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Here's the pack with all the images. 8 pics in a 7 MB zip file.

That's all for this series.

But wait, there's more...


[edit - I should clarify, there are no more images in this series. But there is another - similar - series on it's way soon. Sorry for the confusion.]


Hello, Cats.

This is series Number 9 in our all request program. This one was pitched by =DemosthenesVoice, as fantastic celestial artist who has an interesting concept for these. We hope they might be useful, and sorry for the delay (it's been about 11.9 on the hectic metre lately).

The request was for a squad, halted on patrol; so we tried for a couple different poses that could be arrayed in something approximating a secure perimeter. Mmmmm, fairly close.

Here are a couple samples, then the pack with the whole squad. We were able to eek out a little more res and clarity than usual, so hopefully that'll be useful. Download for Full Size.

Anything that works is entirely the result of the fabuloso Mrs. Macalla *MochaTribe anything that doesn't is all me. ;-)

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I was in the Army a very long time ago, that's why. ;-)
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 Thank you so much i used it here