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Hello, Everyone! Thanks so much for the continued support of the Kickstarter project. We're super-excited (and still a bit overwhelmed) about the opportunities this is opening up. We've been busy this week laying a bunch of the groundwork for the character (costume details, modifying gear, etc.) and creating the shot list of all the different poses and attitudes we want to shoot.

We have also added a brief FAQ section to the Kickstarter page that clarifies a few key points. All the project details are here:… , and the FAQ section is at the bottom of the page.

Check out the reward section, there's some pretty cool swag for different levels of support. If you know anyone who might be interested in the project, please pass it on.

More soon,


It is unbelievable to announce that the Epic Stretch Goal, which will result in a collaborative stock photo shoot with SenshiStock and Jade, has been reached! This wild mashup of styles (and costume choices!) is definitely going to happen!

In light of the incredible support you all have shown in helping to reach this stretch goal, we have added some rewards that tie specifically to SenshiStock's fantastic work. These new rewards have already been added to the list on the project page. And no worries if you already picked a reward, but would like to switch to one of the new ones; Kickstarter makes it easy to do that. Here's some info on how to change your reward selection, if you would like to -…

We still have about 2 weeks left in the Kickstarter campaign, so all additional funds we raise will go directly to creating more and better stock images!


What a week! It's hard to believe that it has been just 7 days since we kicked off this project. The response has been so awesome that we've been able to lock in our inital concept, add an additional Air Assault-themed shoot, AND add an incredible stretch goal that, if reached, will result in an epic collaboration with AdorkaStock!

In reviewing all the excitement of the past week I realized that I still needed to post a sample of the bonus pack that is one of the rewards for folks who donate $10 or more to the project. So here's the sample:

Sample 1
Sample 1

25 exclusive images from an unpublished military-themed set. Anyone who donates (or has donated) $10 or more to the project gets all these images (average size: 1500 x 3000 pixels), along with whichever other rewards apply. All the Kickstarter info is here:…

Thanks very much for the incredible response! If you know anyone else who might be interested in this project, please pass it on.


I can't tell you how cool it is to see this kind of support for the project and to know that we can make some wild new stock happen. We've already reached the first stretch goal of $400, so the cyberpunk reshoot of the HANG series is officially on the schedule.

Now, it's time for the Incredible Stretch Goal: An epic collaborative photo shoot with the incomparable AdorkaStock, artist Sarah Sakky Forde!

$1000 Stretch Goal: SenshiStock & Jade Photo Shoot

If we hit this goal, SenshiStock will fly from her enchanted palace up north down to Tampa, FL for a mega-mashup photoshoot with me.
  1. Massive pile of weapons and props? Check.
  2. Badass costumes of various types? Check.
  3. Crazy action to the 2nd power? Check.
  4. Neutral-colored bodysuits? Oh my!

This shoot will result in a set of at least 100 images (and possibly many more), some of them with me in SenshiStock's world of magical girls and bodysuits (crikey!) and some with her in my world of action and intrigue! What better way to commemorate the fast-approaching milestone of SenshiStock reaching One Million pageviews!

If we reach the $1000 stretch goal we will release ALL THE IMAGES from the SenchiStock and Jade shoot on deviantART for use by the community. All the Kickstarter info is here:…

The funds for this stretch goal will go toward SenshiStock's airfare and travel expenses, the services of a great photographer for the shoot, and fees for studio space. We know this one is ambitious, but if we make it the result really will be an entirely different kind of awesome! Let's go for it.



Wow! Thanks so much for the amazing response so far. We hit our main funding goal in less than two days, which is, frankly, a little bit overwhelming. So let's keep the momentum going with some 'stretch goals'. The farther we go beyond our initial target, the more great images we can produce (and the crazier stuff we can do in them). First up: Air Assault...

$400 Stretch Goal - Cyberpunk Air Assault Set

If we hit this goal, I will shoot a complete redux of of my original "Hang" series featuring the cyberpunk character from this project. Rappelling, fast-roping, maybe even a little helocasting; all the ways a near-future operator can quickly remove himself (or herself) from a hovering aerial platform. Here's a sample from the original series:

If the $400 stretch is reached we will add four of these Cyberpunk Air Assault (CAA) images into the core set that will be posted to deviantART and anyone who pledges (or has pledged) anything to the project will receive ALL the images we shoot for the CAA set (at least 12 images in total, and possibly many more).

Let's make this one happen - I'd love to spend the day in some uncomfortable harnesses!

And if we reach this first stretch we will then start adding the stretch goals that include the Special Guests!


Hello, Cats!  Thanks very much for your feedback last week on the polls and the questions. Your input was very useful. Now, with all the other administrative details out of the way, it is time to start the Experiment.

THE CONCEPT (Short Form)
  1. I love creating complex/interesting stock photos (aka photo reference images).
  2. I rarely get to do complex stuff because of my stacked commercial project schedule.
  3. I'd like to make sure that there is a real interest in a given stock project.

CONCLUSION: What better way to ensure interest, and to set aside some dedicated time, than to use Kickstarter:… to fund a specific stock project.

If this project gets funded I will create a brand new series of crazily kinetic stock imgages featuring a cyberpunk/sci-fi character with many props and weapons. This series will include several different lighting set-ups and lots of interesting and extreme camera angles.

