries must be new, original stock photos
- I think that's it

Judging will be based on:
- How well the lady is able to portray herself as a man, capturing the idea of male-ness via clothing, attitude, expression, props, etc.
- Originality, creativity and (in all likelihood) humour


1st Prize - For General Greatness
- A 3-month subscription to dA
- An 8x10 print of the winner's choice (donated by lindowyn-stock)
- An exclusive stock pack from lindowyn-stock
- A feature in my dA jourrnal
- 1/2 of a semi-exclusive stock pack of me in a kilt (that's as close as you'll get to me in a dress ;-) )

The SNAK-stock Special Award
This award will be given for the best impersonation / parody / lampoon / roast / etc. of your favourite male stock artist here at dA.  The funnier the better.

- A 3-month subscription to dA
- A 1-month subscription to dA (courtesy of SNAK-stock himself)
- A feature in my dA jourrnal
- An exclusive stock pack from either her Dark Fae or Egyptian Queen series from AngelaSasser
- The other 1/2 of the semi-exclusive stock pack of me in a kilt.

The LadyKensuke Best New XY Stock Award
This award will be given to the best new stock image by either a new or established male stock artist. You may enter as many images as you like.  I think it only fitting that LadyKensuke should be the judge of this one.

- A 1-year subscription to dA

[I'm hopeful that some of my stock artist brethren (and sistren, if you are so inclined) will add some more swag to this list.  Send me a note if you'd like to contribute to the jackpots.  Many thanks to those who have added such great prizes to the swag pile.]

**Deadline: August 13, 2007

Send your entries to me via NOTE. If you want your entry(s) to be considered for the Special Parody Award please be sure to tell me who is being lampooned :D.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck.  Pass it on.


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Sweet! I had been wondering what happened with this contest! The theme was great, the entries were magnificent and how awesome that I got the imitate award! Woo!