I will post the core pack of 16 images here on dA for all to use.

Anyone who donates to the project will receive at least double that number of images, and possibly quite a lot more - depending on the donation amount. The basic donation amount it $1.

All the details and all the different rewards are on Kickstarter here:… .


This really is an experiment, so your actions, whether in support of the project or not, mean a great deal.

If the project gets funded that's great; it tells me that there is community interest in the concept, it allows me to set aside the time and resources to do the project, and (maybe most importantly) it shows that this might be a viable means for other stock artists to create more (and different) stuff.

If the project does not get funded that's fine too; it tells me that this probably isn't the right type of set and it helps me to focus on other creative ways to work on these types of projects.

Either way we learn some valuable information.

So thanks very much for checking this out. If it is not your sort of thing, I appreciate you taking the time to read about it.  If it is the sort of thing you can get behind, I really appreciate your support.  I'll post periodic updates so, either way, you can follow how the experiment is going.

Thanks again! Be well.


PS. On the off chance that there is big interest in the project and the funding goal is far exceeded, we've got some CRAZY stretch goals we can add into the project. And I mean CRAZY! B-)


Jade's Stock Usage Boilerplate
The rule of thumb with my stock is: (Almost) No Rules. Do whatever non-commercial thing you want with them. If you need them to help you make a little dough that's great, just contact me so we can work something out. Thank you.

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Terror-From-Beyond's avatar
Okay right up front I'll admit that i didn't read the entire article here but I wanted to know what the kickstarter project is for. So far I've only been able to find vague references to what's going on. XD
Zephyri's avatar
Okay, so the ability to art direct an image with you and Senshi? Totally in on that :D Consider yourself backed, and my reason for finally signing up to kickstarter!
jademacalla's avatar
You are an absolute lovely. I'm a little sad for Sakky, though, since I'm pretty sure you will make her wear a suit whilst brandishing guns and swords... :D ;-) :hug:
lizziecat1279's avatar
omg you guys this just keeps being awesome <3333 you gotta love kickstarter!! :D

Just wondering, but how are ALL the images going to be released? Are you going to take the time to individually post EVERY SINGLE ONE or are they going to be in a .zip file that you post on your dA account? Or are they going to be grouped? Or what? I'm just really curious XD
jademacalla's avatar
Thanks! I believe Sakky mentioned posting all of them in her gallery, but I'm not sure if she was planning on grouping them zipping them up. I'll have to check with her.
AdorkaStock's avatar
Jade and I haven't talked about it in ultra great detail yet, but I do plan to post the photos we take in "SenshiStock" attire on my account with the permission of Jade and the photographer. Most likely I will upload them individually unless there's a series or something that fits together (much as I post now). I'm sure we'll work out all the details! :la: SO EXCITE
lizziecat1279's avatar
Alrighty :la: CAN'T WAIT
SarahForde's avatar
SenshiStock is CC BY 3.0, too! THIS IS SO EXCITING :eager:
lizziecat1279's avatar
OHMYGOD *happy spazzes* SO happy for you guys omg!! And there's still like 2 weeks left right? So cool!!!
slyshand's avatar
Its payday, so I bumped it from 25 to 45, you made your 1000 dollar goal :)
jademacalla's avatar
Wow, man!! Thanks so much! It's going to be an incredible time. I'm looking forward to the great stuff we will be able to produce.
slyshand's avatar
Welcome, and so am I :)
andimccloud's avatar
I hope you and Sakky reach your goals - Sakky's been a friend for a few years now and I adore the work you both do to give the rest of us such amazing resources to use in our work. I do wish I could donate but things are a little tight right now (things are always a little tight for some reason!) so I'll do the only thing I can and send many good thoughts to your project. :) Good luck with it!
jademacalla's avatar
Thanks so much for the good thoughts! We really appreciate it. And we can't wait to make this happen!
andimccloud's avatar
I am watching excitedly to see how this unfolds. :)
Dark-Nights-Phantom's avatar
Figured I can go without a pizza one friday night for such an awesome project... and I WANT that military stock work.
jademacalla's avatar
Thanks very much! Although I must say that the pizza trade-off is sincerely a tough one. I'm not sure I could have done it. I have a weakness for the pie.
Dark-Nights-Phantom's avatar
I figured I can survive one weekend with out.... ;)
EveLivesey's avatar
Best of luck with it all - gave as much as I could (sorry it's such a small amount) !
jademacalla's avatar
Don't be silly, Eve. Thanks so much for the support! :hug:
EveLivesey's avatar
It's just I know how much time and money this all costs you and I really appreciate it and would like to show my appreciation better!
goatstack's avatar
Hey Jade, just saw this and backed it! Great idea to get a shoot funded.

I'm pretty excited to see the shots that don't make the DA upload.

My only regret is that I don't have the cash to be able to direct some shots XD But ah well, I'm sure I will not be disappointed!
jademacalla's avatar
Aaron! Good gosh, it's you! How the heck have you been? Give us the scoop.

Thanks so much. I'd been thinking about this idea for awhile. It's very interesting to see how it's coming together. And very cool to be able to dedicate some time to it.

Be well, and don't be such a stranger.
magikstock's avatar
